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Tech that made my iPhone Better

Tech that made my iPhone Better

– Yo guys. Jonathan here and today
I’m showcasing some tech that made me like my iPhone
just a little bit more. (upbeat music) So first a big thanks to Mophie for sponsoring today’s video. I got a chance to check out a couple of their brand new products the juice pack access and the power station PD and PD XL. Also, Mophie has a special discount happening right now and details on how to jump on that are down in the description. So, the juice pack
access is a battery case for the iPhone 10 XR,
10 XS, and 10 XS Max. It’ll also work for the iPhone 10. This thing is packing some features that make it look like it’s
straight outta the future. First and foremost, you have access to the Lightning port. So, if you’re using Lightning headphones which I’m actually
showcasing in this video you can use those and charge
the phone at the same time, and as a bonus, you’re not covering the speaker, so you can enjoy the
sound out of the iPhone to its maximum potential. Now, how it works, is it’s wirelessly charging the iPhone but what’s cool is, you can actually wirelessly
charge the iPhone through the wireless charging case. It’s also smart, so it’ll prioritize charging both wireless and wired to the iPhone first but hands down my favorite feature is the fact that is gives you the ability to charge your iPhone through USB-C. More and more tech is adopting USB-C, whether it’s laptops,
headphones, the iPad Pro, so the fact that you can
now charge your iPhone with USB-C, is awesome. Hopping back to the power
station PD and PD XL, these are tiny, compact battery banks that pack a ton of punch. You of course have your
standard USB-A port but the magic here is the
USB-C power in and out, so not only can you charge
the battery pack fast. This will enable fast
charging to you phone which if you haven’t experienced, will change your freaking life. These things are built like tanks. The texture is surprisingly satisfying. It’s grippy and you can tell it will definitely take a beating, so whether it’s this line, or the juice pack access, they will make a perfect
compliment to your iPhone. Next, you’ll notice this is
actually two different products that when sandwiched
together has transformed into, hands down, my
favorite way to listen to music on an iPhone. So, product one is a
V-Moda Lightning cable with a DAC built in, so you plug it into your iPhone, it bypasses the audio to there and then gives you a higher quality source with an eight inch cable that you can then plug into headphones and make those sound even better, and it sounds complicated but oh my goodness, it is magical. For the headphones, these are the Focal Listen
Closed-Back headphones and by themselves, without a DAC, they sound incredible, but when you pair them
that V-Moda Lightning DAC it is a completely different experience. I’m usually the first person that will prefer wireless
headphones over wired headphones just for sheer convenience
in not tripping over cables, but once you listen to this combo, it’s a little hard to go back. Now, these aren’t noise canceling but the isolation on these is so good that I’ve used ’em on planes and didn’t miss my noise
canceling headphones at all, which is crazy. Seriously, it is that good to the point where there are tracks that I love but listening to them through this combo gave me an entirely
different appreciation. A few of my favorites right now are Talking by Ea Kaya, Differently by Marian Hill, which oh my goodness, the
slap and bass on that track, Yamaguchi by Terror Jr, that whole album is incredible, and finally, Apple by Julia Michaels, there’s this section and break towards the end of the song, which if you have a chance to listen to through a high quality music source, oh my goodness, it is freaking amazing, and through this combo it is even better. It’s been so good that it’s pushed me into the world of Tidal but I still use Spotify a ton, so if you guys are looking for some headphone tracks to listen to I actually started a TLD
Headphone Mix playlist, which you guys can check out down below. Next from there, this is actually really freaking cool. This little gadget is the Zoom iQ6, which is a stereo microphone attachment that plugs into your Lightning port and gives you the ability to
record high quality audio. To put things into perspective this is the same capsule
they use in their Zoom H4n, that costs about two hundred bucks, where as this is about half the price, so if you already have an iPhone, it’s a cool way to save some cash. I’ve used the H4n. I really love the Zoom H1n, which is this tiny, compact recorder, so I know the quality is there to the point where what
you’re hearing right now is actually being recorded through the Zoom iQ6 into an iPhone. (waterfall noise) So, whether using it for narration, or for voiceover like this, if you’re a filmmaker it is perfect to capture sound on the go, or if you’re a musician, not only is it gonna
sound great on your voice, it’s gonna work really
well with acoustic guitar, so it’s a really awesome way to improve your audio quality without spending a ton of money. From there, this guy, the Bang and Olufsen A1 Bluetooth speaker, something I’ve actually
used in countless videos and top down shots and I’ve gotten comments saying, please cover that speaker, but I never have until now. This is definitely on the pricier side, which I think is a huge reason
why I haven’t showcased it. There are so many great
Bluetooth speakers out there that cost less than this, but with that said, I’ve really enjoyed this, and not only does it look awesome, it sounds fantastic. Going back to the juice pack access. This speaker also charges through USB-C, so its the small things
that are a nice touch, and end up being one less
thing to think about. The speaker itself, I wouldn’t say is super, super small, but it’s definitely compact to the point where I take
this with me all the time, throw it in my backpack, and the sound quality doesn’t make sense for the size of the speaker. My favorite thing about this, is that it’s not just loud, it’s really well balanced. There’s a ton of bass, but also a ton of clarity, which allows you to make out small details and nuances, and overall
makes it a complete package. Aside from that though, those are my go to gadgets that make me enjoy my iPhone even more. Hopefully, you guys enjoyed the video. If you did and you’re
feeling like being awesome, make sure you guys smash that like button. Again, everything talked
about is listed down below. This is Jonathan and I
will catch you guys later.

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