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The new iPhone 6 iBelt

The new iPhone 6 iBelt

One second. Hey Honey. Hi Sweetie, what are you doing? I’m just teaching kids how to read at the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Liar! I can see you at the bar with
those three whores! I love you. Are you somewhere you shouldn’t be? Then you need the new iBelt. Awesome! Oh, hey sweetheart, what a surprise. Hey honey. You working late again? Yeah. As usual. Woo! Go Trojans! That’s just our intern. He’s from USC. Jerry, go get me a pot of coffee. Choose from such popular locations as church. Museum PTA Meeting AA Meeting Even your in-laws house. Wow. I know, right? Oh hey honey. I just stopped by the arcade, play some pinball. Yeah! Oh, I’m about to get a bonus! Are you at a dance club? What?! No. The homeless shelter gets crazy
on “Free Soup Night.” Oh, hey honey. Yeah, I’m just at the gym
working on my cardio-o-oh. OK honey. Talk to you later. Good night. Who was that, baby? Shhhh. Now available in pumpkin patch, Russian gulag and Mordor. Hi, we’re Zeke Mahogany. Click on my iBelt to watch the greatest sword trick ever. And click on my iBelt to see a birth control that’s 100% effective. For men.

94 thoughts on “The new iPhone 6 iBelt”

  1. I loved this. LMFAO. Steve Greene and Greg Benson in the same video, both great funny men on youtube.
    I just subbed recently but every video of yours so far has made me laugh. good job

  2. Thanks Scootsie! Steve & Greg were great to work with and super nice guys. We hope to work with them again soon!

  3. I need the app that does this! lol- Let me know when it's out, meanwhile I'll be at the gym working on my cardio 😛

  4. Yeah, I love the way Greg delivered this line. We will have some funny bloopers on our 2nd channel with Greg and Steve. We shot 3 different lines for that shot so there's some fun outtakes.

  5. Por que o cara da legenda diz que o colega de trabalho eh louco por futebol se em inglês o cara fala UFC?
    Que sentido tem essa mania de regionalizar tudo que eh dublado ou legendado para o português?
    Como se brasileiro não entendesse ou gostasse de UFC ou qualquer outro esporte que não seja o futebol.

  6. Ei Romulo, ele disse: "USC" – University of Southern California. Acreditávamos que ninguém no Brasil iria conhecer esta faculdade.

  7. Caramba, achei muito bom termos canais de fora que oferecem legendas e conteúdo para outros países fazendo parcerias.. 🙂

  8. This belt is going to save a lot of relationships. Apple need to take it over and distribute it with every iPhone sold.
    Slight adjustment to any drunk falling into shot by super imposing a close up shot of a folder swinging with the drunks movements but gives an impression that someone is impatiently waiting for you to get off the phone and take the folder off them.
    The background crowd sound should be equalized to a noisy office effect. Then this will be the ideal iPhone extra everyone will w

  9. Me: Hey honey.
    Her: Are you in Mordor?
    Me: Yeah, I had to ummmm…save the world from an evil eye and drop a ring into a volcano.
    Her: …Ok don't come home too late 🙂

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