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The Call-A-Spy Show Trailer (from Peng! Collective)

The Call-A-Spy Show Trailer (from Peng! Collective)

The NSA has all the data in the world We have their phone numbers The game is simple. Our contestants will phone up
several spies throughout this show following specific challenges and tasks set by me. Cover stories Hi there, this is Olivia Jones calling. I have a few questions for you. Because I’m a grade school teacher at
Garfield Elementary School in Forest Park Illinois. Absurd Games Good morning, this is David. Good morning, this is Kevin Mitnick speaking.
I’m from the US Fleet Cyber Command. I work in the operational signal intelligence. And I’m specialized in dragnet surveillance. Time challenges Gloria here and I’m a Canadian citizen and
I just wanted to chat to another Canadian. Because I’ve been a little bit troubled reading
about this recent hack at the NSA. And I wanted to know that Canada’s still got everything
under control. In a show about deception I just told you, I’m a grade school teacher. But I don’t know that, I don’t know you. But I thought this numbers
was for getting information about how the government works in the security department. You have my desk number. I’m an intelligence analyst. Quick thinking Are you sitting in front of your computer? You have to check a thing for me. Because there is a trojan horse going around.
It’s called “Cyanide”. And we have to see who is affected by it. It’s introduced by Russian whistleblowers. And provocation Are you troubled by the hack, too?
Sounds like you are. Well, I’m not here in fact to discuss
my personal feeling about that. Meet annoyed spies Madam, you’re not listening to me. You’re a teacher and you’re a good listener, right? Fiery contestants The agency doesn’t have any recommendations
for citizens? – No, we don’t. – At all? Like we’re just let out there in the wild
just making decisions about what tools we should be using to protect ourselves from
being spied on having our data stolen? You’re also not listening very well because
as I’ve tried to tell you, this is what I’ve already been through and no one calls back. And an old friend I’m really honoured to talk to the call-a-spy
show contestants tonight. The game has only just started and you are already heroes in my eyes. The call a spy show Live calls with the NSA Coming to a theater near you Are you close to your computer? It’s very urgent, like the safety of Obama
relies on it. You don’t want that the same thing happens as to
JFK, right? So, do you have your mobile phone maybe? Find out more

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