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Testing the WEIRDEST 5 Minute Crafts Clothing Hacks

Testing the WEIRDEST 5 Minute Crafts Clothing Hacks

– So there is a channel here on YouTube, in my homeland of YouTube,
called 5-Minute Crafts. The name sounds pretty simple, right? Maybe some fun little DIY
projects, but nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope. This channel is the content
farm of all content farms. They put out the weirdest,
most impractical videos with the craziest thumbnails,
but it’s one of those things where you see this ridiculous thumbnail and you know, in your heart of
hearts, that it’s click bait, and it’s never in a million
years actually gonna work. But somehow, you just can’t
fight that urge to click. You have to know what
the heck is going on, and then ya click, and then it’s weird. (lively music) For instance, there is
this video on their channel called 36 Fashion Clothing
Hacks You Need To Try, in which, one of the hacks,
is that you take a dead fish, you paint the dead fish
black and then you use it as a stamp to make a shirt with a stamp of a dead fish on it. In what world would anyone ever do this? What is the purpose of this? Where did you get the dead fish? And then like, what, you
can’t wash the shirt, ’cause now it just has
paint on it and they didn’t say to use fabric paint or anything. And then, I’m sure the shirt
kind of smells like dead fish, so then you’re just walking
around with this dead fish shirt and if someone did like
the shirt, they’d be like, “Hey cool shirt, where’d you get it?” You’d be like, “Oh yeah,
I painted a dead fish “and then stamped it onto my shirt.” That’s weird, that’s weird,
that’s not practical. Or this one called 38
Genius Girls’ Secrets, in which the life hack is that,
if you ever get kidnapped, you could take out the
underwire from your bra and use it to cut off your ties. I don’t know how that
is a genius girl hack. And also, it’s a little bit
concerning that they think that that many women are getting kidnapped that they need to show them how to use the underwire of their bra. I mean, I guess if I ever get kidnapped, now I know how to do that. So point being, weird videos,
completely impractical hacks, and they have so many videos like this of clothing hacks, and fashion hacks, and we’re gonna put them
to the test in this video. I’ve seen a few other
YouTubers do videos like this where they test things
from 5-Minute Crafts like Jarvis Johnson, LaurDIY. Jenna Marbles made that
terrifying jean leg chair. So their videos totally
inspired me to make this one. I will like their original
videos in the description, but like I said, I’m just gonna be trying the clothing and fashion ones. Make sure that you subscribe
to my channel, join the family. I make new videos every
Tuesday and Friday, and I would love to have you here. Now, let’s get into these crafts. Okay, so here is the first
one that Skylar and I chose. We watched so much 5-Minute
Crafts to chose these. It’s so crazy! Okay, so the first one
that we’re gonna be doing is we’re gonna DIY some Curvy
Crew merch using this hack. Okay, so you take a
circle, a wooden circle, and some hosiery and then
another wooden circle, and then you connect them
and then you tighten it. And then, you cut around,
what are these wooden circles? – They’re embroidery hoops.
– Oh, okay. And then you’re gonna trace
your design with a pen. I mean, that looks pretty
cool, and then you’re gonna, oh gosh, then you’re
gonna take some Mod Podge and just leave the image untouched. What? So you color around everything, huh? And then you put your little
thing there and some paint, some fabric paint and you
use a piece of cardboard to kind of scrape it. And then, boom, there’s your design. All right, so that’s what
we’re gonna be doing. We printed out the
exact design that we use for my Curvy Crew merch. So this right here is our stencil. This is gonna be what
the design is supposed to look like at the end. So, we have our embroidery
hoops, pantyhose, paintbrushes, orange
paint, Mod Podge, t-shirt. Let’s do this! Okay, so this is the ring I want and then, what part of the pantyhose
did they take out? Is it like the top part? That’s the other thing
about these 5-Minute Crafts videos is that they make
them such quick compilations, they don’t actually give you instructions on how to do any of this. My apologies to my editor, Rachel, having to deal with 20 minutes of footage of me just cutting pantyhose. (lively music) There we go, okay, that seems about right. So next step, this is not big
enough for the whole thing. So I’m really gonna have to stretch it. Okay, hopefully it’ll still work. (lively music) This is so ridiculous. Do I have it? Hey Skylar, can I borrow
one of your hands? They make this look so easy. – There you go!
