The $22 iPhone X Battery Case

– So whenever Apple drops
a brand new iPhone design like the iPhone X here, the
case game changes dramatically. Your iPhone 7 cases that
do work with the iPhone 8, they don’t work with the iPhone X. I mean, just look at this thing. Like it’s the captain now. – Look at me.
– [Man] Sure. – I’m the captain now. – So it kind of got me thinking, like, what battery cases are
out there for the iPhone X? Apple hasn’t come out with
their official battery case yet, which I am looking forward to. Hook your boy up early. That would be great, Apple. Love you. And Mophie hasn’t really
come out with anything yet, and they usually come out with something. So I’m in desperate need for one. So what I did is I went on Amazon. I picked up three different battery cases. And one has a secret feature
I have never seen before. It’s wireless charging
so we’re gonna find out which is the best for your money. So you guys, I am a huge
fan of battery cases. I always pick up the Mophie ones. I always pick up the Apple ones. Sometimes I even pick up multiples. Just because they’re really
helpful if you go to Coachella. – Hey bro, you go to Coachella? – Where? – Coachella! – And you need extra battery life. So these are your best
options on Amazon right now. I’ll leave a link down below
if you wanna check them out. Each come in at a different price point, so you can kind of find
the best option for you. The first one that we’re gonna check out is the 3200 milliamp hour battery case. This thing goes for, like, 20
bucks or something like that, and what’s cool about this
is this is the most basic, but it doesn’t really lack. – It’s good. – So what’s great is your
iPhone X has a batter size of 2,700 milliamp hours, so
this is going to get you around a charge in almost a half. You can really use that half
if you’re ever in an emergency. It’s great news so,
let’s open this thing up. I mean it’s… you gotta love it, like, I’m lovin it over here! ♪ Bada, ba, ba, ba, I’m lovin it! ♪ – It’s super simple. You have your battery case. It’s in black, has kind
of this nice matte finish. Basically though, since I
just mentioned McDonalds, if you get the fries
and you touch this case know from an expert here, you’re gonna get grease on the case. It’s just gonna happen. You get your camera cutout, you have your battery
indicator at the bottom, so when you hold that button right there, you can see all four LEDs pop up. At the bottom, this is
where some of these cases either make it or they break it. And it seems like they’re
getting with the times. At the bottom right here isn’t a micro USB port, but it’s actually a lightening connector, so with a lot of these old battery cases, you needed to carry
around micro USB cords. That’s fine. Yes, t is a little more common, but just being able to
carry around one cable and that’s all you need to
remember, it’s the bees knees. Like, no one says “the
bees knees,” Keaton. Like really? Really
dog? Like, just go home. You’re not funny. – You’re really funny and
you’re totally not fat. – Some of the Mophie cases
have a little bit of thickness but this isn’t too bad. I really like this. And the best part about it is, when you need to juice that power up, hold down the button, now it says it’s charging. And then when you need to charge the case, or your phone, it does it both. One operation here. Plug the lightening cord in there. For 20 bucks? Not a bad option. But there’s better. The next case is a little more expensive, but you get a few more features and a larger battery capacity so instead of 3200 milliamp
hours on the original case I just showed you, this one’s 3600 milliamp hours
and it has a built in magnet, so if you got a car
mount, you’re set to go. What’s cool about this one,
too, like the last one, is it charges with a lightening cord. So you don’t need to
have a micro USB cable or anything like that, and
the button is on the bottom. That’s just a personal preference. I like having the button on
the bottom versus the back. It’s just easier for me. Keaton, like, If I have 3.5
millimeter jack headphones, your standard headphones, and I use the adapter, will it work? And that’s the deal breaker. On the cases that charge
with a lightening port, you can’t use the ear pods,
you can’t use the adapter. You’re pretty much just stuck
with bluetooth headphones, which isn’t a bad option if
you have some apple Airpods and you haven’t lost them. – I think I lost them! – Now to pull this off, if
you have a pair of Airpods, you’re good to go. But if you can’t afford ’em, I actually checked out a cheaper option. They’re like $99 Airpod killers. I’ll leave a link right
up there on the iCard. Wow! Like this is actually really solid. To charge this up, you just
hold down the button here, you can see the LED indicators pop up, let you know how much batter the case has. Even the buttons on the side feel good. The volume button is super clicky, you have your mute switch, you have complete access to
sleep/wake, not a bad option and you’re getting 3600 milliamp hours. Worth it for for a few extra bucks. But now, the real case
you’ve been waiting for. – This, this is what we’ve
all been waiting for! – Now the case that I’ve
been loving for the last week and the one that you’re most excited for. This thing costs around 60
bucks, but why it’s awesome is it has the largest battery capacity I’ve ever seen in a battery case, and, as you can tell on the box, it has wireless charging built in. That means no cables, doesn’t
matter, you’re good to go. Like, you just set it down
on your wireless charger and you’re chillin’. It’s beautiful! – Beautiful! – So, let’s pop the top
on this and show you guys what’s good with it. Like, it’s solid. Oh my! 4200 milliamp hours! You’re gonna be set there. Your iPhone 2700 milliamp hours is like, that’s almost like 2
full charges right there. Is my math right? ♪ Two plus two is four, minus
one, that’s three quick math ♪ – If you’re thinking to yourself, dude, I can’t afford 60
bucks for the best case ever. I actually checked out a
three dollar iPhone case. What’s cool about this one, really solid and will
actually protect your phone. I’ll leave that video right
up there on the iCard. If you want to check that
one out after this one. There is one catch about this case. If you want to recharge it
with the port at the bottom, it’s not lightening, but it’s micro USB. Shouldn’t really matter,
you have a wireless charger. If you don’t have one picked up, I’ll leave a link down below to the coolest one out there. You take your iPhone X here, you slide it down, all the other cases are one piece designs. I kinda like this two piece one. This is nice because the
case actually comes above the screen itself, so
when you set it down, the actual glass of your phone
isn’t touching the surface. This is kind of the closest option I think Mophie would make. It looks exactly like a Mophie case. Your buttons are exposed. You can actually see
the body of the iPhone. So, obviously, how this
charges up your phone, you hold down the button here, see the LED indicator. You heard it for yourself. You need a wireless charger. Or you can just do it by the cord. This is a wireless charger I found. It’s pretty cheap. I’ll leave it linked down below. And what’s cool about it is,
is it looks like a camera lens. I haven’t seen anyone else find this yet. So when you put your phone
down to charge up the case, and the phone, check this out, listen. (camera click) It plays the shutter noise. Look at that. Now your phone is charging. Plays the shutter noise
like when you take a photo. Coolest wireless charger! Coolest battery case ever cause it has wireless
charging built in it. I think it’s gonna be your favorite. So you guys, those are
the best battery cases on Amazon right now. Let me know in the comments
which ones you guys picked up. And that’s gonna do it for this video. Make sure you get subscribed with notifications
turned on if you’re new. And let me know in the comments if you guys are just
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Instastory cause that’s where it’s always poppin’. So here are all you guys that liked and commented on my latest photo. Make sure you guys do that. And I’ll see you guys later. Peace!

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