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The New Era of Apple – iPhone 12, iPhone SE 2, Portless iPhone and more! (2020) 🤩

The New Era of Apple – iPhone 12, iPhone SE 2, Portless iPhone and more! (2020) 🤩

Hey guys welcome back to a ProductNation
and in this video, we’re going to be Talking about Apple’s new updates on the
upcoming iPhones for the year 2020 Really quick before we begin the video
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So the first rumor we’re going to be Talking about is the 5G iPhone. Apple’s
upcoming 5G iPhones will most probably Be built using Qualcomm’s X55 modem
chipset and since the other competitors Have already launched their 5G
smartphones, it’s about time for Apple to Launch their 5G iPhones. So apparently
Qualcomm and Apple had a multi-year of Contract agreement and even Qualcomm’s
President also mentioned that their main Priorities, for now, is to help Apple to
launch new 5G iPhones by 2020 on the Other hand Apple is also rumoured to
release another iPhone known as the iPhone SE2. So it has been many years
since the last iPhone SE was launched And it has been everyone’s favourite
iPhone so far because of its portable Size and also the obvious cheaper price
tag. The upcoming iPhone SE design Will be similar to the iPhone 8 but
without the Face ID However, the Touch ID is rumoured to be
present on the home button or it will be Built into the power button itself. Next
up will be the iPhone 12 Series. The Upcoming iPhone itself is rumoured to
feature an in-display Touch ID sensor And a Face ID. The iPhone 12 series is
also rumoured to come in bigger sizes so There will be a 6.1-inch display and a 6.7-inch display. In terms of camera The iPhone 12 Series is rumoured to have
a fourth AR 3D sensing camera that might Be present for future AR usage. Not just
that the upcoming iPhone 12 is also Rumoured to feature Apple’s custom-built
A14 Bionic chip alongside with Qualcomm’s X55 modem chipset for 5G connectivity.
Moreover, Apple is also planning to Release a portless design iPhone with
a full-screen display. Knowing Apple has Already ditched the idea of removing
headphone jack from the iPhone 7, Apple Is moving ahead of his competitors by
removing all of the parts to a Completely wireless
iPhone to enhance its customers Experience even further. There are also
rumours about Apple is planning to bundle AirPods with the upcoming iPhones in
the box itself. So does this mean the AirPods will be included in the box? And
since Apple has decided to go completely Wireless with their upcoming iPhone, so
does that mean the AirPower will be Resurrected? There are also rumours about
the upcoming iPhone 12 coming with a ProMotion technology which offers up to
a 120 Hertz refresh rate Apart from the iPhone rumours, Apple has
also rumoured to produce upcoming MacBook Pros and iPad Pros and possibly the
Apple Watch Series 6 with mini LED Display. It is said that the new
display will not degrade over time like The OLED display. However, we are unsure
if this upcoming new display will be Coming to the upcoming iPhones since the
details that we found so far it’s only Available for the MacBook Pros, iPad Pros
and the Apple Watch Series 6. So that Is it for now,
we hope this video was informative to You guys and do tell us which one of
these features that you’re most excited About, is it the iPhone 12 lineup or is
it the iPhone SE 2 or is it the 5G Connectivity on an iPhone or is it the
portless design iPhone or is it the Mini-LED display on the poll above. Thank
you guys for watching and we’ll see you Again in the next one

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