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The iPhone XR is a Failure.

The iPhone XR is a Failure.

– Hey guys, this is Austin. A couple months ago I did a video talking about why I switched to the iPhone XR. A big part of that is because
so many people are hating on this phone, I thought
surely it can’t be that bad. So when my personal XS broke, I figured why not give the XR a shot. After 3 months of using this as my daily, I have a lot of thoughts. Since I did my last video, there have been a lot of headlines that
the iPhone XR’s a failure. Take one look at the Apple website, and they are seriously pushing the XR. Not only does it get front
page space, but on top of that they’re really pushing a
promotion that is all about getting it for a little bit
cheaper with a phone trade-in. Something that Apple
very rarely advertises. This is all for good reason. The price of the XR was recently
slashed by 20% in China, and there have been
carriers here in the US such as Team Mobile, who have
regularly doing a buy one get one free, or even a free phone when
you sign up for a new line. That is not something
that you traditionally see with iPhones, and it’s
all indicative of the fact this is just not selling
as well as they had hoped. Apple even had to revise
their earnings report for the first time in nearly 20 years. Almost entirely on the
back of iPhone demand being weaker than they expected. Now it’s not exactly as clear cut as that. Tim Cook has gone on record
as saying that the iPhone XR is the best selling iPhone
right now, but that doesn’t really mean a lot when
you’re comparing it to things like the XS and XS Max, both of which are significantly more expensive phones. If you were to stack the iPhone
XR side by side with say, I don’t know like an iPhone
6S or 7, my assumption is that this is not selling quite as well, and that’s a big problem. Here’s the thing though. The iPhone XR is my favorite
iPhone you can buy today, and that’s not even counting the price. So let’s just run through
what you can get with the XR. First of all, one of the
most important components is that Apple A12 processor. This is something that’s easy to overlook, but it is a big deal. Having a fast SOC that’s
also efficient makes a big difference in pretty much all aspects of a phone’s performance. It also has the same front
and rear facing cameras. Now you are losing the
telephoto option from the XS and the XS Max, but if I’m
gonna be completely real with you, I really don’t miss it. Now if you have really good
lighting, it is a nice thing to have, and the portrait
mode can work out pretty well sometimes, but about 95%
of the time, I’m using the wide angle camera, and here
the iPhone XR is completely identical to the much, much
more expensive options, aka XS and XS Max. The issue with telephoto is
that you have a smaller sensor with an inferior lens. It generally just doesn’t
look quite as good as when you shoot on the main shooter,
and while yes portrait mode on the iPhone XR is not as good
as something like the Pixel, it’s decent enough that I really don’t have any major complaints. That is the next step up
is to go to that Pixel. Beyond that, the XS and the XS Max don’t make a big different to me. And compared to the XS,
you’ve got those same great speakers, you have the same
wireless charging, and you also have a ton of what I think
are pretty cool colors. The biggest difference
really is the display. Where as the XS and the XS
Max have OLED, something that’s very common across
the industry right now, the XR has to make due
with a lowly IPS panel. But you know what, it is really not bad. Now yes, it should be higher resolution. It’s not even quite 1080p,
but the important thing is is that to my eye, unless
you’re really Pixel peeping, it does not look bad. When we take all of this
and combine it with the fact that the iPhone XR is a
full $250 less than the XS, it starts to seem almost
reasonably priced. If the XS wasn’t a $1000. However my favorite feature
by far is the battery life. Compared to the XS Max
and especially the XS, it is a night and day
difference switching to the XR. It just lasts so much longer. When I dailyed the iPhone XS,
I was really lucky to make it through the full day
without hitting the charger. And yet with the XR, most nights I don’t even bother to charge it. A few minutes here and there
at my desk or in the car is all I need to make it
through a day, and the next day. This is especially important
when I’m traveling. So I recently spent a
week in Vegas for CES, and not once did I need to plug in the iPhone XR throughout the day. In fact my best day was I
pulled the phone off the charger at two o’clock in the
morning, and 16 hours later with 6 hours of screen on,
and 2 hours of screen off, I still had like 16% left. This thing is an endurance champ. In a world where Android
phones are getting bigger and bigger batteries, the
iPhone XR is the only iPhone that you can buy today that
has good enough better life as far as I’m concerned. Now the 8 Plus last year
is probably the closest to something like that, but
realistically a lot of phones can get you through a day
of medium use or light use, but the XR’s the first time
that I’ve been able to make it through a full day of proper use. I think it’s something that
people are seriously overlooking when they take a look at the XR. It is by far my favorite
feature of the phone. I really feel like the
iPhone XR doesn’t deserve the bad rap that it’s gotten. As far as I’m concerned this
is the only iPhone in 2019 so far, that I recommend buying. It’s got the right blend
of performance, camera, and importantly it’s
got that battery life. (light, relaxing music)

100 thoughts on “The iPhone XR is a Failure.”

  1. for people saying it’s “clickbait”, it really isn’t. The title is stating what people are saying about the XR, now it would be better if Austin put it in quotes or something and I can see where your coming from but it’s not really clickbait if you think about it.

  2. How did you break your iPhone XS Max? I have a iPhone 6s and I’ve had it for 4 1/2 years. I just recently got an iPhone XR and product red and will not be needing a new one for a while

  3. Austin, why not change the title considering the clear issue with it.. is it because dislikes don't effect how much you make from it?

  4. It would've been clickbait if he titled the video "I hate the iPhone XR". This is not clickbait. He is simply stating claims that are being made. The XR has not lived up to Apple's sales expectations. A lot of people are being exposed in this comment section as bias and ready to hate everything Apple and anyone that supports or likes Apple. Pretty pathetic to be honest.

  5. 260 $ discount on XR in India due to extremely pathetic low sales , an unprecedented move of huge discount never happened anywhere

  6. Hi guys! Sorry for spam, but I’m getting an XR but, I don’t know which color… please give advice! ❤️ it would help a lot 😊

  7. Well of course it’s clickbait
    People love to hate on iPhones, that’s why. This was genius my guy lol

  8. This whole video is confusing.

    I like that battery life I would recommend this phone but the title says it's a failure? But in my city it's sold out in every phone company store? 🧐🤔

  9. Apple products suck
    1. When you delete photos the gone for good you have to backup every time to get them some people forget
    2. Don’t forget your apple password because you have 3 times before you have to wait a while to recovery it
    3. Damn

  10. Yeah lets buy a 'budget' phone…………………….
    The Xr is more expensive then the S9+ and the s9+ is the top of the line phone from Samsung, from last year and is as fast as the normal Iphone X

  11. There are 2 reasons why the iPhone XR had great battery life.
    1. The screen resolution is low
    2. The screen is smaller due to the big bezels

  12. If you want to take back that "click bait" just report this stupid video as a "misleading tittle" and dislike it and you take money away from this guy.

  13. Being a developer and testing with the iOS 13 betas, it really is going to improve the way we use the latest iPhones.

  14. I don’t understand, are you click baiting? Or are you just using other youtubers title,
    I love my coral Xr tho

  15. You really sound like an iPhone fanboy
    Or you just got paid like "it is reasonably priced" uuuh no lol it's base price was 700 and it is worse than a Samsung s7

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