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TELEPHONE ENGLISH | How To Sound Professional On The Phone | Business English Lesson

TELEPHONE ENGLISH | How To Sound Professional On The Phone | Business English Lesson

Hello everyone and welcome to English like a native with me, Anna English In today’s lesson we’re going to be learning all about… Excuse me, sorry Hello That’s right, we’re doing a lesson all about Telephone English Talking on the phone can be very stressful, and I’m going to let you into a little secret I used to have a fear of answering the phone and even now I get very nervous when I have to speak to someone on the telephone And it’s made even worse when English is not your first language The reason they’re talking on the telephone is so stressful is because you’re removing important communication elements such as body language and lip-reading All you have to rely on is your ear and your voice But in many jobs talking on the phone is a necessity and you require those skills So, let’s talk about telephone business English And if after this video you feel you need a more comprehensive guide than I do have an ebook available on my website as well and that is available via the link in the description box below So firstly let’s look at answering the phone You cannot simply in a work environment answer the phone by saying hello Because the person on the other end will think that perhaps they’ve dialed the wrong number So there are a few different ways in which you might answer the phone in a work environment But here are a few options. You could answer simply by saying the company name Jitterbug Limited Or you could answer by saying the company name and then your own name Hello, jitterbug limited, Anna’s speaking Or you could answer by saying the company name, your own name and then how may I help you Hello, jitterbug limited, Anna’s speaking how may I help? If you’re the person making the call then always start off by saying hello And then it’s always good to introduce yourself now you can choose whether you want to just introduce your name or you could and it’s probably better to introduce your name and where you are calling from? Whether you are a customer, or if you’re calling from another company It’s always good to let them know who they’re dealing with in the very early stages And always try to be clear and precise when giving this information But don’t be surprised if you’re asked to repeat this information later in the call So here are some examples Hello, this is Anna. I’m just calling because… Hello, this is Anna speaking. I’m just calling because… Hello, this is Anna speaking calling from the post office. I’m just calling because… Some people feel it is more professional to introduce yourself with your full name However this is a little old-fashioned But it does depend on the industry in which you work for example if you work for a law firm then that definitely needs a more formal approach So in a law firm you would use your full name. However in a trendy up-to-date design company then it would be a little bit old-fashioned to be using your full name on the phone I’m much better to go for the friendly approach of just saying hello, my name’s Anna If I’m making the call and there’s someone I specifically want to speak to or there’s a certain Department I want to be put through to Then I’m going to first speak to the receptionist and ask them to connect me to the right person Some of the phrases I might use are Hello, could I speak to Mr. X please Hello, is it Mr. X in today? Oh Hello, can you put me through to Mr. X please? Hello, can I have extension 123 please? Oh. If you’ve been given a special extension number to reach a certain person then you’ll either be asked to dial the extension number in or you’ll be asked by a receptionist what extension you want and then you just quote the extension number for them to put you through Thank you But if you don’t know exactly who it is you need to speak to You just know you need to speak to the marketing manager or the editor or somebody in the finance department for example, then you’d simply say May I speak to someone in the finance department, please? Can you put me through to the finance department, please? Hello is it possible to speak to the finance manager, please? If the person you want to speak to is not available Then you will probably be given the option to leave a message Now the information that you’ll be expected to leave in a message is as follows Your name, the company you’re calling from, a brief description as to why you’re calling A call to action. So tell them that you would like them to call you back or Let them know that you will be calling this afternoon and they should expect your call or ask them to drop you an email perhaps And then finally a contact telephone number or email address This is really important. If they don’t know how to contact you then they won’t be able to get back in touch with you Hello, it’s Anna here from English like a native. I just wanted to confirm What time you’d like your lesson tomorrow? If you could drop me an email to confirm what time is suitable for you then that would be fantastic My email address is [email protected] Alright, I will look forward to hearing from you. Bye Whether you are making the call or receiving the call, if you have any trouble understanding what the other person is saying Then don’t panic. You could say one of the following lines I’m sorry could you repeat that please? Would you mind spelling that out for me? Would you mind speaking slowly for me, please? I’m afraid. This is a very bad line. Could you speak up? Now I’m going to give you eight of the most common telephone phrasal verbs Number one hold on If you’re being asked to hold on then it means wait for a moment, don’t do anything Don’t end the call don’t go away from the phone. Just wait, hold on Number two hang on Hang on is exactly the same as hold on. It’s just slightly less formal. Hang on a second Number three Put through. To be put through or to put somebody through means that you are going to connect to the call Hang on a moment. I’ll put you through Number four Get through. If you get through it means you have been successfully connected If you can’t get through it means you’ve tried to call but you can’t connect with anyone Perhaps nobody is answering the phone or perhaps the phone line is busy I just can’t get through Number five hang up If you hang up then you end the call so I could say He just hung up on me I can’t believe it or I might say wait don’t hang up. I think he’s just walked in the office now. I’ll put you through Number six Call back If you call someone back, It means that you are returning their call so you might ask for a call back Hello. Could you call me back in five minutes? I’m very busy right now Number seven. Pick up To pick up means to answer the call. So if the phone is ringing. I might say to you. Could you pick that up? Could you pick up the phone? Did you pick up the call? And finally number eight get off If you get off then you get off the call, you get off the phone, you end the conversation So I must get off the phone. I’m so sorry. I’ve got to get off now. Bye And on that note I too must get off but before I leave, don’t forget to give this video a thumb up if you enjoyed it If you do want a more comprehensive guide to business telephone English then do remember There’s a link to the e-book down in the description box below along with lots of other fantastic links including my social media links So come and follow me on Instagram on Facebook on Twitter if you so desire Otherwise, don’t forget to subscribe Have a wonderful day, take care and goodbye

