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The $12 Hamburger Phone!? Buying $252 Worth of Weird Tech…

The $12 Hamburger Phone!? Buying $252 Worth of Weird Tech…

– Hey, what’s good, guys? Welcome back to TechSmartt,
and you know what time it is, it’s time for my third favorite
series here on the internet. (water bubbling)
Pop or Flop? So, in case you guys don’t
know how Pop Or Flop works, basically the TechSmartt
team goes on the internet, and buys a bunch of gadgets,
items, products in tech and they surprise me. And the reason this is so important, is I don’t buy anything anymore. Like, I am so desensitized
to buying stuff on Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, so I
don’t buy anything anymore, because I see a lot of stuff. So they gotta do it to
keep you guys entertained. Let’s do this, Joshua, my boy, how much are we spending? – [Joshua] $300! – Three hundred! (electronic beep) So if you guys like any of the products, they’re linked down below. Hopefully Josh doesn’t suck this episode. He sucked last episode, wait, did he? You crushed it last episode. You guys go check the video out there, you let me know in the comments if Josh crushed it or flushed it. That was good, that’s a new series. Josh, give me the product, let’s go. Whoa, look at that kind of catch. Josh, what is this? Is this an augmented reality game? You know the police
don’t let me have weapons no more, Joshy, come on. (electronic beep) ‘Cause in case you guys don’t
know how Pop Or Flop works, if it’s a pop, Josh gets
the cash, I’ll give him $30. If it’s a flop, Josh owes me $30. I’m also gonna give the
box probably a dollar, ’cause I’m sorry, box.
(ripping cardboard) Hey, Josh, can you work
on the return for that? (laughs) Oh wow, this is it, dude, it’s
like a selfie stick crossbow. Yo, hit Katniss Evergreen
up, tell her Peeta wants to take a photo. (laughs) Dude, this is so jokes. I feel like I’m in the Hunger Games. Okay, so I got the app,
it’s on Android and iOS, if you guys want to check
it out, so you’re covered. I’m gonna download it,
I’m gonna put my phone on the crossbow selfie stick. It’s about to be a mocking jay. Dude, I love this. So, you have to pull
the string to pair it, that is so sick. I want to just say it found it. No flipping way, dude! Yeah, I found it, hang on. I gotta keep the string pulled, so I’m gonna just tap it like this, and I think we’ve got
this here, hopefully. There we go, we are connected. Slide back to the app. Oh yeah, we’re playing save mister doggy. Oh yeah, baby, it’s going, Josh! Holy, here we go, boys. Oh yeah, don’t hurt the dog. This is so dope, whoa. I just have never shot a bow
and arrow like this before. Oh, whoa, we’re ghetto, we’re
gonna ghetto it right now. You can just see that. Oh, here we go. Oh, holla’, holla’, we did it! Wow, I was shooting the
wrong thing the entire time, I thought this was like
Tower Balloon Defense, no. Level two, you pop, if I
don’t Josh is getting dropped. Yeah, buddy, finish him off. Boom, let’s go! Whew! Josh, you won, this is a pop!
(water bubbling) You’re awesome, the rest of
this video is gonna be amazing. (water bubbling) So the first item was a pop, which means I owe Josh some cash. Josh, I don’t think you’re
gonna get two for two here, you’re not that good. Hit me with it, let’s go, come on, boy. Alright, wow, what did you pick out? A hamburger telephone? In-N-Out is right down the street, dog, just take it where it belongs, okay? I don’t want to see it. This is a hamburger telephone, I have no idea why this
exists, if this is a landline, if this is a cellphone with a SIM card. We’ll see really quickly. This is a landline. Joshua, how, like, dog,
where am I plugging this in? They don’t even make this jack anymore. How do you expect me to
test it for the people? This is a sick phone, I
will be the first to say it. Josh might get a complete pop on this, just because we have no
way to test this out. I have a cellphone, it’s 2018. I wish I had a landline, but
I’m just not an independent man yet, so, I’m a pretty
dependent man on this burger. I think this is sick, imagine
if you had this in your house. Let’s just say it’s the 1960s, (imitates phone ring) hello? You see this, your neighbors
