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Survey123 for ArcGIS – XLSForm: Enabling CSV Data into your Survey

Survey123 for ArcGIS – XLSForm: Enabling CSV Data into your Survey

♪ [music] ♪ Hello, and welcome to another Survey123 for ArcGIS tutorial video. In this video, I will demonstrate how you can use the pulldata function to preload data into your surveys. Let me give you an example of how the pulldata function works. In this local business survey, when a business is selected, the contact information is automatically populated. Pre-populating information in surveys can be tremendously helpful for field crews before they capture data. So let’s see how to pre-populate data. First, we will need to upload a CSV file of our data into the Media folder. Note that columns in your CSV file must be separated by commas. Once a CSV file has been uploaded, we can call the pulldata function in the Calculation column. The pulldata syntax looks like this. It’s composed of four parameters. “Info” is the name of the CSV file. Note that the CSV file name suffix should not be included here. “Address” is the name of the column in the CSV file that contains the address information we want to return. “Name” is the name of the key field to look up. The last parameter, “Store,” is the entry in the Name column of the first question. It is the key field to link to the specific row of Name column in the CSV file. Here, I will choose Calculate as the question type and give it a name. You might notice that I didn’t label this question. This is because calculate question types will not be displayed in the survey form. Therefore, a Note type of question will be needed to show the address information in the survey form. Note that adCal is the name for the calculate question. Let’s save our work and preview it in the Connect app. As you can see, if I choose a different business, the responding address information will be displayed in the survey form. Let’s repeat the same steps for Business Owner and Phone Number. To learn more about the pulldata function, please visit the link below. Thanks for watching. ♪ [music] ♪

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  1. Can you populate the business name field by this same CSV? I note you have used a "select_one name" as the type, so I am guessing you have added the names to the 'choices' sheet to populate this drop down? It would be handy if you could have used this same CSV to populate this shop name. If you add new shop names to the CSV, you will have to also update the choices sheet which is doubling up. (I note this was posted in 2016 so it probably has been implemented by now)

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