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The Bourne Supremacy (9/9) Movie CLIP – Final Call to Pamela (2004) HD

The Bourne Supremacy (9/9) Movie CLIP – Final Call to Pamela (2004) HD

Pamela Landy.
[ Bourne ]
I hear you’re still looking for me. Bourne?
What do you want? I wanted to thank you… for the tape.[ Landy ]
We got what we needed.
It’s all tied off. It’s over.I guess I owe you an apology. Is that official?No. Off the record.
You know how it is.Good-bye. Wait. Wait. David Webb. That’s your real name.You were born 4-1 5-7 1
in Nixa, Missouri.Why don’t you come in
and we’ll talk about it.Bourne? Get some rest, Pam.
You look tired.[ Man ]
#Extreme ways are back again #

100 thoughts on “The Bourne Supremacy (9/9) Movie CLIP – Final Call to Pamela (2004) HD”

  1. The number of "wwwhhhhhhrrrrrrrr" comments on here, lets me further know that we humans are more alike than we know……..WWWHHHHHHRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

  2. I always replayed the trilogy of jason bourn when i miss to watchig some movie.. yes its just my favorit movie ever seen..

  3. “Get some rest Pam you look tired” should be how I end all conversations from now on.

    Friend: I love the movie “Batman”
    Me: Get some rest you look tired

  4. You have got it. In reality, it was all over my thousand dollar Jacobson's suede suits. The same low lifes waited in line to befriend me when I packed on the pregnancy forty. They were simply pissed because I was hand picked for the potition, both of them.

  5. @1:30

    You see some sort of shady looking guy in a trenchcoat and sunglasses walking around, looking all suspicious, and eventually the camera starts to center on him instead of Bourne. I think this was an intentional shot by the director to show just how many people live in the city, and just how IMPOSSIBLE it'd be to find Bourne once he blends in with everyone else. In a city of 1 million, just how hard is it to find someone who doesn't want to be found? Do you start interrogating every man wearing sunglasses and hats, or is he that quiet guy who got on the bus 2 hours ago reading the newspaper? The camera then zooms up and out to show the scope and the size of the city, as if to imply the same exact thing; "once Bourne blends in, you'll never see him again until he's the one that comes to you".

  6. Watched this as a kid, probably 5 or 6 years old and it has forever been ingrained in my head as one of the greatest crime thrillers to exist. The ending gives goosebumps every rewatch.


    i just binged watch all the bourne movies and it still makes me wonder grr

  8. In the book, Ludrum writes that "rest is a weapon", and I've often wondered if that quote was an homage to the origional book. One of the greatest authors ever.
    Bob. Australia.

  9. Am I supposed to believe that Matt Damon look-a-like just roaming about the streets and people don't flip a beat? Really?

  10. It was very clever how they worked this into the next movie. It wasn't planned ahead, either, as this scene takes place in warm temperatures and the other one in the winter. And Bourne's backpack is different.

  11. Bourne can really end a movie.
    Walked down those streets to school East 48th street also have great parties. If you know ppl, always love the skyline view.

    I can just imagine, Bourne getting one of those sticker name tags, to put on. LOL

  12. Bourne is an everyman walking amongst the people, blending in, never stopping, slipping through the net, hiding in plain sight and therefore being a ghost. Probably what a lot of real field agents do everyday.

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