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State Dept. May Investigate Diplomats’ Personal Cell Phone Use After Sondland | Morning Joe | MSNBC

State Dept. May Investigate Diplomats’ Personal Cell Phone Use After Sondland | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “State Dept. May Investigate Diplomats’ Personal Cell Phone Use After Sondland | Morning Joe | MSNBC”

  1. trump using a personal phone to get around FOIA. Already the government has very limited guidance on how to keep a record of text messaging and personal voice calls.

  2. So, just to understand:
    1) It was absolutely "criminal" (but not legally) for Hillary to run her emails through a private and secured server because she should have known better.

    2) It was absolutely "laudible" (but not hypocritical) for the Trump kids with White House clearances working on classified information to use public-domain emails on not secured AND public servers because |reasons|.

    3) It's "not a big deal" (somehow) when our Ambassadors who are supposed to be furthering our national security use personal cellphones that can be interfered with based on who owns the tower AND is subject to subpoena and other non-FISA requests.

    4) It is "just fine" for "Cyber Security Advisor" Guiliani to use incredibly insecure apps that teenagers know can be invaded by their parents to do shadow foreign policy for furthering one man's interests using classified information?


  3. If I write out the whistle blower’s name here on YouTube, my comment disappears. Try it! I guess I know who it is lol #1984

  4. That’s total bs, what phone do they have. Unless it’s dead silent and you are on top of the other person, you ain’t hearing shiznit.

  5. My goodness. What has the government been doing for the last 20 years since the rise of cell phone tech and the personal use of these mediums to communicate? How dumb and ignorant are they ALL really? Emails, texts, phone apps… The people in government sound just as dumb as the "regular" U.S. citizen. Disgraceful? Abhorrent.

  6. Schiff…."Trump ordered Pence not to attend Ukraine inaguration"  LOL  SOOOOOO? The USMCA meeting is more important to me. Why democrats obstruct the USMCA?

  7. He's got a lot of nerve. Start with his own Democrat, former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. OMG the gull of these phoney people. Security is a problem and has been long before this president. There arent more security breaches, just more awareness of them.

  8. Yeah y’all know of some instances of this in previous administrations like ummm Clinton doing this for years with China listening to her blackberries and Russia looking at the emails on her private server is that what you mean

  9. Demtards now desperate for anything, since all their ‘Star witnesses to high crimes’ have served up NothingBurgers….now ‘Oh now lets see if a phone was used ‘improperly’ wow so very lame. What’s next Dems. Check to see if Trump had an unpaid parking ticket?

  10. I am listening to Nonesense Nunez right now
    He started with 'Dems are pursuing wild theories…'
    He said Dems wanted NUDE tRump photos last week, no? He is a goof. Then he said no ' quid pro quo'. I laughed at him.

  11. What a criminal trump is, he creates more of them, Pompeo, guliani, sondland, hah..sneaky, crooked Pence, Mulvaney, Bolton, Perry, kenna, (all lying criminals) and the "everyone-was- in-the-loop" like, and having idiots like nunez, barr and moscow mitch, denies involvement with them, then throws them under the bus. Let him and all his minions be the first to go to jail and rot there.

  12. The real news to put out there is the IG report coming out on December 11th. These fake phony and false hearings are a joke and those who hang on every word are idiots and tools. Kabuki theater. Keep consuming lies, people, and stay dumb.
    Nothing can stop what is coming.

  13. Trump should just get a server to be placed in his basement! That would've been easier to destroy cell phones, lap tops and losing 30,000 emails?? Sure that wouldn't of have been a crime ? Right Hillary!

  14. Maybe they could find those hundreds of millions of OUR dollars unaccounted for during HRCs time as Secy. of State under Obama. I bet they think we ALL forgot about that, but WE remember!

  15. Funny, last time that happened, that dried up old hag Killary Clinton the pedophile supporter, smashed all 6 of her personal phones and Bleachbit her computers. Of course she had nothing to hide other than talking about yoga.

  16. VINDMAN IS Racist he doesn't want Blacks to ever have jobs. He wants Blacks to remain his puppets and controllable only way he feels to do this is keep Blacks unemployed.

  17. How does Trump still find people like Sondland dumb enough to do his dirty work after Manafort, Cohen, and Roger Stone are sitting in jail for it?

  18. Nothing says aware of your surroundings like making an unsecured call in Ukraine where the phone networks are Russian owned. 😆😆

  19. 👍Watch your MSNBC conspiracy media hacks and Russia-gate religious propaganda get destroyed in seconds.

