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Tesla mobile repair good news for owners bad news for parts stores like napa.

Tesla mobile repair good news for owners bad news for parts stores like napa.

readings this is great for test a fan
insight my talk today focuses on the Tesla
mobile repair units bodiroga gauge the station optimal slide
by Nancy Cheney haul ma this is greg for tesla fan insight i dunno we try to
bring information on different elements that are affecting current and future
owners of Tesla automobiles and it turns out in many cases the things we cover
also impact what competitors might have to do in the future to be successful my
talk today is focused on the mobile repair units for Tesla because the
entire repair arena has been somewhat of a challenge even when phone email axes
and s’s were being doublet so to date Tesla has primarily been focused on having folks come in primarily to have
repairs done those repairs have been handled and I want to say a high quality
fashion because in many cases the company would simply come with another
car more expensive than your current vehicle leave it in the garage
pick up your current car repair it and do a swap so it was fairly seamless for
customers even if there’s a bit of an inconvenience when it came time for the
repair to even be needed to begin with I think over time test has improved their
quality efforts and they really have to make changes in order to address the
costs related to handling all the model threes and the fact that militaries are
less costly vehicles on hands the margins are tighter so new solution will
have to be arrived at and that solution is a mold repair unit both a large van
size it’s a mercedes-benz Sprinter van as well as a small smaller size
for sort of quick stop’s I actually had a friend of mine who’s an S model owner
who’s had repairs done directly at Tesla he lives in Berkeley California so he’s
having repairs done at the factories that they’re picking up the car he
recently had a repair done by the mobile repair unit in this case he damaged his
rim and blew a tire so that mobile repair unit came out replaced the tire
and fixed the rim and he didn’t tell me what the charge was but he was really
happy with the service Tesla has no choice in the matter about figuring out
how to provide service and I think the fact that they’ve chosen to do these
vans is somewhat creative I believe it’s as somewhat of a mystery as to how the
numbers are working out there is warranty repairs but there’s also
repairs on routine items that one need not ship go to factory floor so in
theory it should be less costly but it does cost money to have those dams out
there and people on them I’m intrigued by this because the high level of
service I’ve seen is typically then at the high end or sadya that say where you
do get a loaner and they take your car back repair it and then return it is
sort of the industry norm sort of have vans moving about getting out instant
repairs I think is very impressive it’s also kind of sidebars how they got here
is that I’m going to talk a few days ago and this is July of 2017 regarding the
fact that places like autozone as well as O’Reilly would see less sales because
cephalonia mh17 parts in engine bay so there weren’t enough parts there to
repair make life good for the repairing into
and so if you have the advance moving about and interesting lead in issues
minor issues like tire replacement and repair etc this really screws up the
business model of many of these companies so to my knowledge Tesla
started out in the Bay Area with the concept near their factory to sort of
test out the idea of fairly quick mobile repairs it turned out to be successful
and now as we head into the rollout of the model 3 they’ll be having 350 of
these vans I guess spread throughout the United
States that spread throughout the world the trends the Tesla has been to sort of
introduce an idea tested out what’s working and then keep increasing the
numbers to address the look the largest market possible in terms of customers
like that might need those services the so I think that I think it’s a good idea
I think it’s a great way to show that you’re really focused on customer
service I wonder if it isn’t then resulted in comparing competing
companies having to consider this because as consumers get this kind of
service I think they’re gonna start to wonder why it is competing firms are not
interested in providing that kind of service so I think it’s great idea Billy
doesn’t bankrupt the company in their increment mentally able to pay for it
because I think it’s a huge boon to customers to have this kind of service additionally I’m also sort of fascinated
by where we go from here with Tesla what I mean by that is that you know Tesla is
systematically closing down the competitive lanes relative to other
organizations so Tesla has decided to sell the rest with no dealers the lack
of a dealer network of the number of repair facilities they
have out there and I believe that cutting this mobile repair facility is
terrific I also have like this mobile repair facility because test of having
supply chain problems meaning that there’s a real issue right now with
parts of them all xmls and I’m confident there will be parts issues when it comes
to the model tree as well because you know there every call that’s being
manufactured they have a vertically integrated situation where they make
most of the parts that they sell so as a result if you crash or have other damage
again I would highly recommend that you consider continuing to drive your car if
that’s possible because it could be a while before major parts likely get
behind it all most parts to come in and as we’ve covered in earlier videos the
test I’ll recently doubled the number of authorized repair shops but the problem
is that those they double the number of repair shops but the number of auto
parts available for those shops has not increased so as a result you have a
whole bunch of people that do have damage waiting extremely long time to
get their vehicles fully repaired and this is unfortunate but it’s a good idea
to sort of know what’s going on with this if you’re a potential owner press
my final note on this issue is that I’m actually impressed because there’s a
concept called the time value of money that consumers have now gotten real
familiar with so the concept is that you know if in fact you have a minor issue
that needs repair and the Tesla vehicle comes to you you now can step out at
lunch at work or stop by home briefly how to repair a done and you’re gone and
so this eliminates the need to take a lot of time off or get to a repair
facility etc etc so I think that you know Tesla is perhaps introducing a new
standard or how auto repairs are done and I think
that incrementer they’re chipping away at the anticipated issues that competing
companies might think about once they enter the market you know the the last
note here might be the fact that you know the few moving parts of the Tesla
has and the ability to do the mobile repairs and bring back to the service
center from there I think this also helps that whole discussion of the fact
that there are certain main states that Tesla is not allowed to sell in and in
this issue the United States but it also addresses if I could to not to build
brick and mortar and build as many stores into which you have to take your
vehicle to have it repaired so lower things to say I think in general great
idea to have more of these service vehicles out there to come hopefully
doesn’t bankrupt the company but I think it’s a very customer friendly thing to
do and the reviews I have some customers that have been exposed to these repair
folks and that’s been quite positive I’m also thinking that if if the service has
identified things that require Tesla parts there I think more tied into the
supply chain for parts than those folks who are at the Auto authorizer /
facility so if you’re in a situation where the parts haven’t come in I think
you may want to invent maybe a small repair issue within your vehicle and
when a guy shows up he has an ability to reach into the parts lane that Tesla
offers that’s way better than someone’s an outsider in an external repair shop
so I think that you know I have to give kudos to the folks at Ashkelon
our efforts regarding customer service in this regard look forward to our next
opportunity to visit this is great for Tesla fan insight look forward to your
comments and suggestions juice much loot over $2 please like and subscribe and if
you watch an attitude it really helps us to cover costs related to just better
equipment and doing a better job have a great day thanks but

4 thoughts on “Tesla mobile repair good news for owners bad news for parts stores like napa.”

  1. As a subscriber and supporter I really enjoy your subjects. I equally do not enjoy your videos. Looking at the same face close up for an entire video is ridiculous. Check others who show videos of their surroundings or pertinent info that add something. Frankly, I listen to your videos but do or look at something else.

  2. I have no problem looking to yourself, no problem at all. The information is good and interesting. I like that you now use a tripod and a better sound without so many background noises. Good job.

  3. Your insights into Tesla's world are really fantastic, but your voice is so soothing, that I keep falling asleep.

  4. How much can these trucks repair? Seems to me this is a "get you going so you can get to the service center" type of model. Tire changes & quick battery charges are about the only thing you want to be doing on the side of the road or a parking lot. Anything bigger is going to get a lot more involved really quick. It'll be interesting to see to what extent these repair trucks will function.

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