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The $34 Shaver Phone

The $34 Shaver Phone

Hey, what’s up guys Keaton here, so we’re back at it again. This time, I got a new weird phone. So in case you guys are new around here and new to the series, I love my weird phones I checked out a phone that was made by Pepsi. No joke you can see the Pepsi logo on there I even checked out this 90’s touchscreen brick phone that somehow belongs in 2017 and then I even made my own phone. So all that’s sweet and you’re probably saying to yourself Keaton yeah dude, like this looks like a weird phone, here’s where it really gets ya. There’s a shaver on here Let’s do it. So yeah guys, this right here is weird phones, if you guys want to check it out links down below It’s not too expensive It’s honestly on the cheaper side of weird phones that I’ve picked up. This thing is kind of a trip And I didn’t actually expect to get this.
If you guys find any other weird phones just tweet me at techsmartt, and guys, I’m even starting to respond to comments, not only here in the first 30 minutes but over on Twitter more, so make sure you guys are following me over there This thing is crazy, and here’s where it gets even crazier. When I turn it off… 𝅘𝅥𝅮𝅘𝅥𝅮[Music Plays] And now when you turn it on, it also does the same thing when you turn it off 𝅘𝅥𝅮𝅘𝅥𝅮𝅘𝅥𝅮𝅘𝅥𝅮[Music Plays] What is that noise-song? I don’t know. Let me know in the comments if you guys have any idea But that’s the sound you get every single time when you turn this phone on and you don’t have a choice. Pretty weird, right? Let’s just see how weird this phone gets. Yo there’s a shaver at the top. No joke There’s this cap here so you can use it as a regular phone And it doesn’t look too weird. You could probably travel with it if you have the cap on. And then you just slide this power button here the shaver starts. Now what’s trippy is, I checked out this iPhone shaver and it just plugs in with the lightning port right there. No joke I’m not even going to get it off. This plugged into the iPhone. This thing’s weird though because it is its own phone And my iPhone just really wants to be in this video No, you’re not weird enough! So looking at the phone we got some weird stuff on here It’s not actually a touchscreen which, to be honest, is not that weird at all. It’s $36 so that kind of makes sense. We got buttons on here, which are kind of like that old-style Nokia buttons I got the new Nokia 3310 Compared it to a real one versus the fake one people actually want these phones these buttons are in demand So someone actually wants this. Now at the bottom, this is where things get really crazy I don’t know if you guys can see this too well but there’s actually a USB port built into the phone. That’s how fat the battery is. So you can just really, charge your anything from here. I have an iPhone 7 plus–bam– plug that in. This red iPhone video, still my favourite, best looking phone of the year. Make sure you guys look at that one, cool So now we have a USB battery bank built into the phone, and we’re not even done yet. On the back here, you see that kind of flash. It looks like a light bulb You guys are in for a treat, look at that. That is a freaking flashlight, this bright on the back of your phone. Look at how bright that is Sir, uh, have you been making some YouTube videos tonight? Like of course, yes How you doin? Nice to see you. In my sombrero looking all fun. This phone feels so rugged. You can access the back of it, back here. You can see how fat that battery really is Then at the top you got your shaver Six and a half hours later So guys, the more I’m playing around with this phone, the more I’m realizing how weird and crazy it really is, and I always say that like every single video but yo, there’s a shaver on top of here, and then there’s a camera Why is that a thing? You could just throw this in like your travel kit and be good to go And speaking of cameras, let me open this up. Not going to lie, opening this up’s a little difficult Here’s the menu. They didn’t copy Apple completely on this like they did with the lighter phones Man those videos, a phone and a lighter? Now we got a shaver and a phone? We’re on our way to something really great here. So hopping in the camera right here, I don’t know if you guys can see this too well, but I had it all pulled up I’m just going to bring in the Pepsi phone see how that goes You guys can see a little bit Get the phone shaver in there Yeah, kinda. It’s a little difficult, but I’ll take a picture. Honestly speaking of pictures here 50,000 likes on the video, drop a like right now I will use the shaver part to shave some of my hair. Some of it off, not the entire thing I still got to do the fidget spinner one, which we are almost at, make sure that you like that video Hundred thousand likes and I said I’d put a fidget spinner in my hair. At this point I could be using this to do that, but I’ll cut my hair anyways, even if I got to do it twice There’s also a video camera on here. We’re just going to take some video of this and see how good it sounds. Yo, what’s up? Can you guys see me? We better not hit fifty thousand likes on this video, or I’m actually gonna have to shave my head I’ll probably end up filming it on this phone I don’t even think the quality is that good. I think it looks pretty bad But there is a micro SD card in the back, so that’s really cool Can you see anything, my sombrero, are those color showin up? I think? Guys finally we’re about to do it. The shaver part on the phone. So it’s not that complex. You just hit the power button on here you slide it up and it starts shaving. Here’s what I want to know though, is it ‘A’ a phone shaver or ‘B’ let me know in the comments right now, a shaver with a phone? I don’t really know, phone shaver, shaver with the phone, you guys tell me, and we’ll see how good of a job it does. So let me…I guess just… I’ll do it on my leg. Okay, let’s do it [chuckles] I think this is working. Yeah, this is definitely working. Oh, well alright, You can see 110% that I just feel bare. I just, I don’t feel myself anymore. Well, it works. It works, the ‘Phone Shaver’ the ‘Shaver Phone.’ ‘A’ or ‘B’. I don’t care what you comment It actually works. Wow. Half this stuff doesn’t ever work, but this does. So weird! So yeah guys, that’s pretty much it for this video. Thank you so much ‘Adam N7’ for actually finding the Shaver Phone. He tweeted to me on Twitter So thank you so much, I’m just at Techsmartt And I’ll be using the next 30 minutes once this video goes up to hit all you guys back on Twitter So come say hi over there, subscribe if you’re new and make sure you guys have notifications turned on so you guys don’t miss when I’m on Twitter I’ll let you guys all know I’m gonna use this and stay shaved Peace! I’m gonna give you guys a money shot like I’m a YouTube food reviewer Please let me know if you think this chicken is edible good. I’ve had food poisoning once this year

100 thoughts on “The $34 Shaver Phone”

  1. technically since it doesnt shave a phone its not a phone shaver so its a shaver phone although that sounds weird thats what i think

  2. B shaver phone. This is good for Some one who travels a lot like truckers. They have there razor and have there phone all in one. And if you go on vacation you don't have to waste money on both they are just on a phone.

  3. The phone is $36 in the video, $34 in the title, and $4 in the description…
    I don't know what's real 😂

  4. I think they should give those out to the military very rugged phones it's waterproof dustproof and shockproof comes with a shaver a flashlight and can charge other things you have

  5. Keatons long hair lowkey looks dope he lowkey looks like the younger version of gohan from dragon ball z 😂😂

  6. Honestly, I could see this being useful for camping or something maybe? You've got a phone, razor, flashlight, all in one. It's kinda like a Swiss army phone 😂

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