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Taco Truck Telephone Taste Test

Taco Truck Telephone Taste Test

– Live and direct from Hollywood. – How do you find the
best taco in Los Angeles? – We’re gonna play a little
game of Taco Truck Telephone. – Taco Telephone. – Taco Telephone. – So we wanna find the best tacos. – And what better way to do
that than to go to a taco truck. – And at that taco vending establishment we are going to ask them
what they think is the best taco truck and go to that
taco truck and ask them– – What their favorite taco truck is. – And then we’re gonna
just keep hopping around until we find– – The absolute finest taco
in the county of Los Angeles. – And we’re also gonna eat some tacos, judging for ourselves,
who has the best tacos. (Latin music) – [Man] How many different
kinds of tacos do you have? – Okay, we will get one of each. Let’s test it out and
see what we got here. – Double wrap is what you need. – Tortillas on there. There’s a lot of cheese on mine. – Al pastor taco. – Al pastor. – Oh no, I can’t go with that one, no. – Why? – Beans. – You don’t like beans? – Uh uh. – Guy doesn’t eat beans,
he’s on a taco adventure. – Cheers. – Mmm.
– Mmm. – Not bad, right? – Cactus makes a good taco. – Yeah, so we got the two
beef left after Freddie massacred this chicken taco. – [Steven] That’s so good. That is deli– that is like… – This sauce is incredible. – It’s whimsical. – Whimsical? – Has a kick. – Mmmhmm. Whew! And then I have one question for you. If you aren’t eating tacos
here, where is your favorite place to eat tacos in Los Angeles? (laughs) – This is it. I mean we’re starting off
on a really strong foot. I don’t know if any other
places can top these, but we’ll see. – Hey, if there’s one thing
that I’ve learned about Los Angeles, never
underestimate the Valley. And that’s where we’re headed next. (tapping) – What? – You gonna make it? – Yeah, I’ll make it. I’m just getting over the taco coma. – What could happen at the next taco place that would make it better? – I fall in love with
the man cooking the tacos (laughter) – Alright, we have a new
mission for this video guys. – [Freddie] I think that’d make it– I think that would make the video. – [Colin] We are cabeza, buche– – [Freddie] Chorizo. – [Colin] Chorizo, lengua, and birria. – [Andrew] It’s so good. I’ve never had a taco that offered like this breadth of meat. – This is chorizo?
– [Freddie] Yeah. – You’re doing the chorizo right now. – Oh yeah, oh yeah.
– [Freddie] Chorizo… – That is whimsical
times a million. (laughs) – [Colin] My God.
(Freddie laughs) Whimsical times a million. – That’s like not even whimsical anymore. – Wow, the seasoning. – [Steven] I know right? – I mean, it’s like– – Let me at it. Oh yeah, that’s a killer chorizo. Rigo’s Tacos gets a
enthusiastic thumbs up. – [Andrew] And it’s covered in cactus. – [Freddie] Sorry cactus. So what we do is we’re going
to different taco vendors, restaurants, and trucks. We’re asking them where they
like to eat tacos in LA. – Hmmm, let me think about that. He says El Taurino in Van Nuys. – Nice, thank you. So our next stop is– – El Taurino. – [Freddie] I haven’t reached
the pinnacle of fullness yet. I think after the next place
I might be slowing down. Steven doesn’t look like he agrees. – I could eat tacos for days. What is in this meat? Oh! Oh my gosh! Give me 10 more of those. – Tongue, ta tongue tongue. – Get dirty on that lengua. (laughter) – [Steve] Oh gosh, yeah! Didn’t think I’ll be ever
saying that I like tongue but that was a good tongue taco. – Oh man! – [Freddie] Is this the spicy one? – Yeah, it’s hugely hot. Oh man! – Wow, it’s sweet. Like it has a slightly sweet aspect to it but it’s like not overwhelming. Mouthwatering has started. – I like how the tacos keep
getting better and better. – This is working guys. The Taco Telephone is working. – When you’re not eating your own food where else do you go? – Uh, for the booze, Taco’s Way. – Taco’s Way serves booze? – There’s booze and
really good micheladas. – Have any of you ever
had a michelada before? – [Freddie] No.
– [Colin] None of you? – [Steven] I don’t know what that is. – [Colin] Oh my god, we have
three people who are gonna have a michelada for the first time. Your minds are all gonna be blown. – To an impressive taco adventure. – Andrew and Freddie are
gonna have their first micheladas right now. – [Freddie] Well I love
beer and I love spices, I love shrimp. I mean its kinda all my favorite things. – That hits the spot. – Yes michelada. – Yeah! – Whoo! – Carnitas. – Okay, mind blown. That’s great, that’s wonderful. – Carnitas has the crispy
ends that just makes it. It’s like heaven. Like pork flavored popcorn in your mouth. – Mmm. Yeah this is
definitely tongue or head. – It’s something that
came from this region. – I like it, alot. It’s super tender and like it just slides on down your throat. – High fives all around guys. – Yeah. (laughter) – We went to progressively more awesome taco spots
throughout the day. – You know what I love about this? I love that like every time
you go to a new place you’re telling them that somebody
else recommended that place. That’s what makes this so great. – Yeah, they’re always thrilled. – Thanks for tuning in
to another episode of I don’t know what this is called yet. – Insert name here. (laughter)
– Yeah right. – We’ll see you next time.
(laughter) – I wanna do burgers next. – Can we? – Sure. – I’d be down. – Pastrami sandwiches. – Dumplings? – Oh my god we could do dumplings.

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  1. Okay so if a taco place is an actual building then you can tell they are not good they are only good if they come from a truck or a grill from someone’s house

  2. I got an infinity war trailer before the video….an….and I just couldn't skip it.I enjoyed the trailer more than the video(no offense to the video)

  3. I know if this one taco truck in Washington, that two youtubers went to and they got food poisoning BUT they said it was well worth it. One of them followed up by asking the outer if they wanted to get food poisoning after the video.😂

  4. I wanna cry cause like I want to try ALLLLLL of the food on here and can never do it cause I live all the way in Indiana D'x

  5. I wish they would show us the prices of each place and tell us if it was worth it or not and who the winner was. Maybe narrow it down to 3 places max. And the price points should be drastically different

  6. This is the best buzz feed video, hands down. There are tacos, there are telephones, what more could you ask for?

  7. Little did Steven and Andrew know they'd be eating and doing more than Telephone or finding the best foods.

  8. how do i get a job working at buzzfeed? like seriously love their videos and people. i would be a great asset to buzzfeed 🙂

  9. ending up in the valley is inevitable when looking for mexican food. the only time i eat tacos outside of the valley is when im out of the valley. but where i live, rigo's tacos is extremely popular and a favorite.

  10. You all need to bring this back again. I love these Telephone Taste Test videos so much. I must have watched them dozens of times.
    My suggestions for some new Telephone Taste Test Videos:
    1) Smoothie
    2) Fried Chicken
    3) Paleo
    4) Cake
    5) Chicken Noodle Soup/Tomato Soup
    6) Stew
    7) Hot Chocolate
    8) Sushi

    Please, please, do these. I'm dying to see more!

  11. 1:20
    * woman gets asked a question while poker facing *
    * guy answers instead while woman has blank stare *
    * woman leaves *

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