catch you with this, they’re gonna ask you to go outside because they’re gonna want one too. And, like dude, look at
this, you got cheese, you got your patty, you got two buns, hun. Speaker at the top, I
bet it’s really loud. Mic at the bottom, it’s
got a nice weight to it, I mean, it’s no iPhone 12, but (sighs), I would say it’s like an iPhone 13. So for $15, Josh?
(water bubbling) Pop.
(water bubbling) I don’t know why but this episode, I’m feeling like Josh is
about to clear us out. Josh, give me the third pro– Jesus, Josh! Why, dude? Where’d you get this? I don’t even want to know,
I’m guessing a garage sale. No, dude, someone would have
probably wanted $100 for this. How much does this cost? You are killing me, dog. If this sucks, I don’t
think it’s gonna suck ’cause it looks pretty
good, you’re out $146. (cash register dings) You’re in the red, you’re
gonna owe me money, because you might have
thought you got cocky with the last two, no,
welcome to the game. Alright, let’s open up
these speakers, plug ’em in and test ’em out. $146, if they’re good, you
know where the link’s at, like, maybe Josh is trying
to help you guys out. Ooh, these speakers actually
have some heft on ’em. Dude, I’m gonna set this up
like Larry The Cable Guy, I’m gonna be an absolute G
and get this the first try. So which way does the cord go in? Alright, I don’t know which
is supposed to go to which. We got our black cable,
and we have our gray cable. I’m just gonna free-ball
it, I’m just gonna put it in whichever one I feel is the right hole and we’ll go from there, you know? Black one goes in the blue,
’cause black and blue. That’s how they got that. Alright so these go to the right speaker. The left speaker, ’cause reading’s hard. I should have gone to college,
that was basically it. No, it makes sense, the black
one goes with the black one, it’s not called black and
blue, it is black and black. The gray one goes with the blue. If I ever had to steal a car I
guarantee I would get caught, I couldn’t hot wire it,
like, we laugh guys, but it’s not funny. These are life skills
everyone needs to learn, how to hot wire a car. No, I’m just kidding, I think
that was something I read in a book, like, that’s
what dads teach their kids. (electronic beep) Are you joking me, dog? This cable is so long it’s wrapped around the wheel on my chair. And now it’s wrapped around again. Dude.
(electronic beep) You see what I’m going through? Thanks, Josh. Blame Josh, guys, I hope that
this is the biggest flop ever. Actually, I know LG makes
pretty decent speakers, so this won’t flop. If it flops, you’re out $146, Josh. So here’s the deal, this is
meant for a sound bar or TV, this is a surround system setup. So, since I’m just trying to
ghetto style it on my desk, I’m not actually gonna plug this into a TV because I, about that, I need
to call Best Buy to do that. TechSmartt is being tech dumb today. So that being said, I’m gonna
try to open my phone up, see if there’s Bluetooth on this thing, and if it works we’ll jam out. If not, I’m giving Josh a flop. Not because the product, no. Because he didn’t tell me I needed a TV and he didn’t call Best Buy. What are you gonna do about that, Josh? We might be in luck,
boys, we might be in luck. Hang on, I’m gonna scream if this works. Pairing unsuccessful. Well, Josh, ya’ flopped. Can’t aux cord it, you need
a dongle for that, dude. Got USB-C, bro, they cut the adapter. I bet these are sick, you know what? I bet these are sick, but for Josh, flop. (water bubbling) Josh.
(toilet flushing) You are two pops to one flop. You’re currently in the
red, you owe me money now. (water bubbling) So, I’m getting a little emotional, that’s why my voice is squeaking. How is this product? Is this gonna be a pop, a flop? (catching product) Jeez, that almost hit me in the face. – [Josh] Sound Cube. – A Sound Cube Bluetooth speaker. Does this speaker also have 18 cables and go to your TV, too? Or are we gonna be good on this one? Oh, we’re good on this one, guys. Okay, so it’s $18, this thing, I think is gonna pack some power. It’s called the RIF6, it has
an aux cord, micro-USB cord, Bluetooth speaker, here we go, here we go. – [Speaker] (beeps) Connected. – Just like that, it’s
connected lightning quick. $20, Joshy? Okay, let’s see how you do. We’re gonna play some Rex
