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Telephone Scammer On Way To Prison After Calling Former CIA Director | NBC Nightly News

Telephone Scammer On Way To Prison After Calling Former CIA Director | NBC Nightly News

47 thoughts on “Telephone Scammer On Way To Prison After Calling Former CIA Director | NBC Nightly News”

  1. You know you're in the wrong line of work when you try to scam the former head of the CIA.
    This guy should have gone away the second he learned who Webster was. Ah, well. He'll have some leisure time to consider the errors of his ways.

  2. So wait, all the other ppl he's scammed no big deal but now that he's called his guy…only now the FBI takes it seriously?

  3. So what i hear you say is this only happened because he called a person that was a CIA . Ok great new otherwise if he would off called my mom she would off told him to F off 😂😂😂

  4. Busted, I do remember that law enforcement Quoted they cant trap spoofed masked calls. Now here we are saying that they can? Warning to all others but if a high raking privileged person is targeted, all of the sudden they can pull some strings. Its becoming all clear now. Citizens are worth nothing but the dirt we walk on depending who you are. Wow!

  5. Elder Americans must be better informed of these scams. Churches, family, friends, and even their doctors must all do something to make them more aware of these sleaze balls preying on them.

  6. I'm no CIA director but it's not going to take me longer than 10 seconds to know that's a call that I don't want to entertain.

  7. Sad that it took this cia guy to actually track one down … I get calls all the time .. they now try to call from local area code numbers to get a answer vs 1-888 number half people prob think salesman

  8. Kinda wished they went into WHERE the scammer got his data, especially after it was said they ‘usually’ target older Americans. Well WTH are
    they seeing who’s on that list? What is generating their source?

  9. This made my day this is too funny. Oh I'm so glad to see some of these people caught I'm trying to scam and blackmail people. And scaring people like that was terrible

  10. Who cares,papa John's owner,was behind U.K. bench,and they lost to LSU,maybe he should have brought his freinds?do you guys know what rasicm is?now,that's news.

  11. Awwwwwww….how good for them. They had elite access to law enforcement that acted quickly.. The rest of us… Kick rocks.

  12. Love how the FBI can magically find these scammers, arrest them and bring them to justice but when it happens to a regular citizen there is suddenly nothing they can do. 🧐seems legit

  13. Ppl make mistakes , we all do , but we learn , learn from our mistakes but u don't learn until ur taught . Being in someone else's shoe's is hard but seeing them wearing it on them face is wat we all enjoy , be careful all of you who enjoy seeing Mr Thomas go to jail , a turn may await u . Ppl make mistakes , it's a part of life but Thomas killed no man and nth happened to the Webster's , this is sad . He doesn't deserve this

  14. dam i wish my grandmother was a former cia maybe someone would of done some thing with all the scammers calling the house. i called fbi and they told me nothing they could do.

  15. Let me see if I get this right – the guy finds out he's been threatening the former director of the CIA and FBI and he thinks to himself: "Yeah, I'm still gonna fly to the United States later on in the year. What's the worst that could come of it?"

    …Moron, yo.

  16. Until I stop geting calls on the daily I don't see anything changing yesterday was college grants today social security.

  17. So if you scam a government official… they get caught n arrested.. but if yr just an American citizen.. well, to bad there's nothing we can do to help you!

  18. If he scams Joe Doakes do you want to know what the FBI response time is? The FBI will get back to you at the same time as the dinosaurs do. The FBI response is just hang up unless you are one of the Elites, then the agencies will respond.

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