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The best $250 phone you can buy in 2018

The best $250 phone you can buy in 2018

– You used to have to spend $600 dollars to get a good, even usable smartphone but that’s far from true anymore. Now, there are a ton of
great phones below that price and you can even find some
great phones below $300. I’ve been testing a bunch of them and one stands out clearly above the rest and it’s only 250 bucks. That’s the Moto G6. First thing, the Moto G6 does
not look like a $200 phone. I actually find that it strikes
one of the best balances between shape and size out there. The phone has a 5.7 inch full HD display with an 18:9 aspect ratio that nearly fills the front of the phone. It’s a really great size if you’re like me and read a ton of articles on your phone. I’m browsing Twitter and
the Web all the time. On top of that, it’s just
a really good screen. Now, it is an OLED so you
don’t have those perfect blacks that you get from a top of the line phone and it’s not always on. But, I really like the
color tuning on this phone. I even like it better than my own Pixel 2, which cost nearly twice as much. The colors look both richer
and more accurate to my eyes. The phone also has this nice curve on both back edges and it isn’t too wide, Even though you have this big screen, it’s actually really easy to hold and doesn’t look or feel like a big phone. (energetic music) Motorola doesn’t change
Android too much either and that’s a good thing. This is very close to stock. And where Motorola does make changes, they are anywhere from inconsequential like adjuster to shrink the
screen down for one handed use to slightly helpful like an option to keep the screen on
while you’re looking at it. And if you don’t like those changes, you can actually turn all
of them off, which is great. Software performance is about as good as you’re gonna
get in this price range. In general, I didn’t run into any issues when using phone day-to-day. Scrolling is smooth and apps
and webpages loaded quickly. I suspect that over
time, it probably won’t stay as fast as a more expensive phone. But right now, it’s smooth and snappy and that is not something every other sub $300 phone can say. The one major downside on
this phone is its cameras. The rear camera is slow to fire so I sometimes miss shots and while you can get
nice images out of it when you’re in bright daylight, darker settings deliver
mushy or noisy photos. The front-facing camera isn’t much to get excited about either. Now, you really can’t get
a better camera than this without spending a lot more. But it’s still disappointing that you have to forgo quality on what, for myself and a lot of other people, is a key part of a phone. There are a bunch of other little things that I love on this phone. For one, it has a headphone jack. Everybody loves that. It also charges over USB-C,
which is easier to use than micro USB and a lot more modern. Pretty much every other
phone at this price is still on micro USB. The G6 also has a fingerprint sensor. It’s on the front instead of the back, which is not my favorite
position, but I got used to it. You can even take advantage of the sensor by using it to control the
entire phone with gestures. That lets you remove
Android’s on-screen buttons and free up screen space. (upbeat music) Aside from a few flaws like the camera, there’s very little lacking on this phone that separates it from
something twice its price, which is pretty incredible. Like I said, performance will probably be a longer term issue, but there are no problems
as it stands today. Now, if you’re in China or India, you do have a lot of other
options at this price point from companies like Xiaomi and Oppo, but many of those phones
aren’t available in the U.S. The other budget phones that do make it to the U.S. just don’t hold up. They’re often missing key features like a fingerprint sensor
or support for 5 GHz WiFi, both of which the G6 has. Motorola also sells two
other variants of the G6. The G6 Play, which costs $50 less and the G6 Plus, which costs $50 more. The G6 Plus has a slightly better camera and is a bit faster, but
it’s a little bit bigger in a way that I don’t like quite as much. The $200 G6 Play is a bit slower and thicker with the worst screen but I got its battery to last me through three days
which is pretty amazing. So if you’re looking even cheaper, that’s worth considering. But by far, I think the best choice below $300 is the regular Moto G6. It doesn’t just check all the right boxes, it actually impresses on a lot of them. Every time I pick up the G6, I’m surprised at just how
good a budget phone can be. Hey, thanks for watching. If you like this video,
you should check out our new channel Verge Science. I really love the video they
just put up about graphene. You can check all their stuff out at

100 thoughts on “The best $250 phone you can buy in 2018”

  1. Wtf? I could recommend a million phones under 300£ and none of them is Motorola u way out of your mind!!

  2. The Android One phone the Mi A2, has USB-C, cameras that rival (and sometimes beat) the OnePlus 6, a larger screen, AND 2 years of guaranteed Android upgrades, plus 3 years of guaranteed security patches, and it works in the US. <$300

  3. Xiaomi mi a2 (Android One)
    Is only $249
    Way better performance
    Better camera
    2 years of major android update and 3 years of android security updates

  4. 250$ snapdragon450 ? LOL
    my old Redmi 4 Prime(SD625 4100mha 3gram+32g) still better than this
    I paid it for 170$. 2 years ago,when it released

  5. "Cant get Oppo or Xiaomi in the US" ??? yes you can! Ever heard of this thing called internet. Aliexpress the SECOND LARGEST retailer in the world has those on stock.

