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The Master Microfixer Teaching the World to Fix iPhones

The Master Microfixer Teaching the World to Fix iPhones

we’re going to look at a few things that are here to fix in my queue today this is an iPhone 6s plus with the complaint of touch doesn’t work iPhone 5c no power it won’t turn on somebody use the cheap gas station chargers 1.6 billion cell phones were manufactured in 2012 and it’s estimated that 50% of those ended up in landfills the average American keeps the cell phone for only about 18 months before replacing it there are tons of repairable devices that are going into the e-waste REME for no reason other than a lack of sharing of information somewhere in the world somebody is bulldozing something in order to make you and I and do you really have the right a year later to discard it so I started fixing them [Music] [Music] today’s plan we’re going to start with a really fun project as one of my favorite class projects we do it every week this was a real repair for data recovery that came to me I want for you guys to kind of go through the experience of troubleshooting this problem on your own and it’s going to require you to get creative people travel from all over the globe to learn how to fix iphone from Jetta Jones let’s look at the schematic she’s pioneering a new field of board-level micro repair 16 devices that would otherwise be trashed and that no one not even Apple thought it was possible to fix DIY fixers and repair shops from around the world follow her micro soldering tutorials on YouTube and send their tuffet cases into her shop iPad rehab ah something awesome with I’ve ever yet returned your calls a number of people that are training in this kind of industry or less than a dozen it seems like they’re viewed as disposable devices every couple years you get a new one you throw it away get a new one so getting into that mindset these are a parable a lot of people don’t even know that can be fixed it is estimated that 40 1.8 million tons of personal electronics and appliances were discarded in landfills in 2014 that’s over 52 billion dollars worth of iron copper gold silver and other precious metals that were simply thrown away any general repair shops can replace a broken charge port Apple will tell you that they just don’t offer that repair the common touch icy fault on the iPhone six-plus super big epidemic Apple will sell you a refurbished board that is really set up to have the same problem again what we can do would be to replace the chip and then to stabilize the board with a metal shield and that will prevent that problem from recurring any one of those four caps is turned into a wire could that be it really what we’re all trying to learn is just kind of the next level of repairs she’s the expert she’s the one who knows everything about it has the most experience with it look under the microscope for any shorts or anything weird now we can fix these makes a repair committee more relevant that we’re not just replacing screens covers and batteries we’re doing a lot more to it be like a auto mechanic only replacing you know windshields and you know doing paint jobs but we’re fixing the engine so what does it take to microfiber number one microscope you can’t solder without a microscope the motherboard is generally seen as a replaceable part and in reality it’s a city of tiny components that are like Legos and any Lego that fails you can just switch in another Lego and then the whole thing works again the multimeter is an indispensable tool this is what makes you into a diagnostician that’s able to use your brain and solve problems on your own without really understanding and being able to use a multimeter then you’re going to be what I call a please bro tech what I noticed early on was there was just this rampant sort of internet community of what I call please bro solutions where people will be like you know describe a problem please bro help me bro what’s the solution and they would see solutions that were like Globes anything but that so I kind of became a bit of a internet warrior against that kind of information this job is kind of like painting the veins on a housefly wing manufacturer support for repair is really non-existent it’s an antagonistic relationship when we go to fight for the right to repair they come in and say you shouldn’t be able to repair there’s no support we’re completely figuring this out on our own my background is in molecular genetics which is all about trying to understand how tiny little things that you can’t see work when there’s no user manual so when I’ve had rehab we have a team of six women and one stay-at-home dad Karis hardware-based approach to everything and for love I love nothing more than when my kids say mom can fix them because it usually give it to dad I think every mom out there is going to be a problem solver gene is very efficient she’s an eye Crisanta her last week I fixed my first pulled and one pad the one that is in my thigh I didn’t do the one that was in your pile eyes did another eight here you go back to you you’re going to jail yeah graduation and then Christy she’s also Mike responding and solving a lot of iPad charging issues and no power issues yes for all the tools that were in the garage that might belong to my husband my husband is actually an electrical engineer and no I’m the one who’s here doing this it isn’t something that you can learn without a PhD in electrical engineering I don’t fix water damage stuff I fix cracked screen so the best light thing is kind of new to me I’ve done something like it before so I think I’m going to do pretty lot it are you ready trances yeah my kids are definitely and it’s fun to see their creativity you don’t continuity testing is yeah what is it it’s Perseus electricity like it goes in a circle sort of exactly help no beep what does that mean it’s bad exactly it’s the bad filter nothing will go through so you’re going to put a blob of flux around here and then very carefully you’re going to go down there and really go down to the bottom of the board get it hot for a few seconds give it heated heated heat it all the way down to the bottom of the board on both sides good to place it more or less back in the spot all right now excellent okay grab it with a hot tweezers and press it onto this pad oh yeah all right it’s time for the moment of truth oh okay good you didn’t kill it still detective that’s good come on oh my god you’re a pro microphone yeah yeah you guys are really the first generation that grew up with an iPad in hand eventually they’re all going to come means the shredder I mean there’s just so many things that you can do if you look around and think about repair [Music]

