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The iPhone Briefcase – What’s Inside?

The iPhone Briefcase – What’s Inside?

– Hey, what’s good guys? Welcome back to TechSmartt
for a very special video. I even stayed back and missed
my flight for this one. Right in front of me is a briefcase, some random company sent
it and there’s a code. What do we do? (techno music) Right here is a briefcase and
I have no idea what’s inside. Kinda crazy backstory on this, when I first flew out to LA,
this was like two weeks ago, I’ve been here for three years. Actually, I came out for
the Apple battery case, so this is Apple’s battery case. You guys saw the video. If you missed it, right
up there in the icard. This costs $129 and I’m not a huge fan. How you can tell is I’ve been
using it for those two weeks and I’ve not been impressed with it, only charges via lightning,
it’s been beat up a whole bunch, you can see marks everywhere, it’s not been a good case and that’s $129. So, in this briefcase,
I got a secret letter from a company that you guys
might know about, mophie! ♪ We just got a letter ♪ – So their new product is
called the juice pack access and I can only imagine that. Can you only imagine what this might be? So I asked you guys on the Instastory if you guys wanted to see a video on this and there was an overwhelming yes, make this video or I will unsubscribe and I might even come to
where you live, Keaton. So I was like okay, guys. (beeping) Let’s just open up this letter here. What does it say? Ooh, there’s the code, Ev. We got the code. Who would send something like this? And honestly, all companies watching this, if you guys want your
product here on the channel, just make the coolest unboxing experience or just video possible like this because now we got a code
and there’s a briefcase and I’ve never done
something like this before. The note says the code
222-377, that’s helpful. “Grab your phone. “Your audience is going
to want to see this.” I mean, you guys are the
audience so we’re gonna see it! It’s a video, you’re already here. So, 222. I’m just excited just as much as you are ’cause I hate the Apple battery case. If I was an actual spy, Ev, I’d have to be doing this way faster. 377? Here we go. The big moment you’ve
all been waiting for. (lock clicking) (mechanical whirring) – [Machine] Access granted. – Access granted? The juice pack access. I think I know. What’s inside, Ev? Does it look sweet? So here are the new
mophie juice pack access. Accesses? Access? Multiple access?
(beeps) This is all of mophie’s new
juice pack access battery cases. You guys can tell for
the iPhone XR, the XS, and then the XS Max. What’s crazy about this is kinda their little note here on the front, Ev. With all missions, if you’re not told where to put the money, where do you go with it? So, what’s crazy about this
is it has a lightning port, as always with mophie cases,
they used to have Micro USB but kind of the cost of each of these, and you might be thinking
the XS Max one here probably is the most expensive, or the XS, probably the most expensive. They are the more expensive iPhones. Then you’re thinking the XR
has the best battery life, how much could they possibly want and why do they have a battery case? But what I really like is all three of the juice pack access for
the XS, the XS Max, and the XR costs $99 and there’s a bunch of colors. And let’s just keep
digging into this thing. What else? So there are three cables
presumably to charge it. It used to be Micro USB. If you guys remember those
days, drop a like on this video if you’re a true mophie fan. One of my first videos on the channel, right up there in the icard. I’ll leave it if you want a throwback, it’s actually a mophie unboxing. You guys know I’ve been a long-time fan of these battery cases. But these cables! Is there anything else in here? I don’t think there is anything else. Locking it, we’re going to the bank, Ev. – [Commentator] Elbow to the briefcase! – Please go!
– Did you get it ready? – [Commentator] No, dear God, no! – In front of me I got the XS Max, the XS, and then the XR juice pack access, axis, we’re just going with accesses. I’m done going on about it. So what’s crazy is, and
kinda with the cables, and probably where you’re
going like what did they do? What did they do? As you can see if you’re a
long-time tech guy like me, there’s a USB-C cable. Now, why would they include that? Your iPhone has lightning, the Apple Smart battery
case has lightning. What’s really smart about that? Well this year, they have
blown my expectations away. Here is the juice pack
access, you guys know. It’s the same two-piece battery case that you know about mophie. Oh man, you guys are gonna
love this when you see it. At the bottom, for once in history, we now have access to the lightning port and a USB-C charging port, and these battery cases wirelessly charge. So you have the trifecta. you have Qi charging built in, you have your lightning in case you just only have that, and you have the port of
