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The iPhone Printer Case

The iPhone Printer Case

Whats up guys, Lew here back with another video And today is one of the more unusual things That i’ve ever seen here on the desk at “Unbox Therapy” This is called “PRYNT” Of course, spelled in a fancy 2.0; startup kinda way P-R-Y-N-T “PRYNT”, photos from your smartphone instantly What?! You’ve got your iPhone or Android phone There’s different adapters that are sold for it And now you’re printing? Instantly!? Alright, “No ink”, “No Wi-Fi”, “No Bluetooth”, “Powered”, “Stylish and elegant”. You just need to download the “PRYNT” app and try it out This is the main unit, and then you get an adapter; depending on your device. ohh, did not notice that, Professional unboxer and didn’t realize…. “PRYNT CASE”, “MICRO USB”, “ZINK STICKER PAPER” 10 Photos; 20 Prints on the battery life. Here’s a grip, the battery, shutter button So, this kind of becomes the camera too as well Woah, Woah! thats what like a real Polaroid type of situation here Sticker paper! So that’s cool.. What is this? Micro USB to charge it up Woah! Kinda shoots that little guy out right there Ohhh, That’s where your paper goes. USB on the bottom As well as a reset button Woah! Ok so this is the adapter for our phone Lightning connector right there Gonna do this side first. Yes! Just slide it in…line it up Money in the bank iPhone hooked up “Magically unlock hidden videos”, “Instant photo prints from your phone” These are like secret little…video keys Right…in here. Bingo! Woahh! We’re in! Here’s you boy Lew Ok we gotta photo. Oh NOW we’re doing a video! Oh my goodness! With this.. Ok so we did both haha Look at that! Look at that wild man right there Ok cool. I print it? That’s it? I print it. Oh man. Haven’t been this nervous in a while It’s doing something! Oh! Oh ok the data sheet comes out first Ohhhh! Look at it! That animation is killer. So like you’re sliding off And the photo is sliding out OHHHHH! That’s your boy, Jack! And you see that little key in the corner? Cus it’s gonna unlock a memory from when you took that Is that the most romantic thing you’ve ever heard? “Tap this button to scan your print” Ooh got it! It got it! [Video starts playing] OHHHH! Dude! It’s in the-It’s in the photo frame! It stays in the frame! Oh my god! The frame becomes the video clip associated That’s the coolest. That is cool That’s incredibly cool! Actually how about this, Thumbs up down below if you want me to send this 100% exclusive selfie Look at that guy! Along with the secret video to one lucky viewer Show me some thumbs people. This is cool! I don’t care. That’s it. It takes a lot to blow me away here. I understand the way the tech works but.. The way it’s working with your memories and the stuff you actually take photos of, and a mixture of digital and the physical realm This thing is damn cool People are gonna love this I’m in shock I’m sending this one of a kind selfie to somebody

100 thoughts on “The iPhone Printer Case”

  1. Why didn't you test with iphone case on? Most of us have a protective case. I'll bet they won't fit in dock. This makes it unusable. Do you think I am going to take the case off every time I want to print???

  2. Someone needs to design a case that conceals a condom and sprays ball powder. You never know when I'll come in handy.

  3. Wow! I can use my Android for it? Please say as I would like to have one for my baby so i CAN CAPTURE MOMENTS!

  4. its like the in harry potter series where the images come to life in newspapers…etc
    also how long can u make a video last in that

  5. Hey loved the video. Today in Costa Rica your video was aired on our local news on channel 7. Every one loves the idea of Prynt. Thanks for the video.

  6. Lame. For one it's iPhone and it's another Expensive iPhone product that is basically a Polaroid Camera. Hate It! People who have money to waste on this type of item you should be ashamed and send your money to helping others instead.

  7. That is intense. Okay all I need is an IPhone & This badass printer and my world is complete….mind officially blown.

  8. Professional Unboxer 💀 Now who the fuck would've ever known that was going tp be an actual well paid job.. Is actually lazy lmao.. Yeah sure you build your base and foundation .. Then you be lazy on your ass all day well bc .. Like any other business you have a whole entire team running your biss for you smh But LIKE WHO WOULDVE EVER KNOW THIS LAZY ASF JOB WOULDVE EVER BEEN A JOB LMAO

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