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The New Truecaller – A smarter way to make calls

The New Truecaller – A smarter way to make calls

Millions of people all over the world love using Truecaller every single day. Truecaller saves you time, gives you peace of mind, and even instills a sense
of safety and security simply by showing you information about those you communicate with. We’re known for showing you who’s calling helping you avoid unwanted calls and even search – to find people and businesses. But we still believe we’ve
only scratched the surface when it comes to changing the way you communicate. The most important part of your phone – the calls you make- haven’t evolved since the launch of the
smartphone. That’s why today, we are replacing your phone app to change the way you make calls. With this version of Truecaller, we refined every aspect, to make it more useful than ever before. The dial pad allows you
to make calls quickly by identifying who you are about to call. A smarter call history adds trusted information putting names and faces to unknown numbers Truecaller even shows when
your friends are busy or free to talk It’s what we believe marks a revolution in how you make calls on your phone

98 thoughts on “The New Truecaller – A smarter way to make calls”

  1. هو صحيح ممكن يعطيك رقم المتصل … لكن فى نفس الوقت يهكر ارقام الهاتف اللى فى هاتفك … ويوسع بيها قاعده بيانات المنظومه متعه …
    انتبهوا يا جماعه من هده البرامج والتطبيقات المقرصنه

  2. Such an amazing app. Thank you Devs for making my life easier & keeping the scammers, telemarketers, & creepers at bay.
    Now if you included a button to automatically launch 'Report a number' page on 'National Do Not Call List' with a Javascript based auto form fill. So we can report & hopefully get these robot dialing, annoyances some fines. That would be amazing.. Ya know? Let's hit them where it hurts, the bank account!! Hahaha

  3. so if i dont answer the phone & afterwards i tell him i was sleeping then he can know if i lie or not by seeing if i made calls at that time? can i turn it off? or il have to delete the app so they cant know this information? they can know this information only if im using the app right?

  4. just stared to understand how it works and helpful to me but it must be helpful to others as they are using it

  5. amazing so fast Thanks everyone staff trucaller I like it trucaller help me every time Thanks very much

  6. Can someone please help me understand what does the "last seen" refer to exactly?! Is it last time that person used the app or last time they made a call or what exactly?!! Thank you

  7. Its very good app many false or phone co calling me at any time but true caller is best / very good app thanks true caller

  8. I installed the app and called my phone from a phone line that I have that is listed as private… It didn't show me the number or any info… It just says "hidden number". Isn't the point of this to "unhide" the number so I can see it?

  9. This number is boogey +1121747060005871346 what a hell is that number in truecaller in Usa landcode says but nothing more who owns it.

  10. whenever i insert my County and number to make truecaller id it says "unable to connect. please try again later"

    is there any solution for this.?

  11. 1. like a fake B-version of apple commercials
    2. the app doesnt even work, I run ios 9 and have Truecaller running. A spammer calls me and no notification from truecaller, when i search for the number i found out 1000+ have reported that number as spam. Whats the point of this if it dont tell me up front if a spammer calls?

  12. hey please stop identifying all those whatsapp groups numbers, its like irritating because continusly it comes with 2 nos. identified,3 nos identified etc. So please sir/ma'am stop it.A humble request from a Truecaller user,otherwise its very good app.So please look over this issue.

  13. truecaller will identify your caller name based on their google profile. i have a Fictitious name on my google profile so truecaller will only show you that unreal name , simple is that

  14. thanks for effort in improving technology it display the name of my callers but their address are not display thanks for improving.

  15. thanks for effort in improving technology it display the name of my callers but their address are not display thanks for improving.

  16. Im sorry this might sound like a racist comment but it's not meant to be. But these are the very peoples i want to block from calling me 24/7 . These peoples might call you from a unlisted number which might read GA the first time then they'er switch and keep calling you from unlisted numbers like CA NY Florida etc. But they are crooks from India who phish for your personal information . So download at your own risk .

  17. True caller steals your contacts and uploads to their servers. Very personnal names of my contacts are now on true caller database visible ot the whole world.

  18. Anyone know how to enable the green & red dot thing, or in better words know when someone's on a call or not see there last seen etc anyone???

  19. Guys be careful with Truecaller, i dont recommend this app to anyone who cares about privacy.

    Once you rgister your number in the app you probably will never be able erase it from their system, its app has a bug that doesn't let you deactivate your account! I emailed them about this problem and asked them to manually remove my number from their system but they dont care at all, just robot like responses!

  20. this is all horse shit if you can't install it I've been trying over a month a full month of waiting another 24 hours after each time it fails

  21. Whats with the anoying music making it impossible to hear the poor quality speak?! Can your afford a mic and the leave the stupid music at very low output, plz.

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