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The Billionaire’s Phone: Vertu Constellation (2017) Review

The Billionaire’s Phone: Vertu Constellation (2017) Review

– It can be hard to justify the cost of a modern flagship smartphone. Is a Samsung Galaxy S8+ really
gonna make a $500 difference in your life over say, a Moto G? But there’s a whole other class of phones above those top tier iPhones and Galaxys, the luxury phones. This is the Vertu Constellation and its starting price of
$6000 can only mean one thing. This is the billionaire’s phone. (soft instrumental music) This isn’t the first Vertu
phone we reviewed here at Android Central. Back in 2015, I reviewed
the Vertu Signature Touch which at the time, started at $10,000. We don’t review phones like this every day but you should go ahead and
subscribe to this channel. So go ahead, click right there, I’ll wait. At $6,000 you might think this is gonna be some kind of technological super-phone. But it’s not. Just as a Patek Philippe
is a really nice watch that tells time just
as well as a $20 Seiko, a Vertu is a really nice phone but doesn’t do anything technically more than your standard Galaxy
or HTC or LG phone. Now despite this being a 2017 phone, it’s packing specs that are
more reminiscent of early 2016. You’re looking at a
Snapdragon 820 processor, four gigabytes of ram,
128 gigabytes of storage, a 5.5 inch quad HD AMOLED display, USB-C and Android 6.0 Marshmallow with only a handful of customizations. Yeah, those are 2016 specs right there. So why would you pay 10 times as much for this phone than you
would for this phone? There are a couple of
answers to that question. And not a single one has
anything to do with the specs. The first is exclusivity and that’s almost the kind of
the hardest one to capture. That’s the funny thing about luxury goods. It doesn’t have to actually
be the best technical product. The price alone can make it exclusive. A Vertu is in large part, a status symbol, to symbolise that yes, you
are among the very very rich. You could see it when you’re
setting up your Vertu account, where your typical phone might offer you Mr. or Ms. or even Dr. as your title, a Vertu offers a hilariously
long list of titles for the layperson such as myself. You could be a Queen,
or a Lord or a Sheikh or even just a Sir. This is a phone for
oil barons and royalty. And then there are the materials, where your typical smartphone might sport a Gorilla Glass cover over the screen, the Vertu screen is covered with 140 carats of super-hard sapphire. Your phone is probably made
out of glass and metal, maybe even some plastic. There’s nothing wrong with that. The Vertu Constellation is made out of finely machined aluminium with this luxurious calf leather back that comes in a variety of colours. It’s all assembled in England with a variety of material upgrades that will push the price even further up. At 241 grammes, it’s a heavy phone. But it’s also one of
the best-feeling phones I have ever held and yeah, the design’s
a little ostentatious but I’ll be honest, I kinda like it. And there’s this ruby button and yes, it’s a real ruby. You push it and it launches
the Vertu Concierge app. The materials alone might
justify a couple hundred dollars but concierge is where Vertu
really distinguishes itself. There are three parts to this. Vertu Life, Vertu Support
and Vertu Concierge. Vertu Support is a suite of apps from dedicated technical support that can remotely control your phone to Silent Circle secure
calls and messaging to easy syncing with
Google and iCloud accounts. A lot of that stuff is already
available on Google Play. What Vertu has done by
bundling it on the phone, is made it simple and straightforward for kind of people who truly
need that kind of security but don’t have the time or the knowledge to spend the hours to figure
it out for themselves. Vertu Life offers up a whole bunch of prearranged
exclusive opportunities. These can range from VIP access
to the Master’s tournament, backstage passes at Coachella, and even priority reservations and perks at great restaurants around the world. It’s clearly designed
for the jet-setting crowd that can afford these kind of things. And then, there’s Vertu Concierge. It’s the ultimate perk. If there is any reason to get
this phone, it’s Concierge. Vertu has a dedicated staff
in 68 offices around the world ready to meet your needs. You can call, chat, or
email with Concierge and they’ll do all the work for you. I took this phone on a
trip to New York City and asked the concierge to
book our team of six a dinner, someplace nice but still somewhat casual. They came back to me with great steakhouse in Downtown Manhattan,
with free appetisers and a round of Prosecco for the table. Sure, I could have researched the thousands of restaurants
in New York City, looked on Google Maps and Yelp and made a reservation through OpenTable but all it took was a couple of messages to the Vertu Concierge and
they had it booked for me and we went and I had
one of the best steaks I’ve ever had in my life, just, just look at that. Oh yeah. And Concierge is included in the first year of Vertu ownership. It’s $3000 a year thereafter, so you should probably make
pretty extensive use of it and the kind of things that Concierge is able
to help you out with probably aren’t gonna be all that cheap. Our dinner wasn’t outrageously expensive but it also wasn’t the Olive Garden. But if you can justify the $3000 a year to have somebody help you
with booking dinner plans and your next private jet, you can probably justify
the cost of a Vertu alone. And let’s be honest, it’s
gonna go great with your yacht. There is a lot more to this phone and you can read all
about it in my full review on Also be sure to subscribe to us on YouTube for the latest reviews of phones that aren’t always as
ridiculous as this one. Thanks for watching. It’s windy, do you guys hear that? Lots of wind. I think the mic’s picking it up. I don’t like that, (groans). (mumbles)

