Telephone Interpreting Services | Wolfestone

Welcome to our UK-exclusive
interpreting technology. Here, you can connect to an interpreter
in over 200 languages within a minute. It’s simple to set up from
any desktop or mobile device, you can access it 24/7, and there is no minimum usage required. Use it whenever you like. You will only be charged for the time
you’re connected to an interpreter. Firstly, your account manager
will send an email that looks a little like this… Click the link to start your journey
of instant communication in over 200 languages. You will be asked to enter a password
and sign in. You will need to complete your profile. Thankfully, it’s all nice and simple. When you’re ready,
click through to the next part… and that’s the final part! You are now ready to use
our interpreting software. All you need to do is select your languages… and there are plenty of choices. From the most popular language
in the world, Mandarin, to Mbay, Mende and Matu, Wolfestone has you covered. Do it on your computer,
mobile phone or your tablet. You can even customise the dashboard
to suit your needs. Click call and start exploring. It’s that easy.

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