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The Flashiest Phone I’ve EVER seen – Honor View20 Showcase

The Flashiest Phone I’ve EVER seen – Honor View20 Showcase

honor reached out to us to do a sponsored showcase of their new flagship for 2019 the honor view 20 and this is a really flashy phone both on the outside and on the inside and with heat pipe cooling let’s get into it [Music] first things first the screen and wow that’s a dynamic wallpaper if I ever saw one anyway this is actually the first all screen display with a hole punch style selfie camera that we’ve had here in our studio and you know what I’ve got to say between the intrusiveness of a giant knotch and the more gimmicky solutions like sliding phones that have a lot of question marks still about their reliability this ended up looking like a far more reasonable compromise than I initially thought you’ve still got just about the entire status bar to fill up with notifications and meanwhile it has a self-reported 91.8% screen to body ratio another cool thing is that honor is still treating it like a notch so they’re still giving you the ability to hide it and putting in virtual bezels when you’re watching full screen content in landscape mode so bottom line until we start to get camera under screen tech over the next hopefully year or two this hole punch style is only going to grow in popularity and the way honor has done it on the Vue 20 is pretty cool because unlike punching a hole through all of the layers of the display except for the glass like Samsung does on there a eight owner says that this front camera only partially penetrates the screen which is apparently an advantage since not only does it make it a bit less of a weak point where your screen is susceptible to breaking but each layer that the camera intersects with has the potential to leak light onto the camera sensor not a bright idea now the camera itself is pretty small and unobtrusive it’s four and a half millimeters or a little under three sixteenths of an inch for our friends in the US and day and they were able to get it this small using a technique where the liquid crystals in the LCDs neighboring pixels will allow light to pass through to the 25 megapixel front camera now some of you may have noticed that the view 20 already comes with a screen protector applied to it’s six point four inch 19.2 five by nine screen but it also comes packaged with a basic flat the case which is clear so you can show off this crazy glass back now honor has done flashy iridescent backings in the past but this is the first time that they’ve used nano optical lithography to give it this really funky chevron pattern I think it looks freaking awesome taking it off though the sides of the phone are metal giving it a nice premium feeling and then around the rest of it you’ll find a USB type-c a single down firing speaker so no stereo sound unfortunately but at least it’s positioned so that it won’t get covered by your hand in landscape mode it’s got dual nano Sims with dual standby support and finally a headphone jack nice wrapping up our tour of the outside of the phone we’ve got the rear cameras so the view 20 is one of the first devices to use Sony’s IMX 586 sensor which combines a big half-inch see most with tiny 0.8 micrometer pixels to deliver a 48 megapixel camera that’s got a ton of zany features from 960 fps slow motion video to AI clarity mode which takes a bunch of pictures at once then uses all of the information to make a brighter more detailed composite – the ability to slim a person in video in real time so you can enhance your body to get the perfect look anytime anywhere James can we try this here’s shaping level 5 [Music] now all of these AI Focus Features are of course enabled by the view 20s Chiron 980 processor which has two NP use or neural processing units as well as an 8 core CPU and making its first commercial appearance the Mallee G 76 GPU it also comes with 6 or 8 gigs of 21 33 megahertz RAM and 128 or 256 gigs of storage with each tier corresponding to different color options the coolest thing about this device though is what honor calls the 9 which is a cooling solution that was first showcased at the honor Note 10 conference in China back in December 2018 it’s a nine layer thermal design including things like a copper alloy shield an s-shaped copper heat pipe and a graphene heatsink and it’s not the only gamer focused feature in the view 20 it also sports three Wi-Fi antennas since the usual two antennas on a handset can be susceptible to being blocked by your hands when you’re gaming in landscape mode like you think about it your hands are basically made of water RF does not like water so the extra antenna is on the back of the phone over by the volume button here where you’re less likely to cover it and the phone will automatically switch between antennas according to which one has the strongest signal the aim here was to deliver a more consistent gaming experience and you should have lots of time to gain that xp with the view 20s 4,000 milliamp hour battery it’s pretty generous actually like we’ve seen batteries this size on gaming phones but a lot of the time they end up being quite thick and the mainstream stuff like even the plus size tends to be around the 3500 milliamp hour range so that’s pretty nice to see finally Honor’s purple USB cable means that this phone supports super charging so the phone is rated for a full charge in 90 minutes or 55 percent in 30 minutes so thanks to honor for sponsoring this showcase video you can check out the view xx and it’s neat accessories including their gaming grip at the link below and thanks to you guys for watching if you disliked this video you can hit that button but if you liked it hit like get subscribed or maybe consider checking out where to buy the stuff we feature – the link below also down there is our merch store which has cool shirts like this one and our community forum which you should totally join

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  1. pls test the light bleed on the bottom of the phone!!!!!!!!!!! I watched the TechTablet's review and he reported that there is a light bleed on this screen.

  2. whoever came up with the idea that the audio jack is optional but the front camera isnt should be fired/ thrown out a window.

  3. Huawei is supported by and served for government of China. It is used to supervise citizens communication and behaviors in China. Also, people living aboard who use Huawei Phone are supervised by Chinese government. Even though the system of Huawei phones sold in North America and Europe have been changed, the users privacy is still be invaded. I strongly recommend everybody NOT to use Huawei phone!

