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The Endgame is Near for Phones

The Endgame is Near for Phones

with every tech product or any kind of products really it usually follows some kind of lifecycle that product gets launched it starts to grow quite rapidly it usually hits a plateau and then sometimes if things don’t play out nicely just like that there can be a decline so recently the quarter one results were released by a whole bunch of phone companies and the numbers don’t lie companies are having a rough time selling smartphones right now particularly expensive ones Apple’s iPhone sales were down again by quite a bit and same thing goes for Google they actually don’t even appear in this chart like their sales figures don’t amount for a large enough percentage to show up on this stuff but they mentioned that their hardware sales were lower a year and year and they’re citing kind of overall pressure in that premium segment we’re just super expensive phones are having a tough time moving right now and there’s also Samsung so these guys launched the S 10 devices this year and I thought they were pretty good I would say that entire industry thought that they were pretty solid phones but despite being such good Hardware they’re stating that they still had poor mobile sales because of competition in the low to mid tier segment now there is one standout in this chart its Huawei they just crushed it in this quarter they had a growth of 50 percent compared to the first quarter last year and in this market where everyone else is just not doing a great job at moving smartphones these guys are doing work now analysts are saying that it’s because they have a nice spread of products in their repertoire like if you have some expensive stuff they have some cheap stuff so for the markets that they’re selling to that lineup works and the results speak for themselves right they’re now in the number two position for global market share which is really impressive this is Huawei a company that had like one or two percent market share several years ago and like they’ve made some big moves the rest of the big boys are down on sales and analysts kind of disagree as to what the real cause is behind this some people are saying that it’s some global market like the global economy some people are saying that the low-end market is kind of pushing everything out people are saying that people just don’t want to upgrade phones as regularly all of those factors have a role I’m sure but this feels like the end game not that it’s like doom and gloom but this is the point where phone companies have to just either either one or two things is going to happen either they figure it out they create some kind of innovation like real innovation that Spurs people to purchase more phones either folding technology 5g technology whatever it is or the phone industry moves to this decline and we just get commoditization of smartphones that point where there’s just not enough meaningful differences between the brain so people start to buy phones based on their price tag and not the actual brand itself and manufacturers would fear this because at that point phones would compete primarily on price which is a terrible spot to be in if you’re one of the people making these phones so for the past few years in this smartphone plateau companies have been doing whatever they can to convince people to buy new phones like they’ve been doing stuff like slowing down processors when batteries get old and if you go through each one of these brands like they’re all trying to sell phones in these abnormal ways like Google’s doing half price on their pixel phones a little while ago they now have like $200 off Samsung has $200 off on a phone that’s like six or seven weeks old like this is an s10 you go to Best Buy they’re $200 off even the s10 it’s crazy that says such a good phone but they’re having a tough time moving them $200 off iPhone even in China like iPhone just doesn’t drop prices normally but in China they’re dropping prices because they got to move these phones premium smartphones are very difficult to sell right now so a lot of companies are spending their effort and energies on the lower to mid to your markets like even Google that traditionally sells more expensive stuff their room it to launch a pixel 3a in the next couple of days because that’s what the market demands right now interestingly though there is one company that’s kind of moving in the opposite direction oneplus they started off as a budget brand and they supposedly have you know their 1 + 7 launching soon but they’re supposed to be launching this one +7 Pro which I’m assuming is gonna be a much more expensive version so they’re kind of shifting to a more premium market seemingly maybe regardless all the phone companies are facing the same major issue if they’re not making innovative technologies that people actually want to spend money on and actually want to buy and can make use of it then they run the risk of becoming a commodity this whole industry runs the risk of becoming like printers where the main differentiating feature is price and if you look at Android phones and you kind of strip away the gimmicks and you strip away the minutiae that’s different between them a lot of them look and feel quite similar to one another obviously they’re different in terms of like you know details and software but the user experience is often really similar between Android phones and if this continues where the market doesn’t innovate and doesn’t do anything really different I could see this whole thing becoming a commodity iPhones may be able to dodge it like they’re running their own ecosystem they’re delivering something that’s quite different from everybody else but for the Android phones they’re all becoming really good but just increasingly similar to each other and that’s kind of what commodities look like okay hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs if you liked it subs if you loved it see you guys next time you

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  1. Imo producers have lost sight of what's important in a phone: reception (ability to make a call/use data), battery life (the extent to which you can make a call/use data), and durability/form factor (why this weird FETISH of having no bezels or a "smooth" glass phone… Are people trying to make a fashion statement or shoving them up their asses as sex toys???)

  2. I bought chinese phone named Leagoo for $90 with 4gb ram and water drop. chinese company just trying to lower the value of phones and if dominant phones will not step up the game, the thing you mentioned will happen..

