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The iPhone Story : Halkat Call 14 | Angry Prash

The iPhone Story : Halkat Call 14 | Angry Prash

M: Wow bro you got a new phone? P: Yes I got it today only, for Christmas M: Good [PHONE RINGING] P: See first call of new phone Hello? Hello Sir I am speaking from phone insurance company You have applied for the insurance of your new phone right? Yes Yes I have, tell So can I know which phone you are using sir? P: I am using “I phone” Yes Sir your phone only, but which phone? P: Oh no no “I…I phone” Yes Sir Your phone is your phone my phone is my phone but which phone? Ayye [email protected]# I am saying “I phone”, “I phone” Yes sir your phone is yours but which one tell me? Ayye “I phone” “I P H O N E” Yes U (you have phoned) but which phone? Ayye, don’t you know about apple? Yes Sir I know, I eat it everyday Apple a day keeps doctor keeps away, but what relation has it got with your phone? I will shoot your balls with my bullets Sir how much heed will you show before telling me the name of you phone Hey I have told you “I Phone” Like “I ball” it’s “I phone” “I ball” ? Sir what will I do by knowing about your ball, just tell me the name of your phone Aye “I phone” is a brand , just like “1+60”, do you know it? 61 sir, you don’t even know it, go dive in a bucket of poop Whaat!! leave “1+” do you know about “Nokia” ? Sir you can’t say no like this or you won’t get insurance “YOU DON’T KNOW I PHONE COMPANY” Sir you use phone of your own company? You don’t know I phone illiterate poor “samsung” user Sir I am not Sam’s I am Ram’s Son He doesn’t know samsung b** must be using “Lava iris” Sir you can’t call me orphan like that Call your manager, just call your manager Hello this is manager speaking , How can I help you? I want to get an insurance for my new phone Alright Sir just tell me the name of your phone “I phone” Yes Sir your phone Ayye I want to get an insurance for “I phone” Yes sir your phone only, but tell me the name of your phone I PHONE I PHONE …..I ENOUGH B#@# these people don’t know “I phone” Yes how [email protected]## are these people they don’t know bros phone Wait I will see you as well no bro no sorry sorry So if you liked this video hit like If you are new hit subscribe If you haven’t hit the notifications bell, then ring it, so you can get The elixir of my new videos, I will meet you next time with some new topics till then Good Bye

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  2. आईफोन की जगह माय फोन होता तो और अच्छा होता

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  5. Then An apple a day keeps doctor away. Now go to doctor and shows iPhone. Doctor will charge u double.🤦🤦🤦

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