  4. I went to the site to see how much the phone was. When I clicked on the Buy It Now button, it asked me to select my country. USA was NOT listed anywhere…..nor was Canada! The "closest" was England/UK. Is this not for sale in the US?

  5. Watching this video from honor View 20. Got it on Feb 2nd.. Guys this is cool. The gaming is top notch and the camera is ground breaking. The only problem for me is the quality of the audio, I used dolby atmos phones but this lacks in the quality of the audio..

  6. I'm still waiting for the new OnePlus "FuckSelfies" Phone.
    Features include: A Headphone jack, No front camera (or notch), dual stereo speakers, more RAM and faster RAM controllers, better processor and cooling, no annoying bump where the lens sticks out on the back, A flat OLED full-size front screen, under screen finger print sensor, 4500mAh Battery, lightweight plastic backplate, with Qi charging metal nub (because fuck glass) and a cheap price.
    Since plastic cheaper than glass and no camera, it should cut out the cost heaps.

    Make that phone Manufacturers. I fucking dare you.

  7. Not available in N.america (USA/CANADA) because Honor is Huawei's and well we in the usa pick fights with everyone and everything

  8. Downfiring speakers just need to go away. I used a Moto Z Play for a couple years and when I changed phones, I realized I took for granted the front firing speaker on it. The phone I switched to, downfiring. Its hard to watch content when holding the phone bc your fingers cover the speaker. It also screws up your audio when shooting a video. Worst placement. Idk why everyone just doesn't do front firing.

  9. If the phone had a stock Android variant this would be my phone to buy right now. I love my pixel but this phone has the functionality i'm dying for. A screen that's small enough for one-handed use but still large enough for content consumption. a large battery to go with that content consuming, a headphone jack, a pretty good camera, a very unique design overall, it has personality AND functionality. the only issue i have is the software itself.

  10. I love how it has a realtime slimming/catfishing video camera. A lot of people who were catfishing each other could now video chat without destroying the illusion!

  11. Oh wow a hole in the screen… how revolutionary… Who came up with dumbass idea? Oppo Find X or the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 are way better in design. I can't believe the next Samsung phones are gonna have holes in the screens too…

  12. can phone manufacturer just fucking discard the front camera already..ive been using the nokia3310 up until flagship phone..ive never need to use the front camera..,never selfie,never face id*fingerprint more convenient,no videochat/facetiming…

    just fucking give me an all screen phone with a camera in the back.. there should be a market for it..

    even apple fukin remove the jack which people use all the time..why not just remove front camera and have all screen at the front..

    need this asap

  13. Wow that back… and the hole punch isn't that bad either. I hope Samsung is watching this. I mean blue with a yellow stylus is moderately out there, but that finish annnd the live wallpaper… that wins. Then, how about option B – no selfie camera. I would give up my Note 9's entire forward sensor array, maybe even the upper loudspeaker, to see that thing with 1.5mm upper and lower bezels.

  14. Honor sucks, I have one, terrible software, they try to copy iPhone and make the phone slow AF in the process. All other features are cool but again, phone is slow compared to other androids

  15. I admit although I'm a big fan of Huawei and honor I was not initially sold on the idea of the view 20 but after watching this video I feel like going out and buying one if only I wasn't so broke😂😂

  16. Still using the Find X as my main phone and loving it. Camera mechanism has not failed me once yet. Face unlock never missed. Actually, the face unlock on my Find X is faster that my Mate 20 Pro.

  17. Hmmm, I still think Nokia's 6110 blue/green pearlescent finish is still not matched by any phone as far as looks are concerned

  18. English is my second language… I guess showcase means the same as advertisement.

    Don't get me wrong I've owned an Honor phone it was awesome I loved it. But I hoped it to be a review of some sort

  19. Huawei picture post-processing is atrocious and can't even be turned off, the de-noise gives ugly blotches, especially on solid colors with fine gradients.

  20. Loving it but Bluetooth in this phone isn't detecting bt devices. Also when I put this phone on table touch doesn't work unless I touch the screen with other fingers too.

  21. great video thanks. i would like to see you demo some of the other camera driven features, like the motion controlled gaming & skeletal tracking.

  22. I just got the honor 20, a few things that will take a while to get used to, bigger screen and a lot of text in honors apps is chinese which is annoying if i cant find a fix

  23. pewdipie's phone yay!😂 but yeah, its a very fancy and powerful phone, much cheaper than other flagship phones out there in the market😎

  24. Maybe I missed this part. But why doesn't Linus ever review flagship Samsung phones? Don't you think the s10 has any merits to it or is it too expensive for you

  25. It's kind of funny to watch this from my s10+. You were 100% right about the hole punch design taking off.

  26. Hi there is a skin I want to get and I have to buy the phone honor to be able to get it but I don’t have the money and if I could get your lMEI 1 and your IMEI 2 and your serial number so I can’t get the skin but thanks if you do gave it to me

  27. lol linus calls the holepunch a "reasonable compromise" in a sponsored video, but shits on it when samsung does it

  28. Which US network have you used it on. There is no advantage of talking about the specifications if it does not work on the networks

  29. this costs 380 euros or similar bucks in us and Trump banned them, so you can have fun with 1000+ dollars iphones

  30. You might as well become a salesman for Honor!
    Is there anyone on YouTube who’s still doing unbiased phone review???

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