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The Lighter Phone

The Lighter Phone

Growing up my mom always said never play with matches, but she never said anything about a lighter phone. Do not smoke! Hey what’s up guys, Smoky the bear here and I don’t know guys, this thing has to be the coolest thing I have ever seen in my life. It’s a lighter and it’s also a phone. It’s pretty lit! So yeah you guys this right here is the lighter phone, if you want to check it out. Good luck finding it. Seriously guys if you knew what I had to do to get this thing you wouldn’t be able to believe it. And before we start this video go and drop a like and let’s try to shoot for 15,000 likes. If you guys liked this video, you are going to love the part two, huge surprise video on this next. Guys, seriously this is insane. So if you just kind of saw this on the street say you came up to your boy and we’re like “yo dude what’s that?”, you would think this is just a normal lighter but when you flip it over it’s actually a phone. Legit, I got a Zippo here it kind of looks pretty similar to it. I used to be able to do Zippo tricks hang on. Oh baby your boy still got the finesse! Oh! I still got it! But when the screams off, legit you couldn’t really be able to tell that there’s like a phone in here. The cool thing about these, there are so many thing about these, there are so many to see why this is the coolest product ever. That’s a camera on the side, legit there is the camera on the side of the lighter phone. Does you’re lighter have a camera in it? I don’t think so. You charge this thing with micro USB at the bottom so pretty standard stuff, and what’s that little top part? that what’s that-like what’s that circle there? It’s legit a laser. You see that? Do you see that? They put a laser, a camera, all this and we haven’t even got to the phone yet. How? How? How? If you’re not impressed with the camera and the laser all built into your lighter that’s also a phone, it’s got a bunch of other stuff for you. It’s gonna wow you so if you hit menu here, hmm why does that look so familiar? They legit copied the Apple apps like it’s from an Apple watch. You think I’m joking, they got the photos app right. All these look really familiar, and you guys know where they copied them from. The first thing that I want to check out is the camera, like how many lighters do you know have a camera and a phone built-in? I’m going to keep saying that. And how do I know it’s the camera app? Well if I just pull out my iPhone, yeah that’s-that’s definitely the camera app. So let’s open this here, you can legit see my hand! Okay, look at that! Let’s try to take a photo real quick. It’s so hard to do this because like my finger wants to wrap around this side of like the lighter but that’s where the camera is. If they put it on the other side that would be kind of cool so you can get a cool looking photo here. Well we got it! That actually doesn’t look that bad! Yo, look at that, that doesn’t look that bad. I’m gonna cut it a little slack because it’s a camera on a lighter, can I zoom? You’re kidding me if I can zoom I’m going to lose it. No there is no zooming on the lighter phone. So this phone’s legit got everything. You can put music on here and all that you set up plug it in, it’s kind got a micro USB cord, plug it in your computer and you put all the songs you want on here. It’s got 8 gigabytes of memory so you don’t even need to have a phone anymore. Legit your lighter, your wallet and some gum and you’re good to go. So let’s try out this sound recorder thing. Hey what’s up it’s your boy Keaton checking out a lighter phone but I’m not eating, food because we’re filming a video if I wasn’t doing that I’d be home at it I don’t know. Let’s listen to the world’s greatest rap song hey what’s up it’s your boy Keaton checking out a lighter phone but I’m not eating food because we’re- whoo! That sounds fantastic. It’s not that loud but hey, it’s the lighter phone. Guy’s not going to lie, maybe it’s just because I have really big fingers but like touching all these icons, it’s not that easy. It really reminds me of the 1 inch phone, they legit just took the 1 inch phone put in a lighter and made it that much cooler. So if you’re asking yourself, Keaton does this actually work as a phone? Can you send a text message or like call your friend? Yes, how do I know you can? Because they legit copy the text messaging app, like of course you can. So, I’m gonna write a message we’re going to send it to, who should we send it to? We’re gonna send something to Matt. I got his phone right here we’re gonna say “Lit”. Nope that not how you spell “lit”. That is a little difficult to write. I’m really struggling to type so I’m going to send Matt this Chinese character. I hope it doesn’t mean anything bad. Please like don’t mean anything bad. Send by local, sending to Matt, wait for it. BAM! Text message! So the camera was pretty awesome, let’s try this video mode here. I still can’t believe there’s a camera on the side. You can see. All right now I’m recording. Is this actually working? Ahhh!! Still recording. That’s insane guys! This thing has so much stuff on it like I could talk for days on this. It’s got a calendar legit the same app too. Smoke manage, I’ll talk about that in a second. You can listen to music, watch some videos, even record some sounds, you even at tasks so you can have that awesome to-do list. Calculator, image viewer, we already saw that laser light, sport manage, local position, like sport manage. I want to get healthier, you can track all of this. Guys it even has a Find My Lighter phone feature. I don’t even know. If I would have had this at Coachella- I don’t smoke though- if I would have had it at Coachella, I wouldn’t have even needed to bring my fanny pack. Just kidding, fanny packs, they’re pretty lit. This thing is called a lighter phone so I want to know if it can light stuff and actually make some phone calls. So I’m gonna call Matt. Still got his phone right here, he’s sleepin. Okay, as you guys can see it’s calling, here we go. So if you denies me, hey you’ve reached Matt sorry I can’t get the phone right now. It is actually a phone. Now for what you guys really want to know, can this thing actually light stuff on fire? So here’s what’s crazy, this thing is crazy smart. Like I tried, this is just a piece of paper, you can’t just light anything you want on fire. I stick it in- that was funny- I stick in it, doesn’t actually light stuff on fire like look nothing’s burnt, so this is for cigarettes and cigars, I don’t recommend smoking I found this cigarette on the ground. Seriously I don’t recommend smoking, don’t do it guys, seriously! Found this on the ground I just want to show you that it actually works, if it worked it would light this piece of paper on fire, we wouldn’t have to do it. But we got to do it for you guys. So it detects when you’re about to light a cigarette or a cigar in because when you stick it in the light changes and it’s now red saying hey I’ll light stuff on fire. I’ll put the cigarette in there hold it you guys can see there’s smoke everywhere. Like I don’t know if you can see this but there is actual smoke coming from this. Oh wow we are really on fire, we are like what do I do? What am I supposed to do? I got this mug here that my mom gave me she won’t be watching this video I’m just gonna put it out. I don’t-I don’t know what to do with this. So the lighter phone can make calls, and actually like legit light stuff- light stuff. So yeah guys that’s pretty much it for this video, thank you so much Khalis and Succ Me for having my notifications on. If you guys want a notification shout out, turn on my YouTube notifications and let me know in the comments. Subscribe to my channel if you’re new and tweet me if you find anything else weirder and crazier than this. I’m gonna stay lit now, bye! This actually happened, some kid comes in a elevator goes you look like Santa! From East Atlanta Santa, to package Santa.

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