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Telephone – Making a Super Villain

Telephone – Making a Super Villain

*In a robotic voice* My kind has been stranded here for years Our only goal is to return home Please help us build a shuttle So we may journey home Please Why do you just stare? We’ve tried begging Working Dancing But you all just stare HELP! Help Me I just want to go home ;( Did I do something wrong? Did I insult you? What did I do to deserve this utter indifference to my kind’s suffering? *Piano Music Intensifies* I understand now You won’t listen to a sob story The only thing you’ll listen to Is a villain! So I’ll become that villain For the sake of my people And when you beg for forgiveness… I’ll just stare and laugh Like you did to me! *Filthy Frank* Shut the fuck up nobody cares about your robot fan-fiction Know your fucking place… TRASH!

100 thoughts on “Telephone – Making a Super Villain”

  1. You are the best in the world You are a legend so you have to be on the news and you now how to deal with suff so you are a legend:3

  2. It looks dead inside those dance moves were hot though they don't it doesn't look dead to me but those dance moves them teach me please I don't care if you're free I need those dance moves for that Prime my boy

  3. What did you do wrong? What did you do wrong?! Ill tell you what you did wrong! You were to flippin adorable thats what you did wrong telephone! Your too adorable to leave! XD

  4. That’s deep… I’m a Dutch angel dragon and I live on earth and dance and idc if you stare unless your a pervert

  5. Shut the fuck up no one cares about your sad fucking piece of shit of a story >: ' p.s please GO FUCK YOURSELF

  6. Telephones comin….
    When she gets ya…
    You'll be ded…
    She'll kill ye of cuteness!
    chirp chirp

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