The BEST NEW iPhone X Accessories!

– Today’s video is sponsored by Anker. Yo guys, Jonathan here. Maybe you picked up an
iPhone X, maybe you didn’t. But if you did, today this
is the video for you because I’m covering some of the
best accessories you can pick up, and I’m kicking it
off with a question I get quite frequently. That is, what is the
best wireless charger. Now there are a ton of
different options out there, but the one I’m recommending,
is the one I’ve been personally using for the
last couple of weeks. This is the Mophie wireless charging base. It’s not fancy, it’s not
flashy, but it definitely does the job. What I like about it specifically
is one it’s very compact, and two everything is connected,
so you’re not going to need to carry multiple parts. So when you combine those
two factors together, in addition to making a
great option for your desk, it’s also great for traveling as well. Now on the technical side this will output up to 7.5 watts in terms
of wireless charging. I believe it’s actually more
than Apple currently supports on the 8, the 8+ and the X. But it’s nice to know when
they kind of kick that open and unlock it you will be
supported with this charger. As far as how it works, there’s
not really too much to say. You place the iPhone down
on the charger, it charges, and that’s about it. It’s been really consistent,
honestly has worked pretty much every single time for me. Next if you’ve been looking
to pick up a Bluetooth speaker for your iPhone X or just a
Bluetooth speaker in general the UE Wonderboom is one of my favorites. Not going to lie, it kind of
looks like a mini home pod, let me know if you agree. Now this Wonderboom comes
in some fancy pants colors. Cashmere pink, fireball
red, lilac, phantom black, stone gray, and sub-zero blue. You get 10 hours of battery life. Surprisingly really fantastic
sound especially for the size, and not only is it water
proof, not only is it portable, but it’s durable too – [Sound Guy] Dude. – That the inadvertent drop test. Now one thing I don’t normally
test out with Bluetooth speakers, maybe I should, is the range. Range is very important. So we’re going to start that today. (Music playing) Now I’m leaving my iPhone
over there unattended, probably not the smartest thing, but. (music continues) (music stops) (music continues) (music stops) (music continues) So like, that’s like the cut off. I have no idea how far
that is technically, maybe. So it’s like 108, 110. That’s a good eye Rich. So that’s the other enticing
thing with the UE Wonderboom is the fact that it is water resistant. Here I am, as you can
tell next to some water. Got it playing right now. And we’re going to dip it in. Man that is some nice
refreshing cold arrowhead water. Not really. Either way though, works
well, looks even cooler. Give a little volume test. I mean what else could you ask for, it’s portable, looks great,
comes in a few different colors, water resistance. It might be the perfect Bluetooth
speaker for your iPhone X. Now as far as cases go, I
actually enjoy Apple’s official iPhone X case. They come in a billion different colors, all of which DetroitBORG has. So if you want to check
all those colors out, make sure you check out his video. But on top of that, they fit
well, they don’t add a ton of weight. But the problem with them
is one, they don’t add a ton of protection. Two they are expensive as sh- – [Rich] Demonetized. – So with that said if you
don’t got a ton of money to spend on a case, this the
Anker Karapax shield case is $7.99. That’s one of the cheapest I’ve seen. Beyond what’s cool with
this case is the cutouts. Every single one of them are razor sharp. The dual lenses, the mute
switch, the lightning port, the grills, they are
all very very precise. And I really really like
the buttons on this. The volume up, the volume down. That new and improved bigger,
badder, better side button is super clicky. What’s cool with this is
one, it’s a two layer case so you’re going to get a
little bit of added protection especially for the price. Two, we got some carbon fiber
elements, so if you like that look, it’s going to be perfect for you. And three, we’re going to
get that lip protection. So I personally like to set
my phone down like that, but I’ve had a bad habit of
scratching the crap out of my phone. But with this, it’s going
to give you both back and front protection. I don’t really want to do this, but. It didn’t sound good. So there you have it. Didn’t matter if I would
have dropped it anyways. But you can actually buy 125
of these cases for the price of an iPhone X. So maybe you want to have a back catalog. Maybe you want to go
through these like crazy. Check out the link below. Next up we are talking
headphones for the iPhone X. And this is the Beats Studio 3. And I know, every time Beats is mentioned, an audiophile out there
has a heart attack. But, these actually are quite alot better than you might think. One, the biggest biggest
attractive thing with this is the W1 chip. So just like the airpods,
and how easy those connect, they improve battery life. This is inside the Beats Studio 3. So this is my first time
pairing these headphones to this iPhone X. Powered them on, this icon pops up. Press connect, we’re going
to wait a few seconds, and just like airpods, we are there. I really like the fact that
you instantly see battery life on your headphones in the icon here. So it’s just a really seamless experience. So these are red, but the
also come in matte black white, procelain rose,
blue, and shadow gray; not to be confused with space gray. The shadow gray actually has
a nice little gold accent too, so that’s kind of nice. Beyond that, what is especially
cool with these is I believe they’re the first pair of Beats
by Dre headphones to include adaptive noise cancellation. With that, you’re going to
get 22 hours of battery life. But if you want to turn that
off into low power mode, you can actually squeeze
40 hours out of these guys. From there though, if you
happen to wear these out and blow through that battery
life, what’s really impressive is 10 minutes of charge
time is going to get you 3 hours of playback. So that is crazy cool. Honestly, I think my only
complaint with these is the fact that for whatever reason,
clearly they are designed to to be used with the
iPhone, they are still using a micro USB port. So while USB-C would have been nice, I also would have settled
for lightning because that way it would have been
one less cable to carry with the iPhone X. The last thing you’re probably wondering is how do they sound. Honestly I was surprised with
how the sound quality was. I think Beats have kind
of become over bashed and over criticized as far as audio quality. But if you check out the
reviews I’m not just saying it, there’s a lot of people
who really enjoy these. Are they the best? Are they audiophile
quality headphones, no. But they are very impressive, and they work extremely
well with the iPhone X, also 8’s and 8+ as well. So last up is actually the smallest product out of the bunch. This is the native union key, actually one of my favorite
tech products of all time. It is compact, and I think
why I like it the most is because it’s on your keychain, unless you are prone to
always loosing your keys, you are more than likely
going to have a cable with you especially because people
like to steal these. So how it works is you have
the USB-A version on one side. In this particular case
the lightning connector on the other, but they also
come in micro-USB as well as USB-C. So whatever phone you
have they got you covered. This is a very nice looking navy color. But there’s a ton of
different variations as well. From there besides the fact
that again, it’s portable, you’re always going to have it on you. I love the aesthetic, I
love the build quality, I’ll make sure to drop all
the variations all the colors to the different models down below. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video. If you did and you feel
like being awesome make sure to smash that like button,
and if you missed it we are giving away a
brand new X-Box One X. You can check that out
here or again down below. This is Jonathan, and
I’ll catch you guys later. I actually really enjoy Apple’s
official iPhone X cases.

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