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Splice – Overview & Tutorial – iPhone Video Editor

Splice – Overview & Tutorial – iPhone Video Editor

hey everyone welcome back to this week’s
Tuesday tip and in this week’s video we’re going to be talking about what I
think is the best and most easy-to-use video editor for iPhone and that is
splice. Splice is a video editor I’ve used for probably three years now ever since
Instagram took out the ability to edit clips in the app and even since they’ve
added that again I still use this because I think it’s most easy to use
and precise video editor out there so let’s open the app and get started so
when you first open the app after downloading it this is what you’re going
to see other than maybe a tutorial screen but right here we’re going to
start a new project and here you get to pick video you can pick from your albums
on your phone I usually favorite the clips I want to use so let’s pick this
one of Danny this one of Brian and how about this 28 second one here then you
click Add if you want to add music you can add music there’s already music in
the app and then you can access your iTunes and you can pick songs from your
phone as well I don’t normally do this but you can if you want to then from
here you have all of these settings to choose from you can pick your default
transition which I always set to none you can pick how long the transition
lasts if you want a transition you can pick how long a photo will last on the
timeline if you have photos you can have an outro and you can have the photo
motion Ken Burns effect if you have photos in here click done and now comes
the easy part and this is why I like this app so much all you have to do to
edit video is click on it click Edit video and immediately it brings you a
trim screen so you can pick here and if you look closely right above this
the line here you can see that has precise timing on it so you can pick
exactly the point in time when you want to cut it so we’ll pick here and then
we’ll pick right right about right there it looks good and the cool thing too is
that you can add filters to the video you can adjust time so you can slow
things down and speed things up you can add text you can zoom in or out or make
a Ken Burns motion effect and you can change the audio on it to make it fade
in or fade out so what’s cool about the numbers up here is that if you want to
slow things down or speed things up you have to do multiple Clips so these
numbers tell you exactly where your clip picks up or leaves off so you can line
it up with the exact frame that you need to on the clip that you have to slow
down or speed up to do that we go back to the Edit screen duplicate the video
edit the video and we bring the beginning point to where we want to slow
down or speed up so I’m going to bring it to right at 6.0 then we change the
end to where we want the slow motion or fast motion to stop we’ll make it six
point six so now we go back we duplicate again and to move things around on your
timeline all you have to do is click and hold and then drag it to where you want
it so right here we’ll bring it in and we’ll edit the end of this one to be
right at 6.0 because that’s where we started our slow motion which is what
we’re going to do 6.0 go back then we change the beginning of our end clip to
6.6 go back and now we have the middle clip
here which is our slow-motion go in here and we slow it down by sliding it to the
left or speed it up by sliding it to the right to the right you get twice as fast
and to the left you get two tenths is fast go back and we can watch it so you
can see that it’s pretty cool there alright so now that we’ve added that one
we’ll go in and edit the clip of Brian where we want it to start and stop start
it and we’ll stop it right there so we’ve got another clip okay we’ll do
this one right here and you’ll stop it right after he falls and hurts his ankle
right there and since that was the trick he was trying to land it in the previous
clip we’ll move it to right before so now we have a completed project and we
can preview it okay so as you saw that ended kind of
abruptly so what I’m going to do is bring the clips of Brian to before the
clip of Danny and sometimes it’s a little bit finicky and you have to do it
more than once to get things rearranged the way you wanted to but it’s not
really a big deal there we go let’s preview that one more thing that I
forgot to point out is that to add transitions all you have to do is click
the little box between videos here and you can add a transition and you can
adjust how long the transition lasts so we’re going to add a crossfade in here
we’re going to make it a half second and if we come back to the beginning and
play it you’ll see it fades into the next clip so now let’s take a look at
the audio panel so as you can see here you can add voice over with this
microphone you can add two tracks of audio and you can click and you can edit
the audio from your original video I’m not going to add any audio so now that
the video is done all we have to do is click the share button up here and you
can copy a link sharing messages email upload it directly to YouTube Facebook
or Instagram normally what I do is I just save it click HD 1080p so it’s the
highest quality possible and it just saves for you now that’s finished you
should be able to just come out go into your camera roll and it should be the
last thing in your camera roll there it is and there we go now you have a completed
video so going back in this place as you can see it’s a pretty simple app that’s
very easy to use and easy to navigate around and that’s why I like it so much
so this is what I think is the best video editing app for iPhone I’m not
sure if it’s on Android I don’t think it is but I hope you guys enjoyed and
thanks for watching we’re going to get to the giveaway winner right now alright
now that we’ve gone over the app I’m going to pick last week’s giveaway
winner so I’ve got the video open here we’re going to copy the link go to our
random comment picker load the comments right here it says we’ve got 25 unique
users we’re going to randomly pick the winner and okay I apparently I win now
we’re going to pick again and Nik Mehta all right Nik if you see this please
leave a comment with your Instagram name and I’ll try to find you on there so
hopefully we can get this out to you as soon as possible thanks for watching
everyone and I’ll probably do another giveaway next week so we’ll see you then
bye you

100 thoughts on “Splice – Overview & Tutorial – iPhone Video Editor”

  1. Great tutorial! I tried many apps before coming across your video & this got me started quickly & I love the outcome! Now, my family & I are following ❤️


  3. QUESTION: Can you layer the audio of one video clip over the video over the next? Like I'm trying to figure out if I film a cover and in the video insert clips of me like dancing and goofing while the cover is still playing in the background. I really need an answer if there is one.

  4. This is AWESOME!! Thank you so much, I know this is old.. but still relevant and much appreciated! Keep being awesome!

  5. The trouble I’m having is the text. I add text to the video and it stays on the whole video. I only want it to be on for a couple seconds.

  6. nice video! It does a good job of video editing but when we try to include a picture between videos it looks very blurry with or without Ken Burns effect.. is there a workaround to make the pictures clearer as in the original form?

  7. I have a question you might be able to help me with. I'm sports reporter trying to figure out if we can put video over video. For example, having someone talk for a minute long and covering the person or clip with different video without losing the audio from the interview.

  8. Very informative and nice clip. Can you please tell me how would you trim from between a speech to make a smooth video?

  9. Awesome video! I am trying to add a title and then would like to have it fade away instead of staying on the video the whole time, any suggestions? Also, what software do you recommend for your desktop editing?

  10. OMG THAT YOU SO MUCH!!! The timelapse on the camera app is way too fast and I wanted to slow it down even if it was by 1 fps…

    please check out my channel it's Panda.StudiosXxo and I wasn't just commenting this because I want more views and subscribers

  11. Hey can please help me I like this app besides it does something weird for me. It changes the format where it’s a square all the way to the left of the phone and the right side is just black

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    I’m using a black photo and wanna put text on it and the text to move

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  18. completely forgot i had this app on my phone i am looking to get into recording a lot of stuff around the city and it sucks trying to merge videos together now that every app has disabled it! : thanks for the quick tutorial on how to use this app now i can rest easy knowing i can make clips from my GoPro hero 7

  19. How do u add a video to your already made project. I know u probably won’t see this, but if u do please help

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  22. Does anyone know if there’s a way to add YouTube audio as a background? Since I don’t really have iTunes music😅

  23. Really great video and I will get this app. only thing you didn't show how to do was how to use the zoom in effect which actually is just what I'm lppking for. Thank you and very helpful.

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