  3. I bought a year old iPhone SE a year ago for $250 and it was a deal that was acceptable to me.
    If I paid $500 for a phone I'd question my sanity, priorities and regret my purchase for a while.

  4. I just picked up, based on your previous video review, a Samsung A20. I had been an iPhone fanboy since the first one came out, then they started getting way too expensive and the difference between what an iPhone could do versus what an android can began to slim. Why pay all that money when a cheap Samsung can give me decent pix, whatsapp, google maps, and a few other features I'll never seriously use? I had a bad taste in my mouth when it was revealed that apple was slowing down iPhones. I also own a 2017 MacBook Pro which has an awful keyboard and keys that get stuck on my occasional fallen eyelash or other random debris. If Samsung or another laptop maker offers a serious MacBook Pro alternative (aluminum or metal casing, reliable ecosystem, etc), then I'll ditch apple and not even look back.

  5. Nice, people finally realise they don’t need any crazy phone to use Instagram, spend that money on a pc for actual usage

  6. Make actual foldable phones or transparent screens & I'll throw over $1,000 for a phone. I'm not throwing my money for something that doesn't stand out.

  7. Honestly if cell phone companies are going to be putting people on a 2 year contract manufacturers should use that to their advantage make a new flag ship phone every two years so this way you get more time for development and make the product worth while and so when the new phones do come out people will be able to upgrade to the new phone if they so please

  8. this is a cool concept and until you realize that most people buy phones through their carriers and thus are financially obliged to get a new phone every two years

  9. Bought a Redmi K20 pro yesterday. Blown away by it. Snapdragon 855 processor. 8 gigs of ram. 256 gigs of memory. Super amoled edgeless display. Pop up selfie camera. Beautiful build quality. And all for 549 euro.

  10. Got a new s10e for 90 bucks. Ninety fucking dollars. It's insane.
    Premium phones are the thing of the past now.

  11. Apple started the expensive smartphone trend, and now Samsung is marginally more expensive, with their s10 plus topping out at over $2000 (Canadian). But at least they offer budget phones in the 200-400 range

  12. I think the innovation that could be key is to build the perfect all in one device. We see Samsung trying it with Samsung Dex. If Dex ever became as fully featured as a regular computer, it could mean people could purchase a phone and use it as their only device. On the go? Use your phone. Sitting on the couch and want to use a tablet? Here pair this handheld wireless touchscreen monitor with your phone to switch it to tablet mode. At your desk? Just pair with your desktop monitor setup and run Dex and now you have a computer.

  13. prices too high, not only that theyre causing the very problems that they justify high prices for, when somthing is 1000 dollars you expect perfection, then you get a new glitchy phone that is the nature of new products, and you then return it becuase, hey its a 1000 dollar phone and needs too be perfect and the cycle continues until poof SHTF. you mutiply this by a few other very similar senarious and you get them lowering the price 200 dollars, do you guys think they will not try recover those losses if the ploy succeeds, so we see the fallout for this in the next generation of products. perhaps its intential a purposful push away from traditional products too convince us too invest elsewhere, perhaps preparation for 5g and the entrance of new vr and ar technology along with mira tech, similar too walmart's security imposement too convince people not too shop instore and promote them too use delivery and pickup services.

  14. lets see. free phones, then 300.00 phones, then self destructing phones, then 1k phones. how to maintain profit in a declining market? raise the price. no way in hell is a smart phone worth 1k.

  15. corporate greed losing in at least ONE segment. Still, idiots with too much money will still buy the "high end" shit

  16. stolen tech much. Let's be honest in could huawei have made such a substantial increase is so short a time? you tell me?

  17. I mean, I do see a recession coming soon bigger than the 2007/2008 one. People can’t afford to pay their rent, much less spend their money on an upgraded phone.

  18. I miss those days when phone manufacturers doesn't release new phones unless there's a "drastic" change.
    I mean, annual flagship? Totally not helpful.

  19. for $1000 dollars your phone needs to last 5+ years. shoot, even tho i have an iphone SE it's considered "old" cause it came out in 2016, it's crazy. the expected lifetimes of these phones are too short for how much they cost

  20. Now a days, mid to high end smartphones costs like $500 to $800.
    Just keep in mind that, not eveybody earns that much to spend that much. $250 – $350 smartphones were kind of afforable, even though afforable doesn't mean has to buy a phone with that much cost. So, they find alternatives with lower price and better quality. Brands like Oppo, Vivo, Huawei are becoming competitors of Samsung.

  21. They need to start supporting their devices longer and stop making $1k disposable phones. Maybe if a 2-year old android phone could really be used safely, people would hesitate less to replace them and older phones would be more realistically giftable and resellable. Devices would have a longer, healthier life cycle and a profitable business model could be created around that.

