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The Devil’s in Your Details | Phone Fraud

The Devil’s in Your Details | Phone Fraud

Hi, Mrs Walker? Yes? Hi Mrs Walker. I’m from your bank. Um it seems there’s been some unusual activity in your account. Really? Um Don’t you worry about it Mrs Walker, we’ll soon sort that out for you. Um before we continue I just wanna go through some security questions with you. Oh yes, of course. Ok, um can you please tell me your password? Normally you only ask for two digits. But due to the nature of the circumstances I’m afraid we’re going to have to go with a slightly higher security clearance. Oh yes, of course. Sorry. 7-2-3-3-2-7. What I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna put you on hold for a little moment and err we’ll get this all sorted out for you. Is that ok? Oh yes, that’s fine. Ah, right. Hello Mrs Walker? Yes? That’s all sorted out for you. You have a good day Mrs Walker. Actually can I just ask y… You wouldn’t give your information to a stranger – don’t do it over the phone. For advice and guidance on keeping your details safe, visit

15 thoughts on “The Devil’s in Your Details | Phone Fraud”

  1. @rachelcreasey34 Because your bank never asks for passwords. Personally, I simply refuse to give my details – even address, birthdate, anything, to someone who calls me.

  2. @rachelcreasey34 you cant, but the point is your bank will never ask you for those details because they dont need to! They're your bank!
    On several occasions I've had these sorts of calls and my response is simply to say I won't confirm anything with them, but I will call them back (on the number I have for them).

  3. You really can't tell what is genuine these days, the Vice Guide to Fraud will show you how easy it is to falsify numerous bank documents/forms of identification, so bank statements, passports etc. There's only preventative measures, no real 'secure' method, easiest way if you're ever unsure – just hang up.

  4. @rachelcreasey34 Follow the link in the video description for some helpful advice on what to do in situations like these

  5. I would tell them I will come into the bank at my earliest convenience.
    Or I would ask the name of the caller and tell them I will call them back when I have a few minutes to spare…then call my bank immediately to see if there is anything going on with my account that I should be aware of….

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