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The 1-inch iPhone Exists

The 1-inch iPhone Exists

– What’s good guys, Keaton here. And what I got is something
really crazy and interesting. I’m about to show you guys the world’s first miniature
iPhone that actually works. So I saw these in
EverythigApplePro’s video. I’ll leave his video right up there. Basically, there are
three different colors. This iPhone is not the same
size you see in the box. It’s actually smaller. It’s functioning, it’s
basically a mini iPhone. Think of the iPhone SE
squared, or S-E-E, see. ♪ Two plus two is four, ♪ ♪ Minus one that’s three, quick maths. ♪ – I don’t even know. So, let’s check this out. So when you think of the iPhone, you think of the iPhone
8, the original iPhone, maybe even iPhone X, the new
one, with the vertical camera. But it comes down to these minis, and I’ll leave them linked down below, if you guys wanna check them out. They really look like an iPhone 7 Plus. They have that horizontal camera, kind of a matte finish, and they come in a few different colors. So let’s just not waste
any more time, nation, and let’s just get right into it. – Let’s go. – Let’s go! – Oh did you wanna– – I’m sorry, I’ll let you. – Excellent. – Let’s open up this one here. – Whoa, look at how good that looks. Is there a screen protector? There is a screen
protector already on here. So you can just tell how fat this red iPhone 7 Plus is. It kinda looks like an iPhone 8, but wow. That is like a Zippo lighter. Kind of like this lighter phone here. If you guys missed that video,
I’ll leave it right up there. This lighter phone, the gold one, the one that’s
a touch screen and everything, goes for about 120 bucks, but
this one goes for 79 bucks. This one actually heats
up, that’s the coil. Wow, that is tiny. I kind of like it. What else did we get in the box? Oh, an actual screen protector? The accessory, charge cable, SIM tool. Ooh, what’s in here? Manual start-up guide,
kind of your basic stuff. Sweet, I’m digging this. Let me get this plastic off. Wow, that is just crazy. It actually is a mini iPhone 8 Plus. Or even an iPhone 7. It reminds me of my red iPhone,
check that video out too. We made a red iPhone before
Apple came out with theirs. Oh, light coats. I already screwed up. And the table isn’t getting ruined! And it looks exactly like it. And it has aluminum finish,
SIM slot, power button. Is that two cameras? No, that’s just one
camera with a second dot. Well, it looks like an LED flash. Volume buttons on the side. We have our micro USB charging port. Well it looks like a one
and a half inch screen? I don’t know, let’s fire it up. Oh, we have a front-facing camera. I’ll tell ya, they have
everything on these phones. Does the home button work? No way. (phone clicking) That home button works! All right, it’s turning
on, it says “Welcome”. We’ll let that get set up, and check out some of the other colors. Ooh, is this the black one? Oh , that’s tight. Look at that black, that’s fresh. That black matte looks so clean. Oh wow. Who even sent these? – Who sent you? – Papa Elf. – Wow, that’s like a gold… the button’s a little stuck inside there, but it doesn’t look too bad. The red looks the cleanest, wow! So let’s check out this red one here. Wow, home button turns it on. Just swipe up. Dude, these apps look so familiar. Looks like I’m on an iPhone. Swipe down. Wow, this phone is really good. I wanna know what version of
Android this thing is running. Let me hit the settings button. I’m thinking what, like, Android 4, 5, 6? Now way it’s 7, no way it’s 8. Wow, it’s Android 6. The more you know! (peaceful piano music) It’s actually running Marshmallow. That’s incredible. What would have made
this phone even sweeter, just a little bit, if I can give them feedback, back button, and a multi-tasking button. But no worries. Let’s hit the home button. Wow, that feels amazing. Wow, this mini iPhone S-E-E is feeling way better
than I was expecting. We have assistive touch, camera, call, contacts. All the app icons you know of that are on the iPhone now. Let’s try out camera. See how good that front-facing camera is. That’s incredible! Look at this view finder. You could just hold this up. Oh my god! – Watch your language! – Oh my goodness. It’s pretty clear. I don’t know what kind of
megapixel camera is on the back. Let me take a photo. (camera shot sound) Of course, let me take a selfie. (camera shot sound) How is the camera this good? You guys be the judge. Vote up in the iCard if you
think they’re trash or cash. Wow, I could see my face, which is a surprise with
some of these phones. Geez, that’s amazing. What else can you tweak in the camera? It’s a little finicky. We got this. Video mode two? Try this out. Recording a video with the
world’s tiniest iPhone. The iPhone S-E-E. Checking out my brothers and sisters here, before the big man eats them. We got our iPhone X. Our sponsor, thank you Gatorade
