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Sprint Force ZTE Screen Repair Video Tear Down

Sprint Force ZTE Screen Repair Video Tear Down

Alright today we’re going to take apart
the ZTE Force from Sprint. Pretty solid little phone. Make sure to take out the battery and
then the sticker on the inside; all that needs to come out as well. As well as the screw
hidden underneath this little sticker. Make sure to check the video description for a
bunch of replacement parts: speakers, screens….I’ll try to find the cheapest ones off of Amazon
and put those on there for ya. There are 8 screws around the outside of the phone that
I’m taking out right now. As soon as those screws are out, the outside of the frame almost
falls apart with just your fingers. There are a few small little clips that hold the
screen onto the back end of the frame. You can see I’m not even using a tool to pull
this apart. So there you go. And these little black hooks are what I’m talking about that
hold that sticker in place, that’s why that sticker has to come off. There’s the vibrator.
And here we have a ribbon cable attaching the digitizer to the motherboard. So just
pick up that little flap right there and then the ribbon cable slides right out. And then
the motherboard itself is glued onto the screen. It’s not very tight though. This one screw
holding down the top circuit board to the camera does need to come out. And you can
kind of see I’m just loosening up around the motherboard right now. And if I slide
my pry tool all the way through it kind of pops the motherboard away from the screen.
You can see it loosen up right there and then the motherboard is released. It’s not too
hard, but just make sure to loosen it up enough that you don’t apply too much force otherwise
you’ll crack and damage things. So now I’m removing the circuit board from around the
camera. It’s also glued on so there’s a little bit of prying here and there pulls
it away. There we go. There is a…on the right side of that, that’s where that clip
that kind of snaps it on in place. I’ll show you when I install it. There’s another
ribbon cable right here that I just loosened up. And then this part of it was glued on
as well so that will snap off and pull away from the motherboard. To replace the earpiece
you just pry this little black box out. It’s glued on as well. The makers of this phone
love the glue. That’s it. Leave the screen in place. Anyway to reinstall it just kind
of tap it back into place. You can reuse the same glue, there’s enough of it there. Slip
the motherboard back in.
And then all you have to do is slide the little ribbon cable into the slot that it came out
of. And make sure to latch the ribbon cable docking point back down so it doesn’t slip
out. Just like this. So latch it down. Press it back into place using the same tape. Then
here’s that Lego piece I was talking about right in there on that right side. Just make
sure that clicks into place. Then get that screw back on there as well and that will
hold it tight. This is the last ribbon cable from the screen. Just make sure you latch
that back into place as well. The back housing. And then there’s that nice little pile of
8 screws right there that also need to be screwed back into the phone….I kind of forgot
to. Put battery back. And everything works. Anyway, if you have any questions leave them
in the comments. Don’t forget to “like” the video and don’t forget to subscribe.
Thanks. Remember, check the description for Amazon parts.

59 thoughts on “Sprint Force ZTE Screen Repair Video Tear Down”

  1. If your touch screen stopped working, then it will either need to be replaced, OR if it isn't cracked Sprint might cover it under warranty, you'll be better off that way.

  2. So if i remove the broken glass from the screen, and put a sturdy screen protector on it is it going to work the way it should? like using a screen protector as a replacement digitizer and putting a case on it?

  3. It wont work. The digitizer (the glass piece) is electronic and is actually connected to the motherboard. Your sturdy screen protector would do nothing to communicate w/ the motherboard. So you will have to get a replacement digitizer.

  4. Hi I have a quick question. I recently bought the ZTE engage which is a pretty new phone. Well due to my little brother getting a hold of my phone, the screen has cracked. I was wondering if the screen replacement for my phone would be pretty much the same as this one? If not do you think you could possibly make a video on how to replace the screen for it? If you could please answer, it would be much appreciated :).

  5. The ZTE Engage should be fairly similar to this video. I haven't opened up one of those phones yet though, so i wouldnt know for sure.

  6. Hi there, I was wondering what can I do if my boost mobile ZTE phone got moist? The phone will come on and I can use the blue tooth to call with voice command. There are light at the top and at the bottom that shows me t is on. But the full screen will not light up anymore. what can I do??? Help

  7. Can u post how to change the zte force touch screen i got the new replacement screen but idk how to get the lcd screen off of the broken touch screen. If u could help it would be greatly appreciated

  8. The LCD and Digitizer are glued together. Normally you dont want to separate the 2. Replace the whole screen as a unit.

  9. The video shows how to replace the screen. Not separate the digitizer from the LCD. Its pretty straight forward though, if you have a heat gun and a pry tool. The success rate is very low. I wish you the best of luck!

