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SYNC 3 Phone Pairing | SYNC 3 How-To | Ford

SYNC 3 Phone Pairing | SYNC 3 How-To | Ford

[MUSIC] Did you know that you can make phone
calls through your vehicle SYNC3 system? Let me tell you about it. First, you need to pair your phone in
order to use some of the SYNC3 features. But don’t worry, it’s simple. And for those of you who don’t know,
pairing is what lets Bluetooth devices like your phone and your SYNC-3
system communicate with each other. Let’s get started. First, make sure the ignition is on,
your vehicle is in park, and your phone is turned on. Now, turn on your phone’s
Bluetooth feature so that the SYNC 3 system can
connect to your phone. Touch the phone icon at the bottom of the
screen, and then press the Add Phone tile. Next, it will ask you to search for
SYNC on your device, and you’ll see a search for
SYNC message on the screen. Once you find SYNC on your device,
select it. If your phone supports something
called simple secured pairing, a message box will be
displayed on your phone and your SYNC 3 system will ask you to confirm
that the number that appears on your phone matches the one in the message
box on the screen. After you’ve matched the numbers,
press Pair on your phone and Yes on your touch screen. If your phone does not
support this type of pairing, you may have to enter the four-digit
code that’s displayed on the screen into your phone and then press Pair. You’ll know that your phone is paired when
you see a pairing successful message with the name of your paired
phone on the display screen. And SYNC 3 will automatically download
your contact list, and if 991 Assist is not already set to on, the
system will ask if you want to turn it on. 911 Assist can connect you directly to a
911 operator if you’re in an accident and your air bags deploy, or
your fuel switch cuts off. When pairing is complete, press Finish. If you want to add an additional phone
just touch the paired phone tile here. View Devices and Add a Bluetooth Device,
then just follow the prompt. Since there is now a second phone paired,
SYNC 3 will ask if you want this phone to be a favorite, meaning SYNC would like
you to choose which phone you’d like connected if there’s more than
one paired phone in the vehicle. If at any time you wish to switch from one
paired phone to any of the other paired phones, touch Phone, the current
paired phone tile, View Devices, then touch the name of the device
you want to switch to. A tile menu will appear for the device,
choose the Connect tile and that phone will now be the device
connected via Bluetooth. You can also choose to make this
phone your primary if you’d like. Now, your’re ready to use your voice
commands and hands-free calling. Any questions, go to [MUSIC]

8 thoughts on “SYNC 3 Phone Pairing | SYNC 3 How-To | Ford”

  1. Normally your fuel cut off if you cut off yourself or something in the trunk Just Hits it like say for example something like groceries can hit the fuel off switch

  2. I have a 2018 Ford Mustang Ecoboost and it’s saying the sync isn’t connected but it is? Help?😂😰.

  3. What a bunch of ridiculous rigamarole – like phone calls can't wait till you get to your destination. This actually should be against the law – my cellular phone is put away into it's case when I'm driving my car – it is dangerous to allow yourself to be distracted by a phone conversation while you are driving.

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