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The American Town Banning Cell Phones and Wi-Fi

The American Town Banning Cell Phones and Wi-Fi

[MUSIC PLAYING] LAURA LING: We’re driving to
Green Bank, West Virginia, and the radio just went out,
I lost cellphone service, no Wi-Fi. And that’s because we just
entered the National Radio Quiet Zone. It’s been called the
quietest place in America. There are no cellphone towers,
Wi-Fi is highly restricted, microwaves too. The US National Radio Quiet
Zone, a 13,000 square mile area was established in 1958
to protect telescopes like these from
electromagnetic frequencies that could cause
harmful interference. We went 450 feet
up to the very top of the world’s largest
steerable radio telescope in Green Bank, West Virginia. In being up here, I feel
like a speck on the earth. JAY LOCKMAN: What
it’s used for really makes me feel like a
speck on the earth, because it’s used by
scientists to study things that are going on
very far out in the universe. Stars that are being formed,
or stars that are dying, galaxies and their collisions. People have looked for
life using this telescope. LAURA LING: What makes this
particular telescope unique? JAY LOCKMAN: What makes it
unique is, for one thing, it’s location. It’s in the National
Radio Quiet Zone, and so we’re free from a lot of
the man-made interference that would really block study
of sensitive signals. The tiniest little
transmitter, even things like cellphones or
even the kind of transmitters that are in your digital camera
would wipe out the signals. Another thing is its sheer size. It’s a very good, very
precise tracking instrument, so a lot of things
put together make it an absolute unique
instrument for the study of a large range of phenomena
out there in the universe. LAURA LING: Do some
people feel as if they’re living in a little bubble here? JAY LOCKMAN: In a
sense, I feel like I’m living in the little
wonderland, because we have this great science
going on here, and I suppose there
are people that can’t imagine doing
without cellular service, but for most of human history
we managed quite well. Think of it as living in 1980. LAURA LING: I love the ’80s. JAY LOCKMAN: Well, the fashion
left something to be desired. LAURA LING: Jonah Bauserman
patrols the 10-mile radius around the National Radio
Astronomy Observatory to make sure there are no
electromagnetic frequencies that might interfere
with the telescopes. JONAH BAUSERMAN: This is
actually NRAO property, you know, the folks that live
here sign a rental agreement, and it basically
says you are not allowed to have microwave ovens,
Wi-Fi, cordless telephones. Anything that could transmit a
signal is strictly forbidden. LAURA LING: So no Lean Cuisines
for these guys for dinner? JONAH BAUSERMAN: Nope Or
they have to figure out another alternative to cook it. LAURA LING: I mean, it
does seem in some ways that this town is kind
of from a different era. JONAH BAUSERMAN: It
is a unique area. We’re kind of locked back
in time, if you will. LAURA LING: The National
Radio Quiet Zone is not only a place of scientific
research and discovery, it’s become a haven
of sorts for people who believe they suffer
from a condition known as electromagnetic
hypersensitivity, that electromagnetic
fields make them sick. DIANE SCHOU: I got
a headache that was like a sledgehammer
on the head. JENNIFER WOOD: I started
losing weight really fast. I got emaciated. The doctors were
really frightened. They thought maybe I had cancer. MELISSA CHALMERS: I
was very nauseous. I was throwing up all the time. Every moment of every
day was absolute torture. LAURA LING: Diane
Schou, Jennifer Wood, and Melissa Chalmers are
among the few dozen people who have moved to Green Bank
in the last few years to try to escape the
ever-growing reach of Wi-Fi technology. What sorts of things
were making you sick? DIANE SCHOU: Well,
originally it was just the cellphone tower
that was near my home, but after that it
became cellphones, and eventually it also
morphed into power lines, electrical devices, fluorescent
lights are horrible. The electricity
became so painful that when the neighbor
ran her coffee maker, I was in such pain,
with such a headache and, oh, that really hurt. MELISSA CHALMERS: When
I was using the phone, after couple minutes, I
would start getting numb on this side of my face,
and so I would turn it off, but then the last
time I used it, my face went numb for two weeks. JENNIFER WOOD: A lot of
houses I can’t even be in, so this is why I hand-built my
own house with no electricity. LAURA LING: There
are some people who say that what
you’re suffering from is not a condition, it’s an
affliction, it’s in your head. How does that make you feel? DIANE SCHOU: They’re uneducated. They are closed minded,
and they are selfish. It is real. It is true. LAURA LING: How
did you feel when you arrived in this quiet zone? MELISSA CHALMERS: I
felt great, actually. You know, at one point, my
whole body just relaxed. DIANE SCHOU: By getting
away, I was able to recover. I do have electricity
in my home. I use it carefully. So therefore, I do
have a computer. I can go to local grocery
store, I can go to church. I can be with people,
and they’re not carrying a cell phone in their pocket. JENNIFER WOOD: As
soon as I moved in, I was completely out of all
electrical fields and all cell phone reception. Within two weeks, I noticed
I was already gaining weight. MELISSA CHALMERS: It
took a couple days for the ringing in my ears to
stop here, and after two days I never wanted to leave. There no other place
like it that I’ve seen. LAURA LING: But as technology
continues to creep in, things may be getting a little
louder in the quiet zone. JONAH BAUSERMAN: We’ve got
quite a few Wi-Fi modems here in the area. These could potentially
cause harmful radio frequency interference to the telescope. I would say there’s probably
maybe 40, maybe 50 Wi-Fi modems just driving through
the town of Green Bank. LAURA LING: Wow, that’s a lot
of Wi-Fi for the town that’s not supposed to have any Wi-Fi. JONAH BAUSERMAN: It’s a
little bit disheartening, but it is what it is, I suppose. LAURA LING: Even though
they’re not supposed to, people here are accessing things
such as wireless technology, and so you have to wonder,
how long can this place truly remain a quiet zone? MELISSA CHALMERS: I
think eventually the zone will be threatened. People are going to want
to use the technology, because they want to use it. I don’t know what I’ll do. JONAH BAUSERMAN: The type of
science that we’re doing here is not just for right
here, right now, in this day and time. It’s for the next generation. The universe is vast, it’s
huge, it’s magnificent, and to be able to
take a tool like this and look back through time
is just astounding to me. [MUSIC PLAYING] LAURA LING: Be sure to watch
one of these other episodes. Click the top video for
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see how a Hollywood stunt man mentally prepares
to get lit on fire. Thanks for watching,
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100 thoughts on “The American Town Banning Cell Phones and Wi-Fi”

