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Telephone Basics : How to Read the Numbers on a Phone

Telephone Basics : How to Read the Numbers on a Phone

How to read the numbers on the telephone.
It’s something that you’ve got to know. For example, if you’re in a dark room, or if your
lights go out and you need to see the phone numbers, it’s good to know how to dial, without
having light on the phone numbers. It’s really quite simple. The numbers start consecutively
from the left hand side of the phone. Number 1 is on the left, two, three, then the next
row, four, five, six, seven eight nine, and the bottom one is 0, all by itself, so if
you can find the 1, you should be able to find the 0 pretty easily, by just dipping
a little stretch there of the fingers, and the letters correspond with the numbers. 1
and 0 don’t have any letters, so number 2, will start your A-B- C, then you have D-E-F
after, and then consecutively again. Number 7 and 9, have got 4 letters, so once you get
the hang of it, it’s really quite easy to dial the telephone. 1 is first, 0 is last,
the numbers in the middle are consecutive. This is Kathy Pabst Robshaw, Telephone Effectiveness.

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  1. Until I found this video, I regularly was unable to make phone calls in the dark. Now I am able to order pizza at any time of night.

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