Orange County, oh yeah. Corduroy Dreams. (“Corduroy Dreams” by Rex Orange County) It’s good, I like the color. (sighs) I’m split on this, dude. Like, you would have saw me dance if I was digging it completely. $20, I’m gonna give it a pop.
(water bubbling) Don’t make me go pop on this again. ‘Cause this, (hits desk)
they deserve better. The fans deserve better.
(water bubbling) Alright, Josh has not
sucked as bad as I thought he was gonna suck in this video. So, three pops to one flop. This next product, the reason
why I got my eyes closed is Josh is gonna put something on my head, that’s what he told me. How much does it cost, before
you just abuse me like this? Eyes are still closed, by the way. – [Josh] It cost $25.
(cash register dings) – More than the speaker? Okay, alright, here we go, and
then I’ll let you guys know what I think. What, dude, is this a girl? Is this a hug? Is this a dog? What, okay, I can see, like, that’s good. I don’t know, it felt
like really long hair, that’s why I was like,
are you giving me a hug, is someone here? Joshua, is this Chewbacca,
is this the Wookie? Like, dude, that’s the same person. Oh no, I got it right,
no, it is Chewbacca. Like, I didn’t even know. Dude, should we go into a bank? Is this a pop or flop, $25? Don’t be ordering this to your house, your parents are gonna
think you’re losing it. (water bubbling) I’m gonna give it a pop,
’cause this is creative and I like creative.
(water bubbling) Item five, what did you get for item five? Is this a deck? What is this, Josh? – [Josh] It’s a aux cord that lights up. – Well, that’s it? How much is item five, the
aux cord that lights up? Only $12?
(cash register dings) Now you got your boy hooked. You click-baited me there, Joshy. So if this is a light up aux cord, this’ll either be really
cool or suck so bad. I’m gonna play some
XXTentacion and RIP, man, drop a like if you guys
liked his music ever. I was a big fan, I was
really upset when I heard he passed away, so this is for you, man. Oh wow, it actually lights up. So it lights up to the music, so you hear the piano going, this changes. If you want to check it out
it’s on my Spotify playlist, I’ll leave that link down below. So it lights up, wow, that’s so sick. ♪ I don’t understand these. ♪ – Wow, that’s so sick, Josh. I can’t let YouTube detect the copyright on this one, though. Lights on. (claps) We back, hey yo, Josh. We’re calling you corn,
’cause you gotta pop. (water bubbling) So this is product six,
this is the last one, Josh has four pops, one flop. (water bubbling)
Just hand me it. (package falling) I was feeling good about myself there. How much does this cost
and what is this, Josh? – [Josh] $30. – A green lighting, window-mounted, solar rechargeable power bank. So what do you, like, put this on your car or something like that? I mean, anything where there’s sun? Whoa, that’s actually
handy in an emergency. How much is this, $30? What is this? Hey, if you guys know what this is, just let me know in the comments. (sighs) Is it USB-D? So, for $30, if you had
this on your windshield, just all the time, when you actually need to charge your phone or
you’re going out to a concert, or you just need a buddy to get charging and you don’t want to
hear his notifications, just like that, it actually works. How long was this sitting
on the car for, Josh? Do you think they have cars at Amazon and they’re just, like,
sticking ’em all over the place and just sending them out charged? Dude, this is sick. I’m putting this on my car right now. Pop, Josh, pop, pop, pop!
(water bubbling) You’re a pop star!
(water bubbling) Glad to do this video,
if you guys liked it make sure to drop a like and
get subscribed if you’re new, just click that circle button down there, check out the last two Pop
Or Flops right over there and I’ll see you guys… (products falling)
Oh jeez, alright, bye.

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  1. Were you born in the 1980s I mean if you were not a bad thing but since if you were you would no what those type of speakers are

  2. My iPad uses that connector and also it is for a old iPhone or iPad it is a 13 pin connector and man is it a pain

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