100 thoughts on “The Billionaire’s Phone: Vertu Constellation (2017) Review”

  1. My favorite thing about this video is that Derek, unlike me, actually knows how to pronounce "Sheikh."

  2. Compare other luxury good,it not that expensive,
    My 6000 dollars watch not have so much leather,Jewish, ruby,
    And too much small

  3. K then. Just preordered my peasant-spec Galaxy S8+ but…k then. This is a thing.
    I'm sure it'd be worth the price just to see the looks on triggered vegans and ancoms faces when they find out it's made of calf leather and is priced over $6k to appeal to business execs.

  4. Well the services and the materials on this phone are really what the phone is all about. But I don't think to many of the target crowd will spend the money on this phone. Contrary to what people may think about the rich, they are frugal spenders.

  5. Excellently done and perfectly detailed review. There's basically nothing left to ask about or add to this. Maybe there is… is that real gold on the front of the phone?

  6. IDK… Even if I was a billionaire, I highly doubt I'd have one…Not even with the English-accent speaking "Concierge" on hand 24/7…I'm a techhead / power user, and this handset really doesn't seem to have the perks, nor functionality my device has – except for the security, but you can do that with any phone, after it's rooted by someone who really knows what they're doing…

  7. What's the IP water rating? Oh that's right.. who cares if it gets wet?? Especially when you always have another one for backup 💰💸🤑

  8. My shiny all-glass Asus Zenfone 3 in Shimmering Gold wouldn't be shy sitting next to this $6000 Vertu Constellation.

  9. Check again… that Patek Philippe does do more than that $20 Seiko. It tells the time everywhere in the world at once.

  10. Analogy of Vertu being the Patek of phone industry is a disgrace. Vertu is more like pre-2015 Hublot. Garbage watch with ETA innard at ridiculous price. Biver changed Hublot for good. Who's gonna save Vertu?

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    EverythingApplePro copied PhoneBuff speed test video style. All this copying.

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  16. Derek, I've been following you around the web since your days at PreCentral when I would read your accessory reviews for the Pre Plus, my very first smartphone. Although it's not nearly frequent enough, I always get excited when I see you're involved in video. Keep it up, man.

  17. Nice job of comparing the luxury phone and normal smartphone. Especially I like the video title name "the billionaire phone". The video content is nice with jokes, ending with hilarious face. #spreadthelove

  18. As a owner of Vertu phone, I have more than 10 of Vertu phone and I'm very pleased with Vertu concierge service, I'm living at Malaysia and I use their service for more than 10 years. Believe me, this phone worth the price.

  19. So it's actually more than $6000…. really $3000 for having concierge after the first free year.

  20. Crazy Discount off 70% for Vertu. Chuyên phân phối Điện thoại Vertu. Cam kết giá tốt nhất Vịnh Bắc Bộ. Xem chi tiết tại đây hoặc liên hệ với chúng tôi Hotline 0904.446.214

  21. ill stick with my s8 plus, which has faster performance, bigger and better display, has water resistance, and has a face and iris scanning security, and saves me 5200$.

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  23. Hi, i was watching Your video i would like to ask You a question. I repair phones and i live few miles away from vertu factory. The day the company went busted i had someone ring me and they told me they have vertu constellation phone out of vertu shop and asked me if i want to buy it? I told them to drop it off and when they did i thought phone is some chinese copy so i payed silly amount of money for it to later find out that either copy or fake cannot be bought anywhere… the one i have looks egzactly the same just different colour on the back and its says vertu england demo not for sale. Do you have any idea how to check if it’s genuine vertu Phone? As i have only phone nothing else. Even it says “demo” phone works fine with sim and im using it normaly the only thing thatvdoesnt work atm is certu serwices… is there any way i can confirm the autenthity?

  24. Also never released. But demo units were sold at auction when the company shut down, I got one for 2400. Website has come back up, story was it was a temporary shut down so perhaps they shall return? Don't care about the services, but do want updates.

  25. one of the principles in my life is that " Remember The Intrinsic Value For Everything" this is only 300 to 400 dollars as an intrinsic value.

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  28. so its an expensive looking phone with weaker specs than the standard….why not just buy an iPhone and save the additional $5000

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