  1. I wish I lived in a town like that. Everyone is always on their cellphones nowadays. It would be nice to get away from it all. Technology irritates me!

  2. Bruhh them iMacs in the back tho what can she do with no wifi And the electricity affects her lmaoooo then how she turns the lights on 😂😂😂

  3. says area has no electricity so it doesn't interfere
    guy is driving a truck with electric equipment and a laptop

  4. … well these people want to live in a zone with out microwaves and electronics because they are saying it makes them physically ill.. however they are living next a huge telescope that probably produces tons of… nvm I don't know what I'm talking about

  5. All the city folks driving new cars with built in wi-fi drive through that town all the time.
    It's near the biggest ski resort in the Mid Atlantic area, Snowshoe.

  6. Around 2 mins, well if people have lived so well without cells phones all those years then what do you think about a radio telescope that barely anyone gets to use??? Telling the masses to give it up for your little toy….

  7. 0:13
    lol, that's how a lot of radios are in West Virginia, get used to it.
    well, there are not a lot of radio towers in West Virginia soooo xD

  8. A tip to the electro-sensitive people, get an aluminum foil hat, its cheap and can be adapted into your favorite style!

  9. There has never been a blind study that could show anyone who was able to sense electrical devices or field's. If it was real there would be a correlation. Not one of these people could sense any device they were not told was there. This is completely in their heads.

  10. I hope that can happen to the tire world that will be better no phone no WiFi I'm additive to that but it will be a good thing not everything is technology

  11. WiFi frequencies can play a roll in people's health and well-being since we are "magnetic" creatures and send electrical signals through-out our bodies, that being said, there is overwhelming "real" evidence debunking the globe theory and that it's one large occultist deception. We truly live on a flat non-moveable plane of existence meaning this story about a large rusty white thing is bogus and just another wasteful toy of the "globalist."

  12. I love how the one lady said she got a headache from her NEIGHBORS coffee maker. There is no EMF production from a coffee maker. People are stupid.

  13. We all need to do this that's what wrong with society we forgotten r humanity we dont talk to each other r souls r being su ck out of us

  14. Wow these residents think the RF part of the electromagnetic spectrum is harmful? They seriously need to take a basic radio theory class.

  15. All these electromagnetic fields from electronics, cellphones, wi-fi, smart meters and so on are of course very real. You are just stupid to think that they don't affect us just because they cannot be seen by the physical eye. Some people are also more sensitive to them, although everyone is affected by them, in a negative way. I am more sensitive than most others, that much i know, but i am not hypersensitive. Normally i live in a small cottage by the sea, a bit seperated from the rest of the town but sometimes i stay in an apartment which has about 20 wi-fi routers running all the time. When i am in the apartment i feel like i can not relax as much as i can otherwise and there is a subtle but noticeable stress factor constantly. I feel much more tired when being there and it's not a matter of air freshness because i ventilate both places very well. As someone who practices meditation i have become good at being relaxed pretty much all the time and i have also become more sensitive to everything. But when in the apartment i can sense a real difference and it is definetly not placebo. I have been switched between staying in both places for over three years now and i can tell the difference. One night there was a power shutdown in the town and directly it felt like a completely different place, the change was so big. Suddenly there was a certain stillness in the whole place like i had never felt before, it felt almost like i was out in the countryside.

