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Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 6/6s Case Review

Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 6/6s Case Review

This is probably the best iPhone 6 case you
can get if you’re looking for a slim case with good protection. This is the 4.7″ Spigen Ultra Hybrid review. One of the reasons I love this case is its
low price and if you click the link in the description below that’ll take you to the
best price on Amazon where you can order this case for yourself. The reason I bought the Spigen Ultra Hybrid
for my iPhone 6 is because I had the same exact case for my 5s and I loved it. My 5s is still in perfect condition thanks
to that case so let’s go over the best features of this new Spigen Ultra Hybrid for the iPhone
6. It’s called a Hybrid because it’s a perfect
blend of a slim bumper and a full enclosed case, so you get good overall protection for
your iPhone while keeping it slim and not adding much bulkiness. This case has a transparent back and this
is the crystal clear model where the bumper is clear too, but they do have other colors
available for the bumper. I love having a clear back because it shows
off that nice iPhone design while keeping it protected at the same time. Now if you get this case please remember to
peel off the clear protective film on the inside and outside of the case. A lot of people don’t realize that there are
two clear sheets on this case when they ship it to you and they think that the case is
scratched, but really it’s just the clear film that needs to be removed. So once the two sheets are removed the case
is crystal clear with no scratches. It’s made of a soft yet strong thermoplastic
polyurethane so it’s flexible enough to be able to put the phone in easily but also durable
enough to provide good protection. It has Air Cushion Technology on the corners
of the case so if you drop your phone the air cushion absorbs most of the impact in
order to keep your phone safe. It raises up just enough on the front so you
can lay your phone face-down on a surface and not worry about it scratching the screen. It also has the same feature on the back where
the four corners are slightly raised up so you don’t scratch or smudge the clear back
panel of the case when you move it around on a surface. It has all the precise cutouts for the headphone
jack, microphone, lightning connector, speakers, and vibrate switch. The volume buttons and power button are protected
and have embossed symbols so you can feel where they are. The buttons are pretty easy to press and you
can feel and hear when they are pressed too which is nice. The cutouts for the lightning port and headphone
jack are actually big enough to support most third party accessories like certain headphones
or docks. The grip is pretty good too, and it does feel
nice in the hands. As far as the protection goes, it handles
small to medium drops very well, just like the previous version. So if you’re not careless with your phone
for the most part but you have the occasional drop when getting out of your car or walking
like I do, this case will provide good enough protection for that. Overall, this case is perfect for people who
want something slim that offers good protection while showing off the back of the iPhone 6. Also it’s a lot cheaper than the Apple case. This is my primary case and it is highly recommended. Again, if you want to order this Spigen Ultra
Hybrid case the Amazon link is below. Thank you so much for watching. Keep having fun out there, and I’ll talk to
you later.

100 thoughts on “Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 6/6s Case Review”

  1. Does the mute switch easy to access for this case? I have tried spigen neo hybrid and the hole for the mute switch is so tiny it left me difficult to switch it

  2. I have this case for my 5c and I love it! I've dropped my phone so many times to where it's normal to drop it, and not fear about it breaking.

  3. I have it and use it for mi iPhone 6 but after 2-3 months it get to yellow ugly color ?!!! Not the a good quality as it should be ?!!!!

  4. Good video, I love clear cases but I think the bumper material on them will eventually turn yellowish/light brownish with time…I'd say after around 10-12 months of use (from my experience). I'm thinking of getting it though but with the silver bumper. Does anyone know if there's anyway of cleaning the yellowish/light brownish color on the bumpers?

  5. How would you compare this Spigen Ultra Hybrid to the Ringke Fusion? I think they look the very similar . However, I do like the fact that I can use a lanyard on the Ringke. What do you think?

  6. Super slim with awesome grip on the sides. The yellowing of the case does happen. I've had the case for 2mos and its already yellowish. You can't really tell while on the phone unless removed and set on a white counter or seen on bright sunlight. Regardless, I'm buying a replacement once I don't like how it looks, they are very inexpensive. Oh btw it is prone to fingerprints.

  7. I really want a clear case but they seem to yellow over time, has that happened to your case? also how easily does this scratch?

  8. Hello is there any optional cased flip cover slim and protective hybrid ? Pls anyone recommended for me tq!? 🙃 anyway nice video i looking for it this weekend.

  9. I own this case for my iPhone 6s Plus, and it has been my favorite case. I have dropped my device many times, once getting out of the car, and the case kept my device protected without any damage.

  10. Hi Andy! What screen protector do you use? It looks like it blends in nicely with the phone! The one I have at the moment is a bit too obvious so I'm not really liking it haha. Thanks!

  11. this case don't fit with the tempered full glas cover from spigen, its too tight and the buttons are hard to press on, I prefer the capsule one from the same company

  12. This case is only decent. I dropped my phone Front first onto a Rug which was on Wood and it failed to protect. My phone cracked across the screen. It did reduce the damage and my LCD was not damaged and it did do its job at every other angle (Back, Side, Corners) but that low % chance that u drop it front face first, It will probably crack. This fell out of my side jacket pocket. It fell about 3 feet. I did not do a drop test, I was at work when I pulled out a pen and my phone was in the same pocket.

  13. The case fits real perfect and it protects my phone real good enough however few weeks after use the side turned yellow for some reason
    Does anybody has an idea how to remove that yellow thing?

  14. I have this for the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and it's great. Very simple and unobtrusive. It shows the original design of the phone, and does well with occasional drops.

  15. super helpful review. was deciding between the tech21 evo mesh sport case and the spigen neo hybrid ex. it didn't take me long to realize that the ultra hybrid was the one for me. will definitely be ordering!

  16. I have otterbox defender for 2 days now….im going to buy this for daily life…otterbox is just too thick for daily life

  17. Spigen Ultra Hybrid case for iPhone 6/6s (Amazon)
    Spigen Ultra Hybrid case for iPhone 7 (Amazon)

  18. For my iPhone 6 silver, it's better the crystal clear or the crystal black?? I really don't know which one to get because if I get the crystal one, it'll be yellow in a few months. If I get the crystal black.. well, I really don't know if it's look good on a silver one.. lol help mee😭

  19. Best case for real protection iPhone6. For 2 1/2 years, I have use it, dropping the phone some 2-3 times per week, some catastrophic-kind of. Not a scratch. I bought it again for a relative.
    Be aware it adds some milimeters to the thickness. Not as fancy nor enjoyable. But you can be sure it will not crack the screen when you drop it.

  20. I have this case for my 6s Plus and bought it for my iPhone 10 very good case if you don’t like bulky cases and want to show off your phone love it

  21. lol I have the same iPhone as him and same phone case! Also I think this is a amazing phone case because some phone cases are so obvious that they are specifically gender but this on is like for both boy and girl and just so basic and not to thick to.

  22. Thank you for this I was worried about scratching the case trying to remove the film not realizing there was film on both sides.

  23. You got the same exact phone as me but mine is 6s and I want a clear case 😭😭😭😭😭😭👌👌👌

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