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The Dual Screen Phone Done Right 👏

The Dual Screen Phone Done Right 👏

– Hey, guys, this is Austin, and this is the Vivo Nex
dual display edition, and it is seriously cool. Huge shoutout to Vivo
for partnering with me on this one and giving us
early access to the Nex to show you guys. Pop open the box, and we have
the Nex dual display itself. Okay, this is really cool. So what’s really special about this phone is that not only does
it have a front display, but it also has a secondary rear display with some really cool tech. Aw, man. I saw photos of this beforehand. I did not realize exactly
what I was getting here. You know when you’re
at school or something, and you’re trying to text easily? You just flip it upside down, like oh no, no, I’m putting my phone face down. Do people do that? I feel like I’m out of
touch with the kids. Ah, look at that, we have a
bumper included with the phone. Now actually just between us, these are my favorite type of cases. Skins are great, cases are great, but having a bumper on your phone is totally the way to do it. Which kind of makes sense, right, if you have a screen on
the back of your phone, you don’t exactly want
to cover it with a case. Wait, is that a headphone jack? (faux suspense music) Because the Nex has all the fun goodies you would expect out of
a brand new smart phone, we have an in-display fingerprint sensor. So if you look at the
phone from the front, you will see that we have
the fingerprint sensor, but if we flip it over, we
have the facial recognition. So if I tap that, it immediately
unlocks using my face. Wow, that’s actually really clever because usually you have to choose between either having a fingerprint sensor or having that facial unlock. But here you literally have whichever one is more convenient for you. Up front, we have a
6.4 inch, 2340 by 1080p AMOLED touch screen. What’s cool about this
is it is fully bezel-less and it does have a pretty impressive 91% screen to body ratio. That is because, my friends,
there is no notch to be found. So around back is a 5.5
inch, 1080p AMOLED panel. I mean, think about that, right? That’s pretty much the same spec as a lot of high-end flagships
from not that long ago. And it’s the second display. If you want more screen resolution, just flip over the phone. That is super cool. Now with two screens, you might expect it needs a giant battery,
but the good thing is, you actually only really ever
use one screen at a time, so it really doesn’t
make a big difference. And it is outfitted
with a pretty impressive 3500 milliamp hour battery. I think a big reason
why this works so well is that it is using a pair of OLED panels. Because they are so
thin, it doesn’t really add any extra bulk to the phone. I mean, this is just as thin as a standard, single screen phone. So weird to think that a standard single screen phone seems out of date now when you’ve got dual displays on all sides of your super cool smart phone. Inside, this is loaded
with flagship level specs. It has a Snapdragon 845, ten gigs of ram, as well as 128 gigs of storage. When I first saw this phone, I expected that the screen would be a gimmick, right? I mean, sure it’s nice to be able to frame up selfies or something. But the more I think about it, what are you giving up by
having a second display? It doesn’t add any extra thickness. In fact, it might even help
your battery life, right? If you are, say, running low on battery and you want to use the rear screen, I bet it’s a little bit
more power efficient since it’s smaller. And on top of that, I mean,
what are you giving up, right? I mean, maybe wireless charging, I guess. But on the flip side, you have, well, a screen on the flip side. – [Angry Voice] You stink! – I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist. What’s cool about that second screen is that I can use it in games like PUBG. So right now I’ve mapped my fire button to the right side, and if I want to jump, I can just tap on the left. It’s a pretty cool way of doing it. Of course, we can’t talk about this phone without discussing the cameras. So there are three around back. There’s a 12 megapixel
main camera with OIS, there’s a 2 megapixel
lowlight optimized camera, and then there’s a time-of-flight camera which is used for the 3-D effect as well as for determining exactly how far objects are away from the phone. So with the back screen enabled, I can see myself pretty clearly, so if I want to take a selfie with the AI beauty mode. We also do have the portrait mode, so– Oh, wow. So the beauty mode is definitely
a little bit aggressive, but I think a lot of
people will like that look, even though I like something that’s a little bit less filtered. That portrait mode actually
looks really good, too. There’s also a 3-D face scanning mode. So if I move my head slowly. Whoa! Dude! So I can change the way my face looks now? Hang on, let’s change my eye span. So now, with that saved– Whoa! So it’s, I guess, putting
that 3-D model of my face over my real face. Man, I look so beautiful. There’s also mirror mode. So this enables both
screens at the same time. So if I’m taking a photo
of Ken, for example, he can critique me from his side to make sure I actually get it right. Wave, wave, say hi. – Hi. – It’s pretty cool. It’s very cool. I feel like I could do an
entire video just like this. This is what video looks like straight off the Vivo Nex. Unlike a lot of front
facing cameras out there, this is a much bigger
sensor, and because of that, it looks a lot nicer. And this is what the video looks like when you’re shooting on the rear camera, or at least shooting in the standard mode. The stabilization actually
looks to be pretty solid. One of the main advantage of the Vivo Nex is that because it doesn’t have a standard front-facing camera, we have a much nicer
sensor, much nicer lens, and some cool features to go with it. To put this to the test,
we are outside at nighttime with a train in the background to see just how good the selfies are. Well, I guess and the video
and the normal photos, but I want to see the selfie. Wow, I look way too happy here. (laughs) One of the main advantages
here is the lunar ring. So in addition to having a pair of lights which do act as a fill, we also have a colored circle, and this can actually automatically adjust based
on the lighting in your area. So if I sort of get something like this… That fills it out nicely. And what’s cool is you actually kind of get some interesting flares
from those lights on the camera. It’s a super unique look. To be clear, I mean this is a good camera
even without the light, but the fact that you
have the extra options does make a big difference. I mean, that looks really nice. If I want, I can completely
cut out the background and make it all monochrome. I mean, this works well. Of course, though, it does not stop there. We also have video capability, as you would expect, because I’ve already shown the video capability. But let’s see how it is in low light. The lowlight video looks pretty good. A big part of that is because
we do have the lunar ring to help fill in a little bit of light in, but even so, this is not bad considering that it is, of course, night time. The Vivo Nex dual display
edition is seriously impressive. If this is a taste of what
phones are going to look like in 2019 and beyond, then I’ve
got to say I am on board.

