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Telephone Conversations crystal clear! PART 2-english video

Telephone Conversations crystal clear! PART 2-english video

Hello everyone I am Dori I am a teacher of English and today’s video is the part 2 of a previous video which was called telephone conversations Part 1. So, if you haven’t checked this out yet maybe you want to check it out here, over here in this link. So, in part 1 I gave you information of how you can ask some common phrases and questions when you talk on the phone, when you make the call but what about the common phrases and questions you’re likely to hear from the
other person at the end of the line. This is what Part 2 is all about Plus an example, a telephone conversation example made for you! Ok, first of all, when you make the call in a company because
usually because you would like some more information about something the most common phrase you’re likely to
hear is… for example, “Hello! This is Jane speaking. How may I be of help?” The phrase,the common phrase “how may I be of help?” is actually a very polite and
formal way to ask: “how can I help you?” If you ask to be connected with an extension number or with another person, then you will
probably hear either “Just a moment please, your call is connecting…” or “Please hold! I’ll transfer you.” or “Please hold while your call is transferred”. Also you may hear “Your line is busy” if your line is not
available at the moment of your call. In this case, they may ask you
“would you like to leave a message?” Now, if you’re going to leave a message with your name and number make sure that you know how to spell your name in English because they may ask you to spell your name letter by letter in English So, be prepared which means that you have to know how your name is spelled in English and you have to be familiar with the English alphabet. Ok, that’s pretty much it. Now,
here’s a role play that it’s made for you as an example Mind you, it is just an example out of millions As I told you in part 1 you can use all these common phrases and questions and you can change
them according to your own specific situation each time. Now, for this role play that you can practice at your home I brought my friend Johnny to help us. Ok,
everyone this is Johnny He’s one of my best friends for many
years now and he’s going to help us today to do the role play I have to tell you
that johnny is not a native speaker of English, he’s Greek, so you can totally relate with him! okay now we’re going to pretend that Johnny is Peter Robinson and he is going to call the “Olive Tree” restaurant
to make a reservation for tonight.Ok, let’s begin! Ok, that’s it for today I hope you enjoyed it and that it helped you a little bit more. You can ask me your questions here in the comment section or in FB, T, and G+, I’ve added all three links down below. Thank you very much for watching
Take care, bye-bye!

18 thoughts on “Telephone Conversations crystal clear! PART 2-english video”

  1. Hi teacher Dori, What a wonderful video, you did a good job, it's concrete, clean and made your demonstration very close to reality.
    I intend to learn by heart all the sentences used in this sequence, and really hope to see other daily life conversations like shopping, booking a fly, introducing ourselves and so on..
    I wish to see more of your videos Dori, even I know that it's pretty hard to prepare and stream them.
    Well done, and thank you very much Teacher Dori for helping us learning english.

  2. tanks alot teacher dori but i have got bit of problem with ilets reading and writing  could you help me please i have no idea how can i get that please could you recomnand me 

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