  22. It's clear the software needs to catch up. More demanding software is what has been driving higher performance hardware.

  23. Here with a $180 phone that works perfectly, without lags. 5150 mAh battery that last 11.5 hours of screen usage. Thanks UMIDIGI, F1 model with 21 LTE bands, even that is great, a lot of bands. Extras… Quick charger included, case in black color, leather textured, included, and even then screen protector. Really surprised with this phone, 3 months using it.

  24. It's because of China. They already have the network industry and market, now handsets. In a few years they will move and break the telecom service sector and take it. Chinese phone operators will come in and dominate everything

  25. Sooooooo, this sounds like it’s all good for the customers but they are mad cause they can’t rip us off like they used to????

  26. There might be a future for phones with mods. Go check out the Doogee s90.

  27. ofcourse almost the same specs but way too price different, I'll go to cheaper phones with almost the same specs

  28. I don't think the smartphone market is going to fade,i just see that the competition is higher (reminds me of the time of different nokias and other phones in the mid 2000's) and lower and mid-range smartphones are available which is great, that's why sales are dispersed all over different companies. The other good effect on this as well is that small companies try their best to fit the market requirements and bigger companies have to deal with the fact that these small companies offer similar or sometimes even better phones than their flagships

  29. People are tired of spending $700-1k+ on phones. Budget phones have gotten fast enough for the majority of people to use so why spend more?

  30. the question is good, but the content and insight isn't. Endgame is near not because of lack of innovation, but because of saturation – number of people is finite in the world

  31. People who're buying $1000 phones really need some Financial IQ. If you want to spend 1000 bucks for an entertainment,just buy a gaming Laptop it's 1000 bucks too & if you guys want to get good photos, buy a camera damn it…camera's in mid tier phones are more than enough for everyday use. It's ridiculous that 1000 dollar phones release every year with bigger and bigger screens and 3+ camaras.. geez

  32. I hope this means G5 isn't going to happen, as it will cost the world about 50,000 gallons of oil and create about 85,000 tons of CO2. All making the climate crisis arrive way quicker,

  33. Move to automotive cycle of 3 years. (6 years). facelift at 3 years and new car at 6.

  34. A lot of us are not rich enough to but $1,000 phones. I don't need that. I used a Moto e4 for a whole year and was fine with it and that phone was not expensive.

  35. The reason for the smartphone sales decrease is simple. The prices are too high. Apple made a dirty move back in 2017 pushing up the price tag of a phone to $1000. Because of the success of the iPhone X, other companies simply followed in their footsteps and before we knew it, the standard price of a smartphone was around $1000. The fact of the matter is that, average people cannot afford to spend $1000 per year on a new phone, so they decided to compromise, either with buying cheaper phones, or keeping expensive ones for longer. Enter Huawei. The reason why a company like Huawei has seen such phenomenal growth in an industry that is being so brutal to its competitors is because of their competitive pricing. They have low budget phones, and mid-budget phones. On top of that, they have their budget brand, Honor, which sells essentially MORE Huawei phones, just without their name brand on it. The significant part is, these phones that we can now get for under $600. What Huawei did with their flagships was smart as well, make it relatively close to that $1000 mark, but just slightly under it, so it appeals to customers. And when a phone like the P30 pro or the Mate20 pro offers features that is innovative and which tops competitors such as triple cameras (in 2018) and 5x optical zoom in 2019, the only support that big guys like Apple and Samsung will get are from brand loyal customers. In conclusion, what your video says is true, and the facts you state as well, however in my opinion, the main reason for phone sale decrease isn't because of slower innovation. It's because of price increase.

  36. $1000 or even $600 for a phone is crazy! When I pay this amount I want the phone to last 4 years! Instead they rip you off by slowing down your phone with stupid updates and give you non-removable batteries to force you to upgrade sooner. So when people upgrade after that they’re not buying a new flagship!

  37. I just think the hype is over now. Like phones are this new grand thing anymore. We went from bricks to flip phones, slide out phones, etc and have been on touch screen ever since. Yeah 5G will probably cause a spike in sales again but really I think people are now buying as needed rather then a newest and the latest. We all just wait and watch reviewers get the phones but other than that? It's becoming a smaller demand

  38. Maybe…jusssst maybe,
    People DONT WANT to waste their money on a gadget once a year, and like me just want one that works and you can keep for 5.
    Just a thought. Remember…
    It's just fu*** phone.

  39. They only reason they are not selling is because they have lost their fucking minds .. 1,400 dollars for an iPhone that’s pretty much the same shit as before ?

  40. The reason is pretty obvious: The meaningful differences between flagships and entry level/mid-tier phones is much, much narrower now. Why pay €1000 for a phone when €250 gets you 90% of the hardware and performance?

