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The Girl Without a Phone – a Sleeping Beauty Story

The Girl Without a Phone – a Sleeping Beauty Story

We’re so dysfunctional but still inseparable. Yeah, we just never get it, right You’re playing games with me, me and my sympathy but not enough say goodbye Okay, so when he asks you don’t get all freaked out. It’s important to stay calm or else he’ll think he’ll think he’s out of your league and it’ll never last. How’s he gonna say it? It doesn’t matter. What matters is you say yes, his older sister Kaylie is having a major party next month. So you going out with him will get us in Right. When he’s talking to you don’t stare at him like a loser Stand on angle weight on one leg and look away, but look back with your eyes like this No longer than two seconds Don’t make eye contact when you say yes, okay, and we need to Instagram this so the moment he asks you I’ll take pictures Okay Understand that this photo is what everyone sees. The first impressions of your relationship So how do you look is important. Right. Have some hair in front So it frames your face and touch up your makeup obviously and Wear this. It’s from Kaylee’s favorite store, so we’ll be sure to hashtag it so she sees it. Sure. And whatever you do, No duck lips they’re so old and they never look good on you, right and Can you tell that girl behind you that the smell of her dollar store noodles is triggering me Can you go away? They’re called magnetic kissing dolls pretty cool, huh? Yeah My grandma gave them to me, there’s magnets in the lips. Can I try? Sure They’re so cool Not as cool as those two, look at them Must be hard to be that cool To do it all the time? How long do you think it takes for them to get ready in the morning? Probably an hour I would so rather sleep Me too Well, I mean if you think about it if you get more sleep Then you’re better rested and you just look better and you wouldn’t even need all that makeup. That is such a good point Being cool is so like being in jail. I never want to be cool Me neither Oh I have some liquorice of a locker for dessert Cool! I’m super cool. And so all will go as planned and everything will be perfect what if like, what if I Don’t want to go out with him Like I’m I’m just not sure he’s my type…? You don’t need a type Just be thankful Okay Do you know how many people Sacrifice to make this happen. Never mind. You’re right Haley was about to flirt with him on xbox something, but she didn’t because of you Yes, I’m sorry I was just thinking… Thinking what? That you know, maybe this isn’t me? Oh my god, Jen I’m literally freaking out right now, He’s waiting for you. I know I just… I thought you wanted these parties. I did, I mean do? I just, well, I thought that maybe Knowing who I am… Stop thinking! This is Who you are. Okay It’s called being a friend Jen You’re right. Never mind. Forget what I said So do you want to go out with him? Yes, That’s what I thought. I’ll go get him. Gym doors, two minutes. Do you want red licorice, or blue? They have blue now? It’s blue raspberry. Hang on! This is who you are (phone dings and vibrates) On my way Blue liquorice! (gasps) Jenny, oh my gosh Oh My Gosh Jenny, are you okay? What did you do? She hit her head! Oh my gosh, it’s all my fault Hello? Jenny? Jenny? Can you hear us? I’m never eating licorice again! Do you have an ice pack in your lunch? Are you okay? I uh, what happened You hit your head. Do you remember who we are? You’re my friends…right? Uh…. Yeah… Oh here um, you should call your parents to come pick you up Uh… Or we could call them for you, what’s your number? I, um… I can’t remember, Oh we can get the office to call them for you, we’ll walk you. Wait Yeah? You guys are really good friends I just signed her out. I think her mom just pulled up. Come on, Jenny She seems different. Very different. Jenny? Hi, how’s your head Better? I think, I can’t remember. What are you doing here? Is this my class? No. I can’t remember where I’m supposed to go. That’s okay. You can probably just stay here with us Yeah. We’ll help you later So, what are we doing? Well we’re making these tote bags. Have you ever sewn? That’s okay start with this Do we have to make tote bags? No, you can probably just do whatever you want. Really? Sure. Cool! I’ll make us friendship bracelets. Great She is so sweet What’s happening? Maybe she’s amnesia or something? Or… What if it’s another fairy tale? That can’t just keep happening. Why not? Think about it. She’s acting so sweet Like a princess. There’s no Prince? Not every fairy tale has to have a Prince. I’m just saying that if there was a Prince, it would probably… Hey… Do you guys have any green thread? Uh, no Jenny any a green thread? Uh, yeah. I’ve two types of green Which one do you…? Want… I’ll take this one This one matches your eyes… Uh…thanks! Do you mind if I help? Yeah! Uh.. I mean no. Yes, you can help. Sorry, I got confused. Here. You were saying…? Oh my gosh… I’m Jenny. Nice to meet you, I’m Elliot. So, what do you want me to do? Do you know how to wind a bobbin? Maybe you could teach me? I’ve always wanted to learn how to wind a bobbin Well… You came to the right place. What fairy tale is this? I don’t know but we’d better get to the bobbin of it I mean bottom I like the colors. Thanks, there’s actually a meaning behind the colors There is? Well, my grandma was a painter so growing up I learned a lot about colors. Blue represents trust and stability. So I put it on the bottom. And the red? Red represents courage and strength. Red can also represent love Can it? Yeah sometimes Well it sounds like you guys made a pretty super bag (school bell ringing) Do you want something to carry that in? Oh, are you sure? I handed one in already, this was for extra credit. I love it Haha, I can’t believe this Why? You’re different than me. Like you’re really cool. I am? Yeah, and I’m I mean I Have to hand in my buttonhole samples Oh, could you hand in ours too? Thanks So Looks like you made a new friend, huh? Yeah He’s really nice If you know what I mean Uh I think so Jen what are you doing? Sewing huh? First you bail on Brett then you don’t text me back. And now you’re hanging out in here. Oh yeah, um, I can’t use my phone I forgot the password Don’t, that’s what I tell my dad when I don’t want him to snoop, not to friends. Friends? Yeah, ever heard of them? People who stick by your side no matter what and don’t walk away in the middle…(phone dings) Oh my god, Kaylee texted me. How did she get my number? Who’s that? You don’t remember Nikki? Is she always that mean? Uh, she has her moments. Do you remember what class you up next? I do! She’s in my English class. I am? Yeah, we sit beside each other. We do? Yeah, you just Never notice me. I notice you now. Yeah What room is it again? I’ll show you This is getting a bit mushy for me Same. And I normally like this stuff. (giggling) How could she have such a different personality? I know! Like last week she was making fun of my clothes and now It’s like she’s under some kind of a spell or something Yeah Like a love spell… See I told you it was a fairy tale. The Little Mermaid had a spell on it. Well yeah but sea witch did that to take her voice Doesn’t fit What about Oh Beauty and the Beast? I don’t know, he’s kind of cute to be a beast A lot of fairy tales have spells on them, Pinocchio, Cinderella Jack and the Beanstalk If only we had some sort of sign… Yeah like a sign That’s what I just said. Yeah look! I didn’t mean like a literal sign, I meant like a sign from above Exactly, like one that tells us what kind of fairy tale we’re in. Sleeping Beauty Aurora Hey guys! Guess what? You pricked your finger? No! Elliot and I are going on a date tonight. It’s old-fashioned movie night at the school theater Oh, that’s so sweet. And we’re gonna dress up And, my grandpa has a 1948 Cadillac and he’ll give us a ride. You guys are so cute, You’re like the couple of the year and you only just met. You can’t go! What? What? Well Jenny promised That you would come to my sleepover tonight. I did? How come you didn’t invite me? I did remember? tonight. the sleepover? Okay, Jenny promised that she’d come OHHH Right, yeah. Now, I remember Jenny you promised on our friendship that you’d come tonight I did? Don’t you remember our motto? sisters before misters Sorry, she’s been a little forgetful lately. Oh um… Well You can’t break a promise you made to your friends Maybe we could have a date right now. Um Do you want to have lunch with me? I forgot my lunch. Well, I can share Sisters before misters? Really! We can’t let them go out. Why not? They’re so cute together I’ve never shipped named Jelly don’t you understand that the spell is what’s making her nice? So if they kiss… She’ll be mean again Now come on before things get too heated up. Oh We need like a newspaper or something to hide behind so we’re less suspicious That would be more suspicious for you thank you the special of the day spaghetti. Ohh. I’ve never had spaghetti at school before. Well, I hope you like trying new things, I do me too Oh my gosh, Sierra. I think I know who we are I’m Sierra, No, I mean the fairy tale. We’re not in the fairy tale, We’re watching it Yes, but we’re protecting her Okay Who protects Sleeping Beauty. Oh My Gosh, we’re the fairies exactly why do I always have so much responsibility So, how do you make it Just Olive Oil garlic and salt and pepper. It’s really good Thanks Uh-Oh, that’s like Lady and the Tramp that’s not even a fairy tale we’ve got to do something Always cut your spaghetti that’s what my mom always said. Oh Yeah Well, it’s a choking hazard. I mean you could always twirl it on a spoon, of course It’s actually a very controversial topic Twirl or cut your noodles. Where do you guys stand on the issue? Oh look. Lunch is over. It went by so quick time for class You have science with my next Jenny Oh sure Don’t worry I’ll do the dishes. Bye Jenny. Bye Elliot Truth I have never kissed a boy before Really not that I remember I want Elliot to be my first Jenny sometimes your first kiss isn’t always as good as you think it’s gonna be Oh mine will How do you know? Have you seen his lips? they’re like They just made me want to get closer. I thought the wear it is like a bag bit. Yeah Yeah, but not not a regular magnet like a soft and juicy magnet Jenny you should be Careful why? Well, this is big step. Yeah There are a lot of emotions involved when a girl kisses a boy for the first time and we just Wanted to make sure that you’re ready. No, I’m really ready Okay teenage girls have a lot of hormones and this can sometimes prevent them from making wise decisions But I really want to kiss him Kissing is okay, right? Yeah, yeah, uh, however, um kissing can sometimes lead to And that can lead to right and before you know it you’re Is that bad Jenny tell me if you like this music Lily what are you doing I just want to warn her about the dangers of kissing. You can’t just tell a teenager not to do something. It’ll backfire.She’ll want to do it even more. What do you suggest? what what I think we should do is we could— Hey, hey that’s enough music for you young lady. Can we invite Elliott over? No But I really want to see him. We can text him Yeah, excellent plan. I still can’t use my phone Instagram. We can use my account. I’ll just see if he’s online What’s his account? It’s probably Elliott something. I think it’s just Elliott. Are you sure that sounds kind of simple? No, it’s just Elliott How do you know can someone just message me and it’s from just Elliott? What did you say? He said really missing Jenny? Are you with her? Let me see I’m so sweet I think we’re safe, I think so. I meet their chatty connecting not kissing We did it. My god, what a loser what Who’s a loser Elliot What what happened? I just told him he’s a loser. Why are you such a loser? Jenny well, he’s too much. He sent me a kissy face emoji. Sierra Like I’m so done with this guy. It’s it’s getting really creepy. I’ve known him for what barely a day. What do we do? What’s happening? Shes turning into a monster. No Delete the conversation. He thinks it’s gonna be that easy. I mean, I don’t know. I I guess I was kind of harsh on him he is really cool and sweet Thank you It worked. Now what? He wants to know what you meant Guess that was mean of me What what do I do? I don’t want to lose him. Tell him it was the lyric prank. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah smart What song a song about losers uh Uh.. Do you know any? He wants to go live. What?!?! To video chat Well Siri, you have save me Me!?!? Why me?I can’t just leave maddening. Elliot hey, hi Sierra. How’s it going? Well.. Its was going good Oh, the lyric prank, yeah, Jenny was just being silly. Oh Um I don’t think i know that song. Well, that’s because this it’s actually an unreleased song for what direction yeah, no one’s ever heard it It was leaked, yeah, it was just a small leak just us it’s called why you such a loser Ah You see in the some it’s ironic because loser means cool Well Lily is the one who discovered the leak so she knows it best Hi Elliot, um yeah the song uh, it goes Why you such a loser, baby Losers are cool. Um, I Like the losers baby. I’m such a fool. Um, I’d like the losers. Yeah Yeah, I like the loser Ok……. Yeah I can see why it was unreleased. Yeah, it was like at the time when Zayn left the band so it never really worked out You forgive me of course, you’re the best no you are no you no you Okay, we both are by the way him My friends never showed up to movie night your at the school all alone. Yeah Guys we have to go we can’t leave him he’s sad Please can we go please please please please. Do you guys have any costumes? I might have some in my closet Hang on, it’s a part of the Bell old-fashioned to What is that it’s called midnight blue it was my grandmother’s isn’t that the thing we used to kill the spiders? Jenny Wow you look amazing So do you .thanks. the movie already started let’s go Oh wait.. We don’t have tickets. Over there. Hopefully there not sold out. But Victor, where will we run to where shall we hide no one will understand. As long as we have each other. That’s all that counts. But Victor, we’ll be poor. Love is all we need my dear. I’ll sing it a thousand times Oh Victor, just say it once that’s all I need My boat sails in the morning I must take leave will you join me? Only if you kiss me Kiss me madly Victor taking me in your arms and kiss me like you mean it and I’ll follow you anywhere I’ll never stop kissing you Mykia Popcorn But Victor, perhaps too much love is a bad thing. What do you mean, I mean sometimes people love each other so much they go crazy crazy in love Yes, like a disease Victor some people lose control and go utterly mad I know of it you do. Yes for darling I am crazy and if that’s a disease than then, I don’t want to cure Oh Victor Kiss me some more Licorice Anyone? Thanks Pretty good movie, huh? Yeah I’ve seen it you know spoiler alert Victor gets his legs chopped off in a farm accident More licorice Thanks for coming you made this a really special night I had fun This was actually my first date same I’m glad my notes with you me too. Well, you guys sure did a great job my mom’s Okay, well I guess this is it Yeah I’ve never done this before me neither, that’s Okay so do we end the date Yeah,so we should High Five yep High Fives are traditional in this type of date or a handshake This is like what we learned in school, oh with the square dancing I would love to be your partner Oh My Goodness Jen what are you doing? Has anyone seen this is this a prank a joke, why are you Who are you and and what are you doing with him? She’s on a date and she’s my girlfriend and I’m not gonna let you talk to her like that Please leave now Eliot I’m sorry How do we let this happen, I don’t know It must have been destiny Just like in Sleeping Beauty. We couldn’t stop it Yeah, haven’t had a girlfriend for like two weeks now feels so weird Oh really Yeah, usually I go for like cheerleaders, but my tastes are changing It’s all set. After school. Out back. Brett will be there at 3. It’s like an arranged marriage. Don’t know why though so happen anymore and remember just be yourself. Well, not yourself Just be cool And I can do it my little actress. You’re so good at faking it. Why don’t you ever take drama? Oh Yeah, I told you not to don’t be late Oh my god, she made it Jen Brett you guys are so cute together We need to give you a ship name like like Brent no Jett. Oh so cute Hey, Jen, come over here. I want to ask you something I think I finally figured out my type and I was thinking that you and I should JEN! What are you doing? Get back here? JEN, you’re being selfish JEN! You know In some older versions of Sleeping Beauty. It’s a kiss that breaks the spell, but it’s time that does it Where’s Jenny going Elliot. Jenny I’m sorry about what happened at the theater It’s okay you’re Popular and cool. It probably wouldn’t worked out. I don’t know What? I want you and I came here because I was wondering if This is what I think it is yes a happy ending, baby Baby when you touch me Uh.. Sure

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