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The MATING CALL – Unmasked Vlog (#20)

The MATING CALL – Unmasked Vlog (#20)

Hello! Alright! Whats up people! We just arrived here in Kristiansand we got some incredible cars that’s here to pick us up. Its amazing, wow look at that ride This is not every day This is not every day Its all thanks to him The man with the plan Like a boss! What? Okay How many photographers do you usually have? You Congratulations, you have been upgraded to five! How does it feel to finally be here at “Palmesus”? I’ve been wanting to play here for so long, so this one means a lot to me And I am super excited to play the new stage, it looks incredible Alright, Palmesus is coming up. Its my first time, and its starting to fill up, and they are sounding pretty excited The weather has thankfully cleared up and right after this show we are heading right to perform at Kongsberg Jazz So we are doing two shows in one day today And Amsterdam tomorrow, so enjoy Palmesus, are you ready? It was so cool and very fun to finally get to be here And if I didn’t have to go I would stay here and party with the crowd First time at Palmesus and they delivered as expected the crow was incredible Can you announce where we are going and what we are doing? We’re going to Kongsberg by plane, and the airport is called? Where are we going Viivi? Kongsberg! Haha, I don’t know how to say that Descending from Kongsberg You got your own apartment We got a luxury one Alrighty! That was Kongsberg Jazz That was super fun, ironically it is not a Jazz festival, or there is other types of music genres as well yeah, that was it for today two shows in one day, and tomorrow we are heading to Amsterdam, Netherlands, Holland to perform, I don’t know, can’t remember the name of the city but are performing at “We Are Electric” and I’ll see you guys there! Now you can start the vlog Hey, what’s up! We are here at “Einshoven” is that how you say it? Eindhoven! Yeah, we are here! We Are Electric today We are here with my buddy Alex Skrindo We did the song “Sky” together, two years ago and yeah, its super cool that he wanted to come by today Lets head over to the festival Oh, by the way, hang on… before we go over to the festival… Right over there, we got this mysterious animal in its regular habitat on their phone Its usually known as “Viivi Niemi” And is a quite famous animal from Finland You may find this animal only in Helsinki And when you find them in orange, it means they are in a really good mood especially around the festival season try to call her that’s the mating call There you go! Respond! She’s coming, she’s coming! It worked! Are we mating now? That was really awkward Its alright, you can stop it and then we can show her Okay, lets go! Alright guys, that was Eindhoven, We Are Electric. Losing my voice again but that was awesome Thank you guys so much for watching! lets catch up on the next one Don’t forget to like and leave a comment, make sure to subscribe Thank you guys so much for tuning in as always on these vlogs it means the world, thank you guys peace!

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  1. Está bueno el vídeo creo que soy el único que hablo español :v like si hablas español pero también se hablar inglés.

  2. I having a party and I wanted to dress up as a walker but I had none of the stuff to dress up as it

    Like if you are a walker


  3. This is how many people like Alan walker

    Me:thank you so much for making all of this. My favourite song on Alan walker is -you played for me

    Alan walker deserve more subscribers,views and likes

  4. U are demon alan walker why your faded music if i reverse is changing to demonic sound is truth you call demon to make u famous not i mean i hate you i am just asking

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