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Steps to FIX BRICKED Huawei P10 Lite [ 100% Working Method ]

Steps to FIX BRICKED Huawei P10 Lite [ 100% Working Method ]

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68 thoughts on “Steps to FIX BRICKED Huawei P10 Lite [ 100% Working Method ]”

  1. Arun bro i have one doubt plz clear it

    I have P10 lite from qatar build id is WAS-LX1AC185 dual sim

    I want to change to c432 region so what firmware should i download b182 from the link u have given or b191 from huawei firmware finder FULLOTA File

    Plz reply Asap 😅😅😅😅

  2. Is there a was – lx 2 j?
    Even if you put only UPDATE.APP in the dload folder, you get an error on the update screen 5%

  3. Hi, i bought my p10 lite was-lx1 at Norway but when im at the download page it shows error like ie no space or somethnig like that and when im at the volume donwn and up and power key the instal mode it shows download failed i dont know what to do anymore 🙁 please help me

  4. and when im at the twrp recovery i delted like android files cahe files etc. so please can i fix it i need help can i like download android and evrything again?

  5. Hey, thanks for the tutorial. A while ago I was trying to go back to stock BOOT in order to flash Magisk. The phone was bootloader unlocked, TWRP and SuperSU flashed. I downloaded the firmware from HuaweiFirmwareFinder which is correct my phone (was-lx-1ac432). TWRP didn't have the permission to write on the internal storage and silly me, didn't make a backup using an OTG. First I extracted and flashed the BOOT on TWRP and experienced a bootloop. Then I tried the same firmware with this dload method but it stopped at 5%. The firmware was supposed to be correct though. Long story short I screwed up.

    Then I installed lineageos 14.1 to have at least a working phone. Now my phone is working but I'm not happy about the ROM(overheats like hell) and I want to go back the stock. How can I go back the stock without anymore problems. I'm afraid of trying something else and even losing twrp and failing and causing more trouble.

    Any help would be appreciated

  6. working link:

  7. The strangest thing just happened when trying to bring the P10 Lite back to live. First attempt failed to update at 75%, I insisted a second time and it failed at 85%. I forced it a third time and it finished the update to 100%. The phone recovered and I started setting it back. Updated the system with the OTA available updates, and when running the ……..204, the Phone soft bricked again. I tryed your mehod again from scratch, and it fails again at 85%. Odd stuff. Anyway, your method does work, thank you very much for the tip 😉

  8. This tutorial dosen't work on WAS-LX1C02B138 ( Romania ). I followed all steps but after i installed the ROM the page with "this device can't be trusted" disappeard and is booting until the huawei logo after is restarting and put me in eRecovery Mode. Sorry for my bad english. I think my phone is birck now 🙁

    EDIT: if i try to use a rom from firmware finder is stucking at 5 %

  9. I followed the steps above with the right firmware in the SD CARD but when I try to launch the update from the SD it runs the one that is in the phone internal storage. HOW CAN I RUN UPDATE FROM SD CARD ? please help thank you

  10. Thank you a lot! Been searching around for a solution to this and everyting failed.
    I bought me a new phone then and now 2 weeks later I found the post on and your amazing video!
    So now i have two phones, one for then my new one breaks 😛

  11. lease help i don't know my model number and my mobile is boot-looping and not opening, so how can i know which firmware to download? please reply, and by the way i have a Huawei P10 Lite

  12. A super method, I really recommend it! I could bypass my google account on my Huawei P10 Lite!!! First do these steps here that are shown and after that follow these steps from this video: (if you want to bypass the google account) ! Many thanks for this video!

  13. Hi there … Can you tell me where to find the stock recovery and how to install it before i do this tutorial for my p10 lite

  14. There is no stock ROM for C432B209 model and two of them I've tried are not working… Any suggestion?

  15. I've a question. What format your SD card used? Is it FAT32 or NFTS. If it is FA32, how did you copy the files into the SD card since I got an error message saying that I cannot transfer a file exceeding 4GB.

  16. Please help..My p10 lite is completely dead after wipe all from twrp mistakenly. Is there anyway to fix ir? The computer detects the phone when connecting via usb. Please help.

  17. Hi there i did the exact steps u did on the video the problem is that i have the TWRP recovery….. And it doesnt show like in the video how can i install my stock rom on my p10 lite with twrp recovery cuz this method doesnt work on my phone thankyou hope to hear from you as fast as possible

  18. i have tried this, but my phone stuck at 5% and got software install failed.. my phone can not open now… only can go fastboot mode and recovery mode… T-T

  19. Hi! Mine is in a boot loop , and it stays opened with the logo screen…cannot move forward than that. None of the buttons commands work….and I don't have a SD card on it. I ve been told that has on it custom Chinese software and cannot be fixed but there! Please help…is still on warranty but as is bought from China through Wonda Mobile…they say International warranty doesn't apply..🙄🙄

  20. Hi bro I need to know how to unbrick Huawei P20 lite, I bought this used phone and layer realized that it's a p9 rom and some apps are even missing, help me out thanks👍👍👍

  21. i followed every step but mine doesn't boot to eRecovery, i see a flashing red thunder on my screen and then it boots to error mode again :/

  22. could you help me?
    I managed to brick my phone
    I sd flashed a rollback package on my p9 plus
    and after waiting for a day I just realized that its now stuck in logo and when I charge it. It always open and draining the phone
    I need help

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