  20. Sondland on tv lying right now he’s been telling his lies for at least 20-30 minutes!! He’s coming off as liar! His entire persona !!! He is implying everyone else is lying but him!!! Lying lapdog!!!

  21. Sondland… is singing like a canary, throwing folks under the bus from the Whitehouse through the entire administration…. Everybody was in the Loop everybody.

  22. Ha, they mad they can't take their phones so they can't be used as evidence.

    It's actually bad to use personal devices though, in these matters

  23. Sondland says "no quid pro quo or bribery", MSNBC reports "quid pro quo" linking WH with Ukraine. SHOCKING.
    Fake news believers are laughed at by the majority of Americans.

  24. Ok Republicans where are you now? Hillary keeping emails on a private server was major national security risk, but Sondland talking to Trump on cell phones from a public restaurant isn't? Is Fox News going to rant about this for days on end? Is Sean Hannity going to dedicate YEARS of his show berating Sondland and Trump for an egregious national security breach? — just looking for a little consistency.

  25. Ofcourse the cell phone was used in Ukrainian/Russian Airspace. Trump wanted Russia to hear the call to basically give the heads up to Putin that trump is working with Putin without having to speak directly to
    Putin on Trumps own phone. Trump and Putin have a hard time communicating they have to communicate under the radar

  26. Trump & his chronies will soon be trading in their designer suits for prison stripes. It's only a matter of time. It should've never even gotten this far smh.

  27. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 TRUMP 2020❗️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    🇺🇸IT’S HAPPENING ❗️❗️🇺🇸

  28. Oh please…the cellphone security issue was big news just when Trump started his position. He and his children were using unsecured cells, and didn't seem to care about security…THEN BLAME CHINA for spy parts in the cells, because his calls were being intercepted. Do you all have short term memories?! If the top official doesn't care about national security, why would anyone else right? Imagine what kind of "sensitive or confidential" information other countries have gained in the last 3 years? If knowledge is power, you better strap in.

  29. For all you brain dead lemmings.Pres Trump was cleared by the russian witch hunt -20+angry demoncrats!
    This schiffshow Will take down demoncrats and corrupt media and their minions.Wonder who Obamanation
    Throws under the bus after all the reports come out,or the Repuban senate start calling witnesses. 🙂


  31. If you're not watching the hearings you just missed history of MEGATON proportions. Sondland has testified that EVERYONE knew that this was a bribery scheme and I worked at the behest of the President.

    Volker, Morrison, Giuliani, should get ready.

  32. We should see all of politicians who receive us money phone call transcripts unless their family related. Anything we pay for we should see

  33. Trump tards will blame Obama or cry Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary 😟😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  34. The corrupt Republicans are now complicit in all the wrong doing by the President of the United States. (Quid Pro Quo) Sondland exposes the entire deal! Dirty birds now must face the consequences of there Lawless behavior.

  35. So will he be asking that the cell phone usage of everyone connected to the proceedings is reviewed? Reps, senators, and their staffs?

  36. Presumably Dump told Sondland "phone me" at XX time, because people don't just pick up their phone & ring the President & the fact that Dump spoke to Sondland at that time, suggests he was "expecting" the call.

  37. My question would be who let a call go through over an unsecured line at the White House. And it would be interesting to see how many other calls this person made over a unsecured phone.

  38. Democrats should be investigated to see if they have any ties to the United States. The president hasn't committed an impeachable offense. Quid pro quo is legal. "Witness" testimony is hearsay. When will Democrats be investigated for their crimes.

  39. Greedy, soulless, traitorous republicans have to make sure their fellow 1% criminal, putin needs to hear all they are doing for their 1% masters, Pee Pee Tape!

  40. Why does anyone's jaws still drop over any actions of trump or his administration? Stop with all the feigned incredulity! ALL trump's "best people" aren't just depraved and totally lacking in moral or ethical scruples, they're also arrogant, incompetent sycophantic tools for trump just like trump is Putin's puppet.

  41. Quid pro quo : NOUN
    [a favor or advantage granted or expected in return for something] .

    And furthermore what about the ongoing violations of the “emoluments clause” by the current administration.

    When a U.S. President publicly or privately states that he or she would like a foreign entity to interfere in the U.S. Political Process , that should be an open and shut case against that sitting President …. Full Stop 🛑

  42. The White House Administration is corrupt every one of those people that will not come testify have something to hide they are corrupt follow the money follow the family because every one of them broke laws or they would have come to testify don't nobody love Trump that much these peoples are just corrupt and they don't want themselves to get in trouble they all to just plead the fifth and get out the picture

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