    Have you ever tried holding a cellphone to your head while having a really long conversation, over an hour? Most people or at least a large percentage of people will start feeling numb and irritated in the area which is in contact with the cellphone after a long period of time. Some may not feel it. It is, just like everything else, based on you, and we are all different on so many levels. There are even devices which can see all the radiation if that is needed to prove that it is real. Remember, these things have not existed at all for over 99,999% of our time here on earth. If you seriously think that it is not disturbing us, you are naive and stupid. It is actually making us weaker all the time and eventually it will need to be taken care of. Wait and see.

  16. Snowshoe Ski Resort is right in the middle of this quiet zone and there's wifi there! Some providers get cell phone service out there too! 🤔

  17. just think, they probably have radio waves from satellites zapping their town as we speak, wonder why they still don't get sick? simple, they're just crazies that used drugs growing up that has a brain disorder that gives them the symptoms

  18. I would love to visit this town, it would give me a break from the 2010s culture

    It gives me a reason to love the Mountain State even more (even though i don’t live in WV)

  19. I don't have any of these self proclaimed conditions but I'll be damned if I wouldn't mind leaving all you keyboard warriors in the dust. While u beat it to fidget spinner porn in your mom's basement and stress over your 300 followers on Instagram these people are actually living a life.

  20. I might just be uneducated but man what kinda cameras and cars did these people use to come to the people who cant be around electricity…

  21. What happens after 2021? Do they re-up to continue the research or does the place get taken over by cell towers wifi, etc.?

  22. Skeptisism is ok on both sides, but please do your research before commenting. There are more studies showing harm and potential harm than there are studies that do not and the ones that do not show harm were sponsored by the industries. I use to use a cell phone on my left side of my head, I have had two tumors there since getting a cell phone, luckily both benign. Depending upon the device, I can tell if it is on or not and transmitting. The WHO did not move RF radiation to a 2b possible carcinogen for no reason.

  23. I am glad that that place exists. I live with cell phones and wifi, but I also feel the effects. As a bee keeper, I am always vigilant to place my bees away from the unseen wireless pathways.

    I hear that box springs pick up signals too. An easy way to reduce the wireless smog is to just sleep on the mattress and lose the box spring. Also I had a person come by with a meter to measure the EMF smog in my house and we found some outlets that hadn't been grounded properly. The smog or radiation went way down once the grounding was re-done properly.

    The also recommended a large spike in the ground outside of the house at the 4 corners. For some reason that helped to ground out the whole house area. No wires attached, just a foot long steel nail in the ground at each corner. The readings dropped once we did that.

    I plan to wire the internet in my house now too. Go WiFi free.

    Like these women said, it really does help you to relax.

  24. electrical devices make you sick you say? than why are you sitting right next to a computer. Note: research has already proven that in 100% the allergy for (electromagnetic radiation is psychological.

  25. “Everybody was relatively skeptical at first,” he said, “and everyone now agrees there’s something there.” Dr. Smith remarked that the diplomats and doctors jokingly refer to the trauma as the immaculate concussion.

    Strikes with microwaves, some experts now argue, more plausibly explain reports of painful sounds, ills and traumas than do other possible culprits — sonic attacks, viral infections and contagious anxiety.

    In particular, a growing number of analysts cite an eerie phenomenon known as the Frey effect, named after Allan H. Frey, an American scientist. Long ago, he found that microwaves can trick the brain into perceiving what seem to be ordinary sounds.

    Hearing Microwaves
    Scientists have known for decades that the brain can perceive some microwaves as sound.

  26. I am not sure about choice people have with wireless modems.  EDIT:  But it sounds like a good place to raise a family.

  27. Why do people leave their WiFis on all night and when they aren't using them? Why are they not educated to switch them off when not in use, and especially at night when they are sleeping?

  28. There are around 10,000 published research papers on EMF and microwave radiation and its effects on humans and nature. Yes it is a threat to children in particular and developing brains and ova and reproductive health.

  29. what will happen to the Quiet Zone when 5G satellites are thousands ( 20 000 is the plan ) in the atmosphere, ? already dozens were launched by Elon Musk.. STOP 5G !!!

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