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Text Message Marketing – What is a Wireless Carrier Lookup?

Text Message Marketing – What is a Wireless Carrier Lookup?

I’m Derek Johnson with and I’m
answering the question, what is a wireless carrier lookup? So, in text message marketing, when a software
provider sends a text message on behalf of a brand, we have to know what wireless carrier
we’re sending that text message to. To do that, we have to do what is called a
wireless carrier lookup. This usually is only done once for a mobile
phone number because then it’s stored in a software provider’s platform. But we have to do that lookup first. When we do that lookup first as a software
provider, we then get back a number, which is a code, which we then reference which carrier
that phone number belongs to. Because when we send a text message, on behalf
of a brand, to a specific consumer, we have to along with the phone number, the message
we wanna send, we have to include the carrier ID. And the only way to get the carrier ID is
to perform a wireless carrier lookup. Now, we also get the carrier ID when someone
text in to our system. So if you text the word ”help” or ”join”
to a short code that we host, when the word and the phone number come into the system,
it actually includes the carrier ID. So, as you can kinda tell, usually, a carrier
ID is used for relooking up a phone number or to confirm that the phone number is on
the right wireless carrier. Or, if the consumer has not opted in via their
mobile phone, let’s say they opt-in via a website, that would actually be the first
message to be going out saying, ”Please reply “Yes” to confirm that you wanna receive this
text message.” For those messages, we would need a carrier
ID because we haven’t got a message into our system from that phone number yet. So it really depends on, you know, what type
of messages you’re sending, how the campaign is laid out. But a wireless carrier lookup allows a software
provider to figure out what wireless carrier that phone number belongs to. So, hopefully, that answers the question for
you, is what is a wireless carrier look up?

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