  6. There's the new Motorola one and one power being launched on August the 2nd which looks really good for it's price.

  7. Who want stock android want updates too. Motorola/Lenovo release phones with old updates or release updates 1 year later (my Moto g5s plus will receive Oreo when P will be available). Furthermore they don't provide dates for updates. Nokia is working better and offer what people that prefer android stock (cheaper than a pixel) want, also with better communication. And until now they haven't lie as Motorola with my old Moto g4.

  8. OG google Pixel still blows all these new budget phones out of the water. Better camera, amoled screen, better resolution, is getting Android P this summer, runs stock android, better performance, more support. Why get a new budget phone when you can get a gen old flagship that is just better in every regard. Hell you could get a google pixel 2 for just 80 dollars over the 300 dollar budget.

  9. Nah, Nokia 6 is better, just because of software. Until Motorola can become not terrible at updating phones I will not buy another one of their phones.

  10. zte’s blade zmax is a really good phone for $120. it can even go on the internet while being on call unlike iphone :/

  11. I like moto software and hardware build quality but I don't like few things of moto design e.g branding company name in front just above the home button and extra large bezels.

  12. Incredible! Love it. Pure honesty & opinion thank you. This channel I'm starting to trust more the more videos I watch

  13. What are the other phones you tested and what was wrong with them? Really like the premise of the video but need to know what the other comparisons were. I'm guessing the 7x is referenced when mentioning that the g6 has 5mhz wifi but that is about the only reference I could draw…

  14. This is quite shameful video. Xiaomi, Meizu, LeEco even likes of Doogie and Vivo offers much better value for money.

  15. Something I learnt in the past , I would never buy again phone from company that is too LAZY doing software updates.

  16. I considered to buy the Moto G6 too, but I ended up buying a Blackberry DTEK60. I got it for only $200 on sale.
    Like the G6, it has a fingerprint reader (but on the back), USB C, headphone jack, 5 GHz Wifi and NFC.
    But its screen is far better, an AMOLED 1440×2560 display that just looks incredible for this price. Also, the main camera makes amazing 21MP pictures (I never used my front facing camera so idk about that one) and it has dual speakers generating well-quality sound and a customizable hardware shortcut button.
    Still, the G6 might be better in two categories: battery and OS: The battery of my DTEK runs for only 24 up to 48 hours, and the phone comes with Android 6.0 with some Blackberry apps preinstalled (which you can just remove).
    So I think if you don't have a problem with Android 6 (or if you are able to flash a newer version by yourself), you will be far better off with the DTEK60.

  17. Honestly the best budget phone in 2018 would be this. Nice battery life and nearly bezel less. If you’re an Apple user, the best budget phone would be the iPhone 6s. About 250-300 dollars, and it has a headphone jack.

  18. Got this this phone for my girlfriend to replace her old glitchy iPhone 6. She's really happy about it and I was really surprised at how close to stock android that thing is.

  19. I got an Honor 7x a few months ago and I have to say I've been impressed by how good it is, it's fast, it has a good camera, battery is really good; it is a solid option if you're looking for an inexpensive phone.

  20. Fingerprint sensor a key feature :').
    The MOTO G3 my dad uses is still snappy. I'm a bit jealous of it as well, cause i need to use an iphone (SE) for work.

  21. I have been using Moto G since it's very first launch by Google. It was a great phone when it first came out, but the phone failed to keep the top spot. It's lacking NFC, no using AMOLED technology, with 3000mah battery, IPS display drains it like hell, priced way too much now it's no longer the budget phone. In terms of phone design, it's not appealing with big round camera and bulky design.

  22. Motorola will never get my money again. I have a Moto Z Droid, and after having it replaced under warranty twice in the past 1 year 8 months, it's now out of warranty and will die within 10 minutes after being unplugged (charged to 100%). Each replacement Motorola has given me has been defective. Absolute worst experience I've ever had with a smartphone.

  23. I have a Moto G6 and hate it. I used to have a Samsung J7, a $200 phone, I loved it; unfortunately, it has only 3g not 4g in the US.

  24. Yo I’m on an iPad and ya I need a pretty cure app on their and it’s WAYYY easer so my bday is coming up so thats what I need bc ima be ten I’m getting slime squishy’s and a precure toy so wish me luck 😀

  25. Just bought mine from total wireless…if I like it…I will go for the g7…too bad the g6 plus or g7 plus are not in the states…so I have heard…

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