St. Louis Cell Phone Repair: Buy a Refurbished Cell Phone

Hi I’m Chris Phillips with CPR Cell Phone
Repair in St. Louis Missouri. I frequently hear customers stories about their broken
cell phone or iPhone and their other mobile devices like tablets or iPads. One customer
left his cellphone on the roof of his wife’s car and it got smashed after if flew off the
roof onto the highway and run over by another car. We’ve had clients whose mobile phones got
water damaged from being dropped in bath tubs, and of course we’ve all probably heard stories
about a cell phone or iPhone being thrown into a pool at a weekend party. Usually our clients prefer to repair their
mobile phones but what if it is broken or damaged so badly that it is beyond repair? Most people will go back to the store where
they originally purchased their cell phone and find sticker shock when they are confronted
with paying the full retail price. It can be as much as $700 or $ 800 to replace their
used mobile phone. Well, I have good news, you do have other
options that many people don’t even know about. Consumers can buy refurbished cell
phones at prices way below the cost of a new one. Before you purchase a refurbished mobile phone
or iPhone, here is some advice. First, does the mobile or cell phone work
with your carrier? Mobile phones are not the same even though they may look like it. Cell
phones are designed differently depending on the network your carrier uses. For example, if your carrier is ATT or TMobile,
you’re on a GSM network. If you buy a phone designed for Sprint or Verizon, they are on
a CDMA network. The refurbished cell phone you buy may not
be the right one for your carrier and it is important to double check before you buy. Second, make sure your refurbished cell phone
not been reported as lost or stolen. Buy from a reputable source. Theft of mobile phones
is becoming a huge problem. Don’t help the thieves and only buy from legitimate sources
that do not sell stolen phones. Third, make sure that you get a warranty or
extended service contract with the device. You are buying a used or refurbished mobile
phone. The device could have been in perfect condition and simply traded in for an upgrade. Or, it could be a phone that was damaged and
repaired for resale. Both can be great phones, if you just make sure the source you are buying
the cell phone from will stand behind the device. I hope these tips have helped you. If you
have any questions or need any advice, you can find a CPR Cell Phone Repair store in
St. Louis that is close to you by going to our website at or text
CPR to 87804 and we would be glad to answer any of your questions.

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