  41. Also, phones getting too good to change yours yearly. I, for example, is still using iPhone 7+ if it's still doing its job a a "Smartphone" why would I need to replace it?

  42. " Printers " was the most amazing example. You could have only said that and ended this video to make your point.

  43. They shouldn't do a new phone every year, and focus instead of giving great software support for what they have on the market. They won't have that much benefits but either won't lose as much as now. I think every 3 years there should be a release of a new flagship so you can see some real improvements as they have more time to figure what it needs to be better than previous generation and not 98% the same

  44. A grand for a phone is their problem it's ridiculous and consumers will and are voting with their wallets.

  45. Great video. Thanks for getting a great conversation going in the comments. I hope Phone manufacturers are reading and watching stuff like this.

  46. Because our smartphones are still good, except for samsung who only has products that are good within a few months.

  47. I partially agree. Sure the market is saturated and people are not willing to spend so much money on a phone. But there always will be a huge part of consumers who buy smartphones as a status symbol . It's the same with cars and watches. Why so many people spend 3 grand on a Rolex when 10 $ Casios tell you the time as well?

  48. Well said mate 👍
    Let me ask you this, the new ROG 2 phone from Asus, is it the right example to tackle this tough situation that you mentioned? Some say it's a bit overkill, a gaming phone indeed, but one must admit that it's a complete package at a heavily competitive price range.

  49. Solution stop releasing yearly phones with 3/4 cameras make drastic changes then only release a new phone. Old phones are already so good we don't need 16/32 cores smartphone

  50. after watching several Dave’s videos on Apple phones + others, I’m sure he’s a salesman for one plus products now, even tho he may deny it. I think those r good phs, just as Nokia + Samsung are. But I only need somtin around $130–$180 like Nok 4.2 or Galaxy A30 – for Web News, WApp Msg + YT. Anything dearer is overkill. Good luck Dave!

  51. $300 will get you a very nice phone from Chinese makers like Vivo and Huawei, and Samsung saw this trend and was forced to respond with their new A-series to claw back market share. Beyond $300 diminishing returns take over very quickly.

  52. Phones are so similar that I would often mistake someone else's phone and try to pick it up, only to put it back down after I realize it's not mine.

  53. I've never paid more than $400 for a phone. I got my 7plus 128GB for $350 two years ago. I bought my lil bro a Pixel XL 128 GB for $300 two years ago. iPhone 6s for $175 two months ago. I have the Pixel 3a now. I purchased the HTC M8 and M9 off of eBay for about 300 each some years ago. 2 year old phones aren't that bad if you get ones with reliable updates. The only thing you have to do is get a battery replacement. We all have the same phones lol. Once the Pixel 4 is down to the 400-500 range, I may purchase it. These companies are out of control with prices.

  54. Incorrect the endgame is near for iPhones!!!! You can buy a cheap Chinese $200 Android phone that's still better than the $1,500 iPhone

  55. They just pushed phone prices to stupid levels where they just aren’t a regular cycle upgrade like they used to be. I’m out of the premium phone market. Too much pointless tech shoe horned in to justify extreme pricing.

  56. After using 4 1000 dollar phones i switched to a 200 dollar know what except for may be a little bit of drop of camera quality, I don't really miss those fancy phones.. smartphones have evolved to a point where low and mid range phones can do pretty much the same things as more expensive phones do for a much lower price range with minimum compromises.i think for most people 200 or 300 dollar phone can do just as well

  57. This couldn't be more wrong. Fact of the matter is that he saw sales for ONE quarter, most people don't buy $1000 phones mid may, such purchases are usually made during the holidays, which is why you see the zig zag sales chart BY QUARTER on 0:30. In fact I predict that in a mere 10 years phones will begin to replace desktop computers as some phones are now compatible with docks that allow for the addition of monitor keyboard and mouse.

  58. I wish all this R&D would pour into Laptops, instead of phones.
    I use my Cellphone to:
    Alarm / Clock
    Contact Info

    I use my Laptop to:
    Write / Edit Documents
    Watch Videos
    Search the Web
    Read the Web
    Download / Upload

    I wish my Laptop could do it all,
    via a Big Smart Watch
    a Tiny Bluetooth Earpiece
    and a USB Fast Charger,
    instead of a Fat Brick.

  59. Oh thank goodness. I was worried we were going to have to keep buying the stupid things. I mean, we used to not have to keep buying them at one point. I remember it. I mean they didn't even exist. Then suddenly not only did they exist but then we've got to keep buying the stupid things. And not only that but even after you buy it you have to keep paying for it on a non-stop sort of basis or it stops working. And don't even get me started on the chronic charging requirements. Well anyway the endgame is near. Best news I've had in a long time!

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