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  1. I thought I would smuggly present why this is a bad idea by pointing out the cost of her tools and ruling it dumb BUT, these are not specialized tools. Found a microscope similar to hers (that does not output to screen) for about $50 and the SMD tweezers for $30. Guess i've been bred into this "just replace it" mindset so common in electronics repair…

    Came here to say I am glad someone is (essentially) pioneering a new industry of electronic repair.

  2. The Lab is Amazing.why not start making custom designed a blacksmith/goldsmith/fashion designer?why just stick 2 repair?

  3. The only electronics repairing I did at that age was blowin on the cartridge.When shit really didn’t work you would bust out a hair dryer or do some quick prayer over it to get Mario 64/kart back on

  4. Apple knows their devices are fixable. It's just not in their interests to fix them. They make a lot more money if you throw it away and buy the new version. So they'll lie through their teeth telling you it can't be fixed or upgraded. They go far out of their way to make sure planned obsolescence is the first priority in any design.

  5. Equally important to repair is the Responsible Recycling of un-salvageable equipment. NO electronics should ever be landfilled. There's valuable materials in them that can be reclaimed. And there's also toxic materials that need special handling and have no place in a landfill (Lead, mercury, etc).

  6. Have to say it is really a nice video, as a repair man, i have to change my repair tool after a while, i search it in google in amazon, it seems there exist an VIPFIX team, have you noted that? or just help me confirm it, or whether you have any other good shop, thank you.

  7. Clearly sexist employer, should have an equal ratio of men and women soooo fire some of those trained and experienced ladies and hire a few dudes off the street. ( reverse feminism )

  8. All the electronic board level repair relies on the fact that most broken electronics have one or at most couple of broken components and everything else is in working order. But if there are multiple broken components or intermittent, hard to trace defects, it's really not worth the time to fix

  9. 1:57 xD "americans" believe that russia is not part of the world xD throws this people with big noses out of america and then the land would belong to americans

  10. These repairs are mostly for people who keep phones for 8 years and people scared shit to have to set up a new phone.

  11. This store specializes in phone maintenance supplies and replacement parts and all ic chip model for iPhone & iPad

  12. when we run our of resources, or can no longer afford to mine them, at least not for the benefit of the poor. This skill will be very valuable when we're living in the post apocalyptic mad max world 😂

  13. im really amaze that there are women that are into microsoldering repair they have more steady hands than man as i observed first time i saw her is when im watching louis rossman i cant beleive me ears when he said Jessa was his grandmother

  14. It is good to see people that are persevering at being component level electronics engineers.

    It is a skill set that could be lost much like what is presently happening with the automotive industry. Where experienced automotive diagnostic technicians are being replaced by fitters that just plug in and look at codes then swap modules in the hope of correcting the fault.

  15. You know, I keep hearing about how Apple has hundereds of billions of dollars in cash that they don't know what to do with, maybe someone should engage Tim Cook into using some of that money as a tax-deductible funding for helping people like Jessa create schools that teach people how to fix electronics. That would go a long way in (1) Reducing Apple's tax commitment, (2) Helping to educate people and give them skills that they can use to make a living, (3) Help preserve the environment because we may be able to reduce our demands for rare-earth minerals. Seems like a win-win solution to Apple's excessive cash holdings problem.

  16. Motherboard I have to say it would drive young minds to your channel if I can list your next video segment info via my event post/search site for onlooker

  17. iPad rehab sounds great in this promotional video. Try sending them a phone and see if anyone knows anything about it for 6 months. I did and they didn't. I wish they were more organized, i would've loved to be Able to send dead phones somewhere for data retrieval or repair. The truth is the world needs this service more every day.

