Telephone Business Etiquette & Software : Telephone Etiquette for Business Receptionist

Have you ever heard it said that you don’t
get a second chance to make a first impression? Over the phone, the same rules apply. My name
is Kathy Pabst Robshaw, total telephone effectiveness. What you say in your business when someone
calls you, the receptionist or whoever answers the phone is super important, that does give
the impression of your company. Call your company frequently is a little tip I might
give you, call at odd hours, use a different phone number to check how it’s being answered,
how do they sound, do they sound strong, confident, clear. They must sound clear. People should
know that when you’re a caller, that the caller doesn’t hear the first five words of what’s
spoken. So if when someone calls your company and they – out comes the company name, it’s
probably the case that the caller hasn’t really heard that. They’ve listened to it, heard
it, but it didn’t register. The process is very simple. Dial the telephone, you have
to make the connection. I dial the phone, I now have to have speak. They don’t know
they have to listen. This is an hour long lecture I tend to give, I’m going to try to
cut it down and summarize a little bit for you. They don’t hear the first five words.
Say good morning, say the company, then say your name. Drop the phrase how can I help
you, that’s kind of not used anymore and it makes that too long in that answering of the
telephone call, so good morning, good afternoon, company name, then your name, say it confidently,
say it strong, then that person calling you will fill the space and use your name. That’s
how you should be answering your telephone. That creates the right impression. Kathy Pabst
Robshaw, total telephone effectiveness.

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