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  1. Can I get your facebook id or whatsapp number or something like that ma'am??if possible… I really want to talk to you.. Can you please help me to improve my English fluency??? Pls pls plsssss ma'am… 😩😞😞

  2. Labas gražuolė.Esi aukso kalnas matau kad tu gali mane išmokti.Ačiu tau.😘💟💟💟👍🌹🌹🌹💞☺

  3. – Administrative Office. Can I help you?
    – Hello, yes. My name is Tomás, and I am calling from the eighteenth studio, located at 32 street between 45 and 46. I was expecting to speak to someone within Cultural Businesses. Is it possible to get an appointment or contact to get through them?
    – Yes, sir. Please tell me a little about your business inquiry so that I can know what the best option would be for you.
    – Very well. I am interested in presenting my students and staff on the city's anniversary day, during the concerts. I understand they are open to local bands, so I was hoping I could bring our musicians and artists to the exposition.
    – Very good! I shall put you through the general secretary of Culture Office if you would be kind enough to give me your name?
    – Tomás. Tomás Dewey.
    – Excellent. Hang on a moment, please.
    – Of course. Thank you.

    – I am sorry, sir. I can get through to anyone. I cannot assure you when I will be able to connect to the Office.
    – Oh, I understand. Don't worry. Could I call back a little later?
    – Of course! Alternatively, if you'd like to, you can leave me your number or an e-mail address so that they can reach you from Culture Office themselves. I can inform them about the subject as you have described it and leave the instructions to call you back.
    – Excellent! That would be fantastic! Please do me that favor, if it is not too much trouble.
    – Of course not, sir. I am right on it.
    – Great. Thank you very much, Miss!
    – No problem! Have a good day!
    – Thank you! You too! Goodbye!

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    in+ clothes = wearing
    with + clothes = having
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  10. Anna, you're such a brilliant teacher! Your English video-lessons are super useful! Not mentioning how astonishingly beautiful you are… 🙂

  11. If you are right -handed it is good practice to answer the phone with your left hand, that leaves your right hand free to write things down.

  12. A very useful video for me. Never been at ease when speaking on the phone but now with these few tips I feel ready.

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