  18. I just like that it’s powerful women who learn to do things on their own. Imagine if there isn’t an antagonistic relationship between the manufacturers. We could have schematics and give these repaired devices to less fortunate communities

  19. I see the moral ideology in fixing so it doesn't end up in the junk yard if avoidable, but is it cost effective?

  20. Brilliant – this is "Art of Electronics" when rubber meets the road. Thanks for sharing this passion. – nagi.

  21. Well maybe if we didn't void our warranty after trying to save a few hundred dollars by having someone fix our phones instead of paying the manufacturer on top of the hundreds of dollars we already paid for the phone… More people would hold onto them a little longer.

  22. An apple authorized service center refused to fix my wife's iphone charge circuit (which got fried from using a USB wall adapter I'd been using on my android phone for 2 years…JFC) in China, because she bought it in the US.

  23. She is awesome she is like me a regular miss gadget. I love working on mechanical stuff and putting together ikea furniture

  24. Thanks for this, maybe a i can take the little bit of foil out of the back of the samsung that I have used to "fix" the motherboard issue.. (The dog then knocked the phone on the floor smashing the screen we are told the repair is so not worth it, but i dont think so….

  25. I don’t even care if you’re a man or a woman doing this kind of work. The fact that you can bring new life into a device that costed hundreds or thousands of dollars that the “experts” say are dead is an indispensable skill.

  26. respect colleagues! can be useful on iphone repair topics.

  27. It is a shame and a crime that apple would rather have customers throw away fixable phones and computers than provide a quality affordable repair service. Why do apple customers keep going back to buy more products that apple refuse to fix or say cannot be fixed when there are people like this who can keep your device in service for a fraction of the cost.

  28. Jessa sure is happy that iPhones and iPads are such overpriced pieces of crap owned by idiots with more money than brains.

  29. Todays smd element need a scope
    Back yhe days i solder an smd capacitor holding with my fingernail and solder it with an old solder

  30. This reminds me that I was supposed to go to job corps for electronics repair. But there was some confusion and some sort of scam or fake/lies. They didn't send me the bus tickets and told me that I was supposed to be there already….

    years later. I applied for again job corps. Completed 2 years and got certified comptia a+ computer technician and Cisco CCNA certification.

  31. Apple can't follow standards and cheaps out on components that's why after market products have so many issues. If you watch Luis' repair videos they consistently make the same mistakes too even if there was a recall.

  32. There exist recycling bins for electronics ALL OVER the place. There exists ZERO excuse for electronics to "end up in landfills".
    I have never fixed an electronic device in my life (though I certainly would like to know how)
    but neither have I ever simply dumped one into the trash. 2 km from my house is a Magnum Recycling trailer where I take all
    used electronics for recycling.

  33. 3:02 "Stabilize the board with a metal shield". Seriously? This is all it takes? Apple could not have installed a metal shield into their iPhone in the first place? I have never owned nor bought an Apple product & I never will.

  34. She fixes electronic boards AND she's a mother. THAT explains why this is on the Motherboard channel!

  35. It's not that Apple can't fix this, they can definitely fix all of the micro issues,
    but, why fix something, when you can charge hundreds of dollars for a new device that morons buy every 18 months.

  36. Some A hole in business industry has poisoned big companies to apply disposable products thinking even though they're not for the sake of sales.

  37. Jessa, please please please keep doing what u do. I can not praise u enough for what u stand for. The apple company is just… sorry, i dont wana get started and all worked up about their practices. Please, keep on pushin! And, i feel the same way about giving someone their photos back of their kids being born, weddings, graduation pictures, and when they get their phone back and smile, then they put their passcode and opens, they jump. Then they open their photos app and they get quiet with they eyes starting to water, thats payment enough to me. Thats better than money. Around where i live, just a cracked screen and they think they lost everything. I dont do board level repair, just screens and they start hugging me and throwing holy water on me. Just wanted to share my thoughts with u if u personally read this. Thank u for all u do.

  38. Beautiful family. It is heartwarming to
    see a parent guiding a child and
    teaching that child to improve something
    in this world, and how to fix something
    that doesn't work. Thanks for the
    magnificent content. B'H.

  39. Her Phd on mollecular genetics proves that she can fix anything she want 😂😅, what a wonderful lady, reminds me of Lady Brienne of Tarth 😊😊

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