– Yay, we did it! We’re cutting off the excess, easy enough. I don’t wanna cut it too close, ’cause I’m a little bit worried that it’s gonna fall out of the hoop. If you don’t wanna go
through this painstakingly long process, you can
get your Curvy Crew shirt at the link in the
description, Okay, there we have it. That actually looks pretty similar to the 5-Minute Crafts video. Then I take my little design. Wow, pantyhose, not meant to be traced on. This looks terrible and I’ve
only done two little marks. See, they make it look
like you just take the pen and just draw, but you really
have to do little tiny marks because the pantyhose
aren’t pulled taut enough that they just stay in the
same place, like they move. Also, if you move it the slightest bit, it messes everything up and
you have to line it up again. So I’m trying to be very
careful and not move my hand. But the pantyhose move every
time you scribble on it. So it’s like impossible to
keep it in the exact same spot. You know what, the flower’s
actually a little bit easier to do, I think, because
it’s smaller and it’s finer. I don’t have to draw
over it a million times. Okay, so I think what I’m
learning is if you do a smaller, more fine tip design, it’s a lot easier. When you’re doing something thicker, like I am with the Curvy Crew, that’s what takes forever
and that’s what’s hard to make it look good,
because you have to trace over the same spots a million times. That actually doesn’t look that bad, huh. I mean, it looks bad, but it’s kind of like a
cursivey, scribble thought. I thought it was gonna be
illegible, but that’s not bad. On to the next step. I have it inside this little cardboard box so that I don’t get Mod Podge everywhere, even though I’m gonna get
Mod Podge everywhere anyway. How am I ever gonna get this Mod Podge within the crevices of this seat? I’m just gonna have to
kind of dab it like that. Okay, I think this is about
as good as I’m gonna get it. I didn’t fill in all the little blanks because there’s just no way. This is pretty dang close. We’re gonna set this aside to
dry and come back to it in, I don’t know, however long
it takes Mod Podge to dry. (laughing)
(clock ticking) While I worked on some of the other DIYs, Skylar actually went in
with a fine pointed brush and got every little spot, so
we actually did do it right, despite my attempts to
abandon this project. I have a piece of
cardboard inside the shirt, like they showed. I have my little spot
that I want the design on marked out and then
I put it down this way. So I take the fabric
paint and then I just, oh gosh, why does it have
to be with cardboard? Why can’t I just use a brush? (laughing) Paint is on, now what? Oh, I just lift it up and
it’s supposed to be imprinted. (lively music) Okay, we ready? Da da da da da. Oh, you can kinda read it.
– Yeah. – Okay.
– It’s not awful. – It’s bad, but…
– But not awful. – And there it is. It gets the idea of my merch. Not very easy to read but honestly, it turned out better than I expected. I fully expected to take
that little stencil off and just have a glob
of paint on the shirt. I’m gonna give this some time
to dry and then I’ll put it on so we can see the
full finished product. Okay, so, our DIY Curvy Crew
shirt has had time to dry now. Here is the final product. Honestly, it’s better than I expected. I mean, it’s not as
amazing as 5-Minute Crafts makes it look, but it did
kind of work and I feel like if you took extra time to
really get in every little part, I feel like it could
actually be a decent DIY. This is what my original
Curvy Crew shirt looks like, it’s a bit of a difference,
but it kinda work. So this shirt is $25 on my
website, We spent, I think, $35
on all the supplies, so it looks worse and we wasted money. I’m gonna give it, I’ll
give it a three out of 10, because I do think it would’ve
worked a little bit better if we didn’t do any lettering. Actually, maybe not, ’cause
the flower looks like crap. (laughing) This one, we’re gonna take
a bowl, pull in some bleach and take a cookie cutter,
and then you’re gonna do little cut outs of the design, which honestly, I love bleach DIYs. This looks really cool and, I mean, the end product is actually kind of fun. This one, I would say,
if it actually works out, is a legitimate hack and not just some weird click bait thing. Like that would be pretty
cool and it’s pretty simple. We have our bleach right
here, our plain canvas, this night little pink t-shirt, and then, in the video, they did dinosaur stencils. But we thought it would be
fun to get a cookie cutter in the shape of a chihuahua. I have two dogs, Bella and Bruiser. Bruiser is a full chihuahua,
Bella is a chihuahua pug mix. These are my babies. So I think it was perfectly
fitting that we did a chihuahua to make ourselves a little
Bruiser and Bella shirt. Let’s try it. Okay, got my gloves on. I took my kimono off so
I don’t get bleach on it. If I get bleach on my white shirt, it’s just gonna make the white
shirt whiter, so who cares. Let me just pour in some
of this bleach here. That’s probably good enough. Is it weird that I like
the smell of bleach? Then I’m gonna take the shirt,
put a piece of cardboard in. There we go. Got my stencil and I mean,
all the video literally does, is put it in, and stamp. Again, with 5-Minute Crafts
not giving a lot of details, it doesn’t say how long to hold it on. It looks like they just hold
it for a couple of seconds, so that definitely did
not do a full outline. I’m gonna press more, is that gonna help. That also does not look great. (laughing) I really wanted this one to work. I was so optimistic about this one. I’m just gonna hold it for 30 seconds. See if that gets the stencil