for all the free Gatorade. And we got the fidget spinner phone. The other cool one. Wow, you could pause the video too. You got some features on here that some two to three hundred dollar budget phones don’t even include. Is there a beauty mode? Oh my… no freaking way. – No way. – There’s the beauty mode. I’m gonna just take a picture, I wanna see what I look like. (camera shot sound) What just happened?! Look at this face. Look at that skin. That skin is not supposed to
look this good, all right? Can’t even see a pore. Camera’s almost too good
from what I can tell. Let’s see what else is on here. Calculator, definitely an
Android-style calculator. Looks like something
from Marshmallow, Oreo. Looks like something you’d
see in Jelly Bean, originally. Downloads, calendar, sound recorder. Let’s try that out. “Hey, I’m just recording a sound. I’m what appears to be the
next-generation iPhone.” I can see… I don’t remember what that’s called. Let me know on the comments, what’s that called when you talk and it… the levels go up. (voice recording plays) Dude, this phone is amazing. (voice recording plays) Wow, what else could be
amazing on this phone? There’s a browser, there’s internet. I think that’s just right up my alley. Let’s connect to wi-fi. I love that there’s wi-fi. I love that there’s wi-fi on this phone. Oh god, no. The keyboard is next to
impossible to type on. (phone notification sound) It evens sounds like an iPhone. Do you think we could watch
TechSmartt’s video on here? All right, that’s what we’re gonna do. Hopping on the browser. Typing on here, you literally have to be a bug. A cockroach could use this perfectly. It just sits in the palm of my hand. Whoa, we’re on YouTube now. We’re making it farther than
some of these other phones. Can’t even load YouTube. It should just pop up. Smart, of course it pops up. Ooh, lets watch this mystery box video. (video audio plays) No flippin’ way. (video audio plays) That looks so clear. Look at how clear that looks. I’m stunned how good this phone is. It looks so clear. Speaker sounds so great. Okay, maybe that’s just one video. Let’s try to watch a nother video, see if there’s a mishap, oopsy daisy. Fidget (mumbles) Oh, look at that. Wow, it’s like, “I Found
a Fidget Spinner Phone”? How is that above Unbox Therapy? Oh, I forgot, we’re great. (loud cheering) Okay, let’s watch this, “I Found a Fidget Sinner Phone.” (video audio plays) Where was I back from? I don’t know. (video audio plays) Wow. The display looks great. It’s like 720p. All right, we’re gonna shut him up. If you guys wanna check out
the fidget spinner phone video, I’ll leave it up in the iCard. I’m blown away by how good this phone is! Email, sound recorder, file, and then there’s the play store. Let’s get a game on here. I love having that home button there. At least they didn’t get rid of it. Man, I mean, imagine if they had one that would just recognize your face? It would be nice, but
I like the home button. And Ev doesn’t have an iPhone. He’s the only one here
that has a Google Pixel. Which is good. But maybe he just needs
to know what it’s like. They’ve had virtual buttons
on Androids forever now. What should we do on here? Anything we can do. We have the entire world
we can conquer, man. What do we do on the
world’s tiniest phone? Bam, they got Fruit Ninja. Let’s download it. So after about 20 minutes,
Fruit Ninja has downloaded. Why, why, why Mr. Fly? I’m gonna Fruit-Ninja you. Let’s see how well it runs on here. (upbeat music plays) Whoa, looks really good! (upbeat music plays) All right, a little lag,
we’ll just do classic. (slicing sound) Wow, this is gonna be a brutal game. (slicing sound) Not bad! (slicing sound) Not bad at all! (slicing sound) Okay, we’re making it happen. (slicing sound) Nice. Oh! (slicing sound) Not too bad. I thought it was gonna be
stuttery, dropping frames. Looks can be deceiving. Bam, look at that triple combo. But game’s also over. Screen looks just as good
as the YouTube video did. Wow, these mini iPhones are amazing! – You’re amazing little amigo, amazing! – So you guys, that’s it for
the world’s tiniest iPhone subscribe if you’re new, drop it like two, and follow me on Instagram if you’re cool, and yeah, I’ll see you guys later, peace.

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  1. It’s a mini iPhone it’s an iPhone 7 this iPhone is a iPhone 7plus yeah this iPhone 8 looks just like the iPhone 7 …….stfu u talk through ur nose

  2. how much storage does it have for android apps? can you even use google play store? does it have GPS functionality for like google maps or find my device?

  3. if the phone company that made this made regular flagships they could be making some good phones, if this is a cheap small phone, what would a 5-6 inch be like.

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