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Telephone Basics : How to Use Call Forwarding on Your Home Phone

Telephone Basics : How to Use Call Forwarding on Your Home Phone

The days of waiting for a phone call are long
gone. Now you can set your phone to forward to a different telephone number. It’s called
“call forwarding”. Make sure that your phone service does provide that feature and that
your telephone has got that feature in it as well. It’s really easy to do, you can forward
a call from your home phone to your cell, to your office, to your neighbor, all you
need to do is make sure you’ve got the number that your phone company has allocated to you.
In my case it’s 73. I hit *73, here a message, it tells me what to do. Generally, I would
put in the number that the call is meant to be forwarded to, and then automatically it
happens, I don’t think about it. Hang up, walk away, it happens. The easiest thing to
do is just make sure that you keep track of the number that you’ve used so that you can
undo it. Because when you come home you want to get the calls back to your phone you hit
another number and in my case, *73. Listen and it will undo that call forwarding. Each
phone company will have a different sequence of numbers. So make sure you check that before
you start, take advantage of that facility. But call forwarding is a really, really great
tool for home or for business. Kathy Pabst Robshaw telephone effectiveness.

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  1. its a very good information to any body since some phone companys dont gave in the information on a phone a
    utomated options

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