  10. I followed all the steps and what not, and when I put my phone back together it wont turn on. When I hold down the Power Button a red light appears, then the phone vibrates and shuts down. Can you please shed some light on what happen?

  11. HELP!!! I have a zte n861 it was working fine but I took the battery out but when I turned it back on their is a glow, but no picture????? Please help!!!

  12. Do you think the ZTE source is about the same?  I just ordered a new screen for mine, will have to install in when it gets here?

  13. yo jerry! small question if i may: few days ago i plugged in the usb cable to my cheap chinese cell phone and then the small metallic port inside the phone (the one that 'touches' the usb connector) disconnected from its place on the green board. okay, the question: what do i need to reconnect there? i can see the 2 points on the sides of the small port, BUT i am also seeing that there are like 4-6 really really tiny broken wires. what to do?


  14. would this also work for a ZTE merit? and do you have a video on how to replace the screen, my screen cracked and i need to replace it.

  15. if i have dropped my phone in the toilet and i put it in rice for like 2 days and i have used it and it works fine but now my screen wont respond to the touch!!??? Help!!

  16. hi, quick question i have the zte racer x850 i need to replace the screen, does this video of yours work the same way?

  17. great video but i want to know how do you know if you have water damage and can you dip the entire motherboard in isoproply to get rid of those nasty minerals and electrons from the phone that got dirty please answer thanks 

  18. I ordered a digitizer screen. Did i order the right thing. My screen is shattered into oblivious pieces.. thank you.

  19. I ordered a digitizer screen. Did i order the right thing. My screen is shattered into oblivious pieces.. thank you.

  20. I just gotta say thx, I rly mean it. This vid saved my sanity. I was trying to figure out how to open my cell to clean it after I accidentally dropped my cell in a cup of sweet tea. I couldnt get teh rotate to work when I was looking at pics so I figure if I got all of the sticky out it couldnt hurt. I seen this followed it got the cell good & clean, put a tiny drop of hair clipper oil on the little part on the board that spins. Put it all back together, tried it & it works. Thanks, thanks, thanks

  21. I ordered a screen imma try that I'm not paying 60 dollars to fix a screen for a phone I only paid 100 dollars for thanks

  22. I ordered a screen imma try that I'm not paying 60 dollars to fix a screen for a phone I only paid 100 dollars for thanks

  23. Hey So Uh I Kinda Broke My Phone & I Tried To Fix It But I Broke The Positive & Negative Cables On A Zte Engage Can You Help ?

  24. Did you watch your video? when you get to the speaker you accidently edited out the part where you show us how to repair the Screen, call it the all in 1 screen-LCD-digitizer call it a ONESIE you removed speaker and immediately put speaker back in! just as a suggestive criticismical thought out loud…maybe at least mention the screen removal procedure… It's all good I jerry rigged it.. 

  25. HI Jerry,
       Have you removed the 6 screw mother board stud plate on the ZTE N9100 BOOST Force.
    ? . I can't seem to get the plate loose from the back of the LCD any suggestions,
    PS already bought the LCD oops. I would order both the digitizer and the LCD if I can get the screw plate loose. also used  ZTE N9100 phones available from ebay for less than 30.00. I bought one and it works fine. Just thought your subscribers would like the information.

  26. yeah, it seems on the video you remove the "earpiece" then reinstall the earpiece and assemble the phone, no screen removal. Does the lcd/digitizer need to be heated to release the glue? or does it gently pry out/ off? Thanks for all the other very clear details!

  27. He does a good job. My Phone ZTE Majesty is different. I'm puzzled by the flat wire, or maybe it's a plastic ribbon that connects to the speaker assembly, and the other end goes under the motherboard. Mine is broken where it goes under the motherboard. Oh well, it's interesting to tinker with.

  28. I like your video…and I have followed it closely. But I have not been able to find the digitizer for this phone…I seen replacement LCD screens, but as you know the digitizer is glue on to the LCD screen. Can you point me in the right direction so I can purchase the right part?

  29. I got down to the digitizer and then you started putting the phone back together.  I trying to replace a cracked screen.  Help!

  30. can someone tell me what color the water damage indicator sticker is supposed to be?  before damage and after damage.  thanks!

  31. Thanks for the clear, calm, and concise video. In my case simply cleaning the connector and flex cable contacts cleared up the problem of touch screen not responding. Whew!

  32. I tried to repair the phone cause the screen would not respond when i turned it on so i got a separate screen and broke the other one and replaced it or at least tried but there was just so much fucking glue

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