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The Birds (8/11) Movie CLIP – Trapped in a Phone Booth (1963) HD

The Birds (8/11) Movie CLIP – Trapped in a Phone Booth (1963) HD

[ Screaming ][ Man ]
Hey![ Gulls’ Screaming
Increases ][ Wings Flapping ][ Siren Wailing ][ Screaming, Flapping
Become Thunderous ][ Gulls Pounding
On Glass ] [ Shrieking ]

100 thoughts on “The Birds (8/11) Movie CLIP – Trapped in a Phone Booth (1963) HD”

  1. In 1999, I think, this scene was re-used in a commercial. While Tippi is in the phone booth, the man who stumbles up looks in and tells her she can save money by calling long distance with 1-800-COLLECT.

  2. Throughout the movie, I wonder what will the birds do if someone kills one or more birds in an attack, and the throws the dead birds back to them as trophies that humans are the top predator. Ya know, an unwise move to goad victory

  3. But ..they're just SEAGULLS!! They're also cute and lovable birds. How dare they give seagulls a bad image! 🙁

  4. There's a cartoon- Angry Birds. Good title for this movie. Now I have a desire for chicken wings.🐦🐔🐓🦆🦅 the fowl are being foul.

  5. Here's a fun fact long before this movie was made there were some birds that were attacking buildings but the poor things died banging their heads on the buildings or on thick windows people were telling the neighbors and their experience then they told their friends until finally the story reach the ears of Alfred Hitchcock and he turn it into a movie but nobody knew why those birds are going cuckoo until the 1990sthe same thing happened again but this time they decided to take some of the dead birds to scientiststhey discovered that these birds had ingested something that they shouldn't have apparently it was caused by algae when Planktons eat them it doesn't do anything to them same thing with the fish when they eat the plankton but when the birds eat the fish well it turns the birds crazy 🐦🐦🐦🐦

  6. "oh no! Theres evil birds attacking and im right outside a safe place!"

    *runs into phone booth*

  7. Well, it could have been worse. They could have been attacked by hawks, ospreys and albatrosses. Instead of web footed seagulls.

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