100 thoughts on “The Dual Screen Phone Done Right 👏”

  1. Come on what was Vevo actually thinking….
    It is a completely stupid idea come on what was thinking about dual display smartphone
    Not only that it is fragile but also a complete waste of time and resources
    We must find some better way of to get rid of Notch or bezels

  2. If this phone had launched under android one program and had stock android then this phone would have been on fire.
    It is a great tech by vivo.
    This is why vivo and oppo are gaining so much success. Because they are constantly delivering technologies which are going to be the future of smartphones. Great Work.

  3. It is cool..but hurm i dont just see any practicality on full dual screen. On the other hand, it will be very useful if there are small screen on back that can show notification or any info such as the Meizu does on some of their phone. Just my opinion only.

  4. that phone looked amazing. i love it. what is the software experiance like though, vivo dont normally use latest OS and updates are slow or non existant and phone not normally supported in EU region(not sure about US)

  5. In my P20 lite I have both face recognition and The fingerprint enabled (i use face recogniton when my fingers are dirty)

  6. The 2nd screen is still really big. Think of the glass part of the pixel phones. If that would be the screen. Enough for a selfie and I think a bit more subtle.

  7. if apple would include this, that would be awesome, taking selfies with the best camera and an allround display…

  8. "hey guys this is Austin" man I feel irritated! No offense though 🙄 just it's irritable with a quirky tone of his voice and the way he says it! And I am not saying he shouldn't do that he should keep doing whatever he wants! Just using my right to share opinions don't come at me with rude lectures!

  9. Why can't we have a option to take away the front camera? One version with a camera but a notch or a fully display without the front camera, I don't even use the front camera, ever.

  10. @vivo good idea bad implementation no one wants to use the second screen other than taking selfies or video communications the back screen should be half the size and focus for those use case only! Apple will take this idea and clean it up I bet just watch. It's not a good use case for the second screen just to mirror or copy the same functionality of the main screen what's the point of having two of the same damn thing it's pointless

  11. They are doing what nokia used to do in their prime time. Not going to buy this but happy that this exists. Didn't like that camera TBH.

  12. Cant wait to break two screans nice

    at least the normal iphone or samsung with back glass if u break it u dont have to replace it to use the back because there is no screan on the back

  13. The 90% of this comment section is pure hate towards apple, if you go to a random apple video you wouldn’t find people trying to convince Android users to buy an iPhone, guys, let the people do whatever they want with their money
    PD: currently using an s9 so

  14. What is even the point of having a dual-screen design? Literally, nobody is asking for this and it's so pointless.

  15. 700 dollar ish Phone with 1 day battery life. Most of the features are gimmicky.Its unconvinient to flipp the phone and it looks bad with the Bumper on. The software is also not pollished. This Presentation says only Positive things. Is there Money Involved?-

  16. just like the Nubia X, the camera is bad.
    especially for this price range.
    The best alternative is the Mi Mix 3 and this is even cheaper too.
    If the camera had been as good as the Mix3, the Nubia X or Vivo nex dual screen would have become my new smartphone.

  17. Pretty Dope. The phone is truly futuristic and the camera performance(enhanced by the two flashes and the lunar ring) is gonna be a tough one to beat anytime soon. The design aesthetics are great as well with the bezelless interpretation and the camera bump would definitely turn heads.
    Overall it's good to see innovation going on and smartphone designs drastically changing keeping that form factor intact.

  18. Hey Austin, planning to buy this phone to replace my s8. Does the display look better or at least as good as the s8? Also, does it take photos and record videos as good or better than the s8?

  19. It's such a load of horseshit that big phone manufacturers partnered with big Network Carriers (Verizon, ATT, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc.) companies have such a stronghold on the US market. We rarely see any of these really cool, innovative phones unless we order them from overseas in which case the phones aren't optimized for US cell towers. They might work pretty good in big cities, but once you get more remote you really start to realize how much you need those extra band frequencies that Network carrier optimized phones have. One day soon it will hopefully be very different.

  20. Nice video i use this amazing phone, good bttery, good display,good camera, big ram, best performance.. Love this device😁


    I really want to get this phone, but before I do so I just want to know… the 3500 mah battery… is it true that since you really only use one screen at a time, the battery will last me at least for the day? Battery life is what got me torn between the Nex S or the dual display… I'd prefer the dual display…since I'm not a HUGE fan of the pop up camera…but if I have to compromise on the dual display battery longevity, I can live with the popup camera. I currently use an Galaxy s8plus and it has a 3500mah battery and it lasts me well, for how I use it…can I expect the same longevity with the Vivo Nex Dual Display?

  22. I disagree…
    In my opinion, the Nubia X has better design, Black back, gold sides, high screen to body ratio, small chin… Sarz…

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