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Telephone Basics : How to Transfer Phone Calls

Telephone Basics : How to Transfer Phone Calls

How to transfer phone calls is very often
a business application. You need to make sure that your company can provide that service
before you even think about transferring a phone call. My name is Kathy Pabst Robshaw,
total telephone effectiveness. To transfer a phone call the first ingredient is the company
has got to provide that service and the phone has to be capable to transfer the call as
well. It’s done by simply hitting a button, a call comes into you, put the caller – say
it’s not for you, it’s for Jim, put the caller on hold, then hit the transfer button, the
call will then get transferred to Jim by dialing his telephone number and you say Jim, I have
a call for you, and you hang up and the call goes through. So this is something that has
to be done intentionally. You can transfer internally in an office, you can transfer
to a cell phone, to a home phone, providing you obviously do have the number to transfer
to. Call forwarding is slightly different, it’s an automatic process. With call forwarding
you actually pre-program your phone to transfer that call the minute in for you to that assigned
number. There’s a slight difference. Transferring is touching and doing and transferring, and
automatic is call forwarding. Just remember to check that you’ve got that feature, that
you can transfer a phone call before you even think about doing it. Kathy Pabst Robshaw,
telephone effectiveness.

3 thoughts on “Telephone Basics : How to Transfer Phone Calls”

  1. Thank you for your video! I just started to work the reception area, and the person who trained me just said "push the extension, while the person is on the other line." Which was not how it works, as I'm punching numbers and the person on the other line is saying "hello." Once again thank you, and I'm going to try this 🙂

  2. LOL 5,752 idiots plus 1 which is me logged in here by curiousity 🙂 How douche is that? Phone basic. Just fucking use the damn thing or simply answer it when it's ringing – you will know when it's ringing jack ass – it's like a vibrating dildo playing music at the same time 🙂

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