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The Essential Phone Is Back!

The Essential Phone Is Back!

100 thoughts on “The Essential Phone Is Back!”

  1. The original (more in-depth) Essential Phone unboxing –

  2. The essential phone is the closest Android phone that will ever be all screen iPhone is first I wonder why that is because the camera has to go somewhere

  3. What if phones changed the case cover of the phone? like,you buy a white see through case and it somehow connects to your phone and you choose the color or picture of the background case. I'm a genius lol,if there's already something like that i wanna see so let me know.

  4. Damn it! Missed the chance to enter the contest! I've had my eye on that ocean blue, let me tell you!

  5. The Essential Phone was already beautiful but I love it even more in Ocean Depth color! If they'd ship to Europe and they added a PKB, I'd buy this in an instant.

  6. its sad cuz i had a essential but it broke cuz no one wants to buy me a case smh that phone was soo cool

  7. Ugh I love this phone, I just wish Ocean Depth or Copper Black was available then i'd buy it in a heartbeat.

  8. Please I need the essential phone. Any time you are giving away phone please give me the essential phone

  9. Now, I just WISH these manufacturers would make a DUAL SIM phone! I have two lines and I'm TIRED of carrying around TWO phones!!

  10. I really love the phone. Simplicity what took my interest on it. And the price what suprised me.

  11. Do you think these "new" designs might have something to do with the poor reception reported on the first devices? Someone should do a teardown to check if they changed the antenna and the material around the edges. If so, Essential should refund or swap the original ones.

  12. With all the research I have done, this will be the next phone I get. Price point, upgrades in Android software, and the goodies, this will last me many years. I don't want something that is only good for a few years

  13. You still got one them essential phone's I'm a lover of this channel an honestly I would flipping love one them lol it's an upgrade to my forty dollars potato I'm using at the moment lol

  14. I've got it. Do i like it? Hell Yeah! It's such a sweetheart to work with. The support and aftermarket is great. Get the Gcam mod and You get some nice pictures. Not nightvision but close. Of course I saw it first on Your channel. I just thought, it was way to expensive. Last year I found a deal on eBay for 209$ – SOLD! My old trusted Moto G5 Plus was doing well, so I really didn't need it. I just couldn't resist. I saw Your comparison with an iPhone as well. So I just had to have it. It reminds me of my old Nexus 5, it was the best phone, I ever had. It had a terrible battery life, but apart from that, it was such a pleasure to work with. Sadly I overclocked it too much. The Moto G5 Plus was close but lacked in the camera departement. Then The Essential PH-1 fell into my hands. A few mods here and there, and it just performs. Reception is very good. The G5 Plus generally had good reception, but at times it would jitter in calls. The Essential PH-1 is crystal clear. Never a missed call – the ring is quite loud as well. I use a lot of data. By the face of it, it looks like it's a wee bit slower than other flagships. But it's down to not presenting a result before, it's actually ready. Other devices present a frontpage more quickly, but You can't do a thing. This presents a page when ready. It's actually quicker than most. I don't game, so I can't judge that. I think You have a very good channel. A good balance between factual rewievs and BS. I like the BS too 😂. Especially when You ask WHY…????!!!!!
    I just wonder – could there by chance be a phone out there, that has stereo speakers sounding close to good, having an inbuilt amp for music, a headphone jack and very decent performance? All wrapped for a budget price with no BS? Like a mix of The Essential PH-1 and the Razor 2 with stereo speakers and hiding the front camera, with no notch? Oppos F1 has a lot going for it, but it's got a little to tainted with factory installs for my likings as well as the UI, it does a lot of things great. Even incoorparate gimmicks to be somewhat usefull. I really would like to know if there's such a phone. Some of us like it simple and working. Or at the least very easily changed. I nearly forgot, and does it come in a true international package?

  15. Best phone I ever owned for less than $ get top quality features! Camera needs improvement but isn't terrible either..but I could confidently say is the only downside!!

  16. Hopefully this one is better than the original. Seen a lot of the original coming back where they just stopped working all together

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