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The Fixies – The Cell Phone / The Night Light | Cartoons for Kids

The Fixies – The Cell Phone / The Night Light | Cartoons for Kids

Can you believe that Fixies are such itty-bitty creatures? Even when they’re magnified
it’s hard to see their features. They’re tiny, infinitesimal, so small it makes you doubt. But if you meet a Fixie, please, don’t let their secret out! The Cellphone Hey, Nolik! Come on out and play! He is not allowed. He was punished. Can you tell me what you did? I grabbed a pack-o-mat, and I forgot to ask. How long do you have to sit there? Until Masiya and Papus come home from their… boosiness. What did you say? Business. A work trip. They’re inside of your father’s cellphone right now. They were busy doing repairs in there when he left the house for work. Do you know the reason why a mobile phone
is also called a cellphone? Mobile phones are connected to other mobile phones
with the help of special radio stations that are put on top of towers and building roofs. Each one of these stations sends signals
to it’s own area below. And each area is called a cell. A mobile phone works anywhere it can find
a nearby station that it can connect to. So as long as there is a station nearby
you can talk as much as you want. You can even move from one cell to another. And without you ever knowing it your mobile phone
will switch from one station to another one. So your conversation can keep on going even if you’re running after a bus or riding on it! Tom Thomas, hello! There you go! My dad came back home already. Hi Dad! How are you? Can you believe it? It looks like I lost my phone! What do you mean you lost it? Where? I have no idea! So what, I’m gonna have to sit in here forever now? You? Our parents are missing! The phone stopped shaking a while now. We’re probably already at home. Not home to me! How can we ever get home to our children? – Where is my Masiya?
– Don’t whine. We’ll work something out. Don’t worry! I got a phone! Let’s give them a ring! They can’t answer your call. But what if they answer us? Call them, Tom Thomas! – I th…
– Don’t even think it! We’re not allowed to talk to humans! We’re not gonna talk to them. We’re just gonna listen. We need to close the contacts. It’s no use. Oh! They answered the phone! Let me talk! Papus, Masiya! It’s me, Simka! Simka? Yeah! Masiya, where are you? In the telephone! The phone part is not what she’s asking you! Oh! It smells a lot like gasoline in here. Ask your father, was he anywhere around gasoline? Dad! Dad, did you go anywhere today where it smells like gasoline? Gasoline? I had to go to the gas station. That’s the place where your telephone disappeared! Are you sure? Yeah! Well, I’ve got… Intuition. Intuition? Intuition, ah? You know what? I’ll go check. Tideesh! Come and check out our fixie-ringtone! Your telephone is… Your telephone is… Your telephone is, telephone is,
Tele-, tele-, tele-, tele-, telephone is… Zing-bing – your telephone is
Ringing – your telephone is Ringing – your telephone is
Ringing, won’t you answer please? Zing-bing – your telephone is
Ringing – your telephone is Ringing – your telephone is
Ringing, won’t you answer please? Your phone is ringing! It’s just incredible! You see? I found it! Son, you’re one clairvoyant! I didn’t notice when it fell out of my pocket
back at the gas station! – My children!
– Oh, my Masiya! Papus! Ah, my sweeties! So… just by any chance… You think you might happen to know
where I can find that nice watch I lost? No. Don’t worry, there is no rush. Just use that…
intuition you’ve got! They take care of our machines: irons, phones, and toasters, MP3s and TV screens, even rollercoasters. Without them clocks stop ticking, without them lights go out! But if you meet a Fixie, please, don’t let their secret out! The Night Light They’re very close! I feel them! Help me! Help me! Help me! That’s all! You’ve had enough monsters. It’s not good to watch these kind of movies before bed! Mom! Mom! Really, I’m not scared. Let me watch the end. Would you? I told you, that’s all. Well, good night, Honey! Who’s there? They are very close. I feel them. Can you believe it? He’s sleeping and he didn’t turn the light off! Yeah, and so? And so? If every human went to sleep with the light on, there wouldn’t be enough electricity to go around. Everyone can probably remember walking into an empty room with the lights turned on. Or finding a TV on that nobody’s watching. One little light or TV might not seem like much, but just imagine how many people
are living on this Earth! Well if everybody forgot to turn off the lights or TV
when they weren’t being used, the amount of wasted electricity would equal the amount of energy produced by a hundred power plants! And each of these power plants needs freight cars
of coal or rivers of oil to keep running. And all that fuel has to be extracted
and burned constantly! Now do you see how expensive burning a light bulb is for the Earth? So don’t forget to turn off the electrical appliances
when you’re not using them. It’s so easy! Who turned off the light? They’re very close! I feel them. I feel them. Look! What’s up with him? I think he’s playing sleep-hockey. Looks like his position is left out. Ha-ha. Anyway, he should get a penalty for wasting electricity! Monsters! Hey, what do you think we are? Hockey pucks?! Nolik, Simka! Forgive me. Who did you think we were? Monsters. Well, I see how you could mistake Simka for one
but obviously not me. Tom Thomas, what are you doing?
Why are you sleeping with the light on? I was so dumb! I watched this monster movie on TV before bed. Now I’m scared to sleep without the light on. And that dumb old monster flick,
why were you watching it? I felt like getting scared. You’re great at getting scared! Keep quiet! Or we’ll wake up your mom and dad! How am I going to fall asleep now? Here’s a good idea! You can use a night-light! A night-light is a little light that humans
who don’t like to sleep in the dark use in their rooms. The night-light has a dim glow, that’s because it works with a special kind of light bulb
that uses very little electricity. These kinds of light bulbs are called energy efficient. That’s hard to say. And you can find night-lights that use
such low energy bulbs that they can work off of a battery. But you know there isn’t a night light here. How would you get by without us! Tonight I’m here to help you. I’m gonna be your night-light! Look! Right there! There’s our lampshade! Thanks so much! You really are a friend indeed, Nolik! It was easy. Just go to sleep. Nolik… do you know any good stories? I know one about… a big meat grinder! No way! You better tell me a story about a nice kind fixie. I know a good one! And here is how it goes. Grandpus was working inside of a very big clock. Actually the clock wasn’t that big. And I’m not sure if it was Grandpus. But it was a clock… I think.

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