to go all the way in. Okay, the stencil went all
the way around that time, but it’s thicker in some areas and not as thick in the others. I think pressing and holding is the key, but it doesn’t look like that’s
what they do in the video. Oh my god, I’m pressing too
hard, I’m shaking the bleach. That’s terrifying. So I did four stencils. Some of them stuck better than others, but we’re just gonna let it dry and then see what it looks like. (laughing) Okay, so the bleach did not
work on this pink shirt, like at all. There’s no outline, it just
kinda smells like bleach. But I thought, I thought
that was because it was a light colored shirt and I was like, oh, well maybe I just needed
to do a black shirt, like the girl in the video did. So I grabbed a black
shirt out of my closet, did the bleach thing, and
literally, there’s nothing there. Is there some secret step
that they just didn’t show us, ’cause I’ve done so many bleach projects and they’ve always been fine. Is it just that there’s not enough bleach on the cookie cutter
that it doesn’t show up? Because it should have at least showed up on the black shirt. This makes no sense. The great bleach mystery,
but this one did not work. And I’m a little frustrated ’cause I had high hopes for this. Zero out of 10. This one, oh, you’ve got
your cute dress and then, oh, you’re on the phone. Oh no, look at the back at the bra. Terrible. Why is she surprised? Did she not put on this
bra in the morning? Why is she surprised
that you can see the bra? Okay, so the hack is, you
take an old stretched out bra, you cut out the sides, and
then, you just put it inside your backless dress with some glue and you glue it into your dress, which, apparently, in this
video, it works perfectly. She’s got all the
support, she feels great. She’s ready to strut her
stuff and not be surprised that the back of her bra’s showing. But here’s my question. Most of the support from
a bra comes from the band in the back, so when you cut that out, is this actually a
useful hack because a lot of the dresses I have,
have built-in bras in them, but that doesn’t mean it’s supportive. It just means it’s gonna cover
up your nips from showing, so I guess, if that’s the hack,
but if they’re trying to say that you’re gonna get as much support, I’m very, very skeptical. I didn’t wanna ruin one of my
bras and one of my dresses, so we ordered this strapless bra on Amazon and a nice backless dress
and some fabric glue. Let’s put it to the test. Okay, so first thing, we have to cut off the entire side of this bra. It looks like she cuts it right
at the second wire, I think. Not the underwire, but the side wire. So that is where I’m going to cut mine. Take off these straps; we
won’t be needing these. (lively music) Okay, bra; good to go on that. Then I’m gonna take this
backless dress and I guess I’m just supposed to
glue it in to the front, but that’s an issue. This dress is stretchy, so as is, it doesn’t, it’s smaller than
the bra, it has to stretch. So I guess I’ll just
have to glue the sides and then hope that when it stretches, that the bra doesn’t get messed up. Okay, I’m just gonna put
the glue here on the end, attach that there. Okay, so do you see what I mean? I’m gonna have to attach the
other side of the bra here, which means the bra’s gonna
be positioned like this, and then when the top
stretches, hopefully, the bra will lay normal, but I’m pretty sure it’s not gonna work. Putting some glue on this side. All right, so here is
our finished product. I’m gonna let the fabric glue dry and then we will try on the dress. Okay, but this kind of works. I was so skeptical and it’s
definitely not perfect. There are parts of this that aren’t great, but it kind of low key works. So the bra is kind of
like smushed up in here because it didn’t have
the full space to expand and stretch out, so it’s
like a little bit gathered, but the fabric glue didn’t
come off on the sides. I’m fully backless, strapless in the back, nothing is showing. And it doesn’t really give any support, but it gives shape. And this dress is a
halter; it has these thin, little straps right here, so I
do have some support already. With a true strapless dress,
it might be more of an issue, but I would actually, maybe do this. I feel a lot more comfortable than I would with just no bra, just like boobs out. I think it works. I did not expect this
to happen. (laughing) This is the only 5-Minute Craft that is actually a 5-Minute craft. It took 5-Minutes, it worked, and it was an easy little craft. 5-Minute Crafts, okay, I see you on this one, pretty good. I guess I would give this one, I’m gonna give it like a seven out of 10. It works, it just, the bra
kind of smushes together and it doesn’t give a
ton of extra support. Okay, maybe I take back
that, what did I give it, seven out of 10, eight out of 10. As I was taking the dress off, the bra just completely fell out. So this next hack we’re gonna do might be the most absurd of them all. Let’s just watch. I’m not even gonna commentate on this one, because it’s just, it’s
a work of art on its own. (lively music) Oh no! I like that she rubs it
in, too, as it spills. You have a marker in your pocket and now, you just trace those coffee stains, right. The Bahamas, and now, you have a beautiful travel
shirt from your coffee stain. That is absurd. So maybe I’ll just have to stand outside and you can just dump tea on me. – [Skylar] Oh, we’re
gonna spill it all over. – All right, I’d rather
not get my hair messed up, but if it happens, it happens. Hit me.
– Are you ready? – I’m ready. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh,
oh my gosh, oh my gosh. – [Skylar] (laughing) I’ve
never been so nervous. (laughing) Okay, ready? – You get one shot. We only have so much tea left. – One, two, three.
– Spillin’ tea. (laughing) Spillin’ tea. Okay, so I was gonna go
inside and look in the mirror while I did this, but in the video, the girl just does it looking down. So I guess that’s what
I’m gonna have to do. All right.
– Is your bathing suit gonna be fine?
– It’s black. – Okay.
– Obviously, the actual tea that got spilled or the
coffee that got spilled isn’t the imprint on the shirt. They very strategically
placed the coffee spills. So did they just have someone put coffee on the shirt in the exact
way that they wanted? If you know any countries
that look like this, please let me know. Are you from this country? Let’s name it. It’s Schultzytopia. No, uh, Schultzkitstan. Um, Skylar, what should we call it? – [Skylar] Just like Messypersonsville. Like what–
– Oh, that’s where I’m from. Ta da! I have no idea. This is not a country anywhere. You know what, I’m gonna
name it Clutzville. That’s what we’re gonna. How did, okay. (lively music) Ta da!
– Beautiful. – What would you give this DIY out of 10? – Honestly, 20.
– 20, 30, 4,000, best DIY ever! So the next hack is another
crazy, ridiculous one. All right, so there’s this
girl, she’s a at party, guy’s checkin’ her out. Oh, pants, no thank you. So what’s she gonna do? She’s gonna take her pants, she’s gonna roll ’em
right on up, tuck ’em in, put on a belt, and now she’s
got some cute little shorts. Oh, the guy looks. All right, shorts, checks
out, cheers, cheers matey. That is the dumbest thing I might’ve ever seen on the internet. Would you agree? – [Skylar] I do love that he (mumbles). – So you know what, you
guys know I’m married, but my husband can’t see me in pants. It’s just, that’s gonna ruin
our marriage if I wear pants. But I have this nice pair
of pants here and this belt. Whatever am I gonna do? If I don’t wanna get a
divorce, I can’t wear pants! (lively music) (dramatic music) I think this might be the worst hack that 5-Minute Crafts
has ever come up with. I think it’s worse than the
Bahamas tee spill shirt. First of all, it doesn’t work. I look like I’m wearing a diaper. Second of all, even if it did work, ya know, the whole skit
around it is so weird. Why does this guy have
such a problem with pants? I wanna know his back story. 5-Minute Crafts should give
us a whole feature film on the guy who hates pants. Why does he hate pants? Did he have some sort of
traumatic experience with pants? I would like to know
because this makes no sense. (laughing) Everything about
this hack is so weird, but I kind of love it. Just ’cause it’s so weird. Thank you guys for watching
this hot mess of a video that I had so much freakin’
fun with, oh my gosh. If you enjoyed this video
and you wanna see me test more life hacks and crafts and stuff, make sure to give this video a thumbs up and let me know down in the comments. And make sure to check out my podcast. I will have a link to my
podcast in the description. We post new videos there every Monday. Or you can find the audio version on any of the podcast platforms, so make sure to check it out
and subscribe to this channel. We are on the long road
to one million subscribers and I would love to get there
by the end of this year. That would seriously be a dream come true, so please, subscribe. Let’s make it happen. Be confident, love your body, and I will see you guys next time. Bye! (lively music)

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