the future which is USB-C. That’s three ways of charging, Ev. This is a look you want! This is a good look. And another reason why I
love mophie battery cases over Apple’s is you know how
much battery life the case has just with the LED notifier on the back versus the Apple Smart battery case which starts charging your
iPhone as soon as you plug it in and the only way to find out how much battery life’s on there is if you swipe to the left. It’s just too much for me, I don’t really want my phone charging as soon as I put it in the case. I’d rather use the battery life and then have always the
emergency battery if I need it. That’s just me. Let me know how you
guys are in the comments because there’s a lot of you that like it the other way around. You guys like it just always
charging throughout the day. – Okay.
(playful swooshing) – So there’s priority charging, of course with the mophie cases, meaning if you don’t really wanna waste your case’s battery life, I got the world’s
largest wireless charger. I’ll link a better one
down in the description and these cases down in the description if you guys missed it. (techno pop music) Boom! Just like that, your iPhone
is charging, not your case, and once your iPhone
is all the way charged, then the case starts charging. Just get options! You’re getting options. I was one of the few people that actually bought an iPhone XR so now that there’s a battery case for it, I’m totally gonna be using it. One thing I also just like is
actually having button access on the sides here so instead
of it being silicone, there’s my weekly report time. “For an average of 18 hours
and 50 minutes a day.” Why are you doing me like that, Apple? You see why I’m just so up in arms here? They’re just throwing mass
shade even when I’m filming. (beeping) For some reason, I’ve always liked how mophie has done their buttons over the Apple Smart Battery Case. You got silicone here
which doesn’t always press versus these plastic-y kind of buttons. They’re just easier to use in my opinion. But how much extra battery
life am I gonna be getting? So with the XS and XR, you
get 2,000 extra milliamp hours and then if you get the XS Max one, it’s 2,200 milliamp hours extra and that’s better for $99
compared to Apple’s at $129. You only get a 47%
increase with their case if you have an iPhone XR, a 54% increase if you have a XS Max, and then a 75% increase
if you have the XS. I’m not big into hour estimates. I’d like to actually know how
much battery life I’m getting and that’s it with mophie. I’m just still in shock
that there’s now three ways to charge your iPhone, so let’s do it. USB-C. (techno pop music) Not even taking up the lightning port. No magic here. So can we super charge
it if we put two in? I don’t know if that’s a good idea. Is that a good idea? Should we triple charge it? Boom! That light comes on,
you know it’s charging. Okay, you can’t triple charge it. Probably for a good reason. (circuit exploding) Lastly, the coolest part
about the entire mophie line is the evolution of it. Back when I first got my case, and you guys if you’re
an O.G. mophie user, you know this too, there
used to be a bottom piece and that’s where your phone would be plugged in via lightning, that’s where it converted to Micro USB, and that’s why now you have a
lightning port that it exists. So to charge these guys up, all you do is hold down
the LED button here. (techno pop music) Then it’ll pop up and flash. You can see two LEDs at the bottom. That’s how you know you’re charging. And then when you flip ’em over,
you are charging wirelessly and that’s how it’s done. It’s all done through the case and it’s pretty sweet to see
wireless charging, USB-C, and lightning all in one
package for $99, pretty sweet. So, that’s it for this video. If you guys liked it, make
sure to drop a like on it, get subscribed if you’re new
and join to become a member. It’s super cheap, you
get a few extra perks, and you get some bonus content. Make sure you hit it up on
Instagram, it’s just TechSmartt, and I’ll catch you guys next time.

100 thoughts on “The iPhone Briefcase – What’s Inside?”

  1. having your phone constantly charging rapidly decreases your battery health thats why i charge my phone to 98 percent every night and keep it in low power mode all day the next day and that is the best way to get the most outta your phone

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  4. Battery cases straight up ruin your battery. Facts. But good video and I completely understand why people like those cases


  6. So, spend $100+ for a battery pack that gives the battery life of a Galaxy? Apple is 5+ years behind on their tech. Hell, you can't even plug in headphones on an